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Hallo, mein Name ist Andre und hier schreibe und sammle ich nahezu taglich Wissenswertes zum Thema Webdesign, Illustration, Web 2.0 und Design. Hint.css is a tooltip library in CSS that helps you add cool tooltips to any element of your page. Tooltipster is a clean and lightweight jQuery Tooltip Plugin for creating extremely flexible, HTML5 validated tooltips.
Flot is a JavaScript plotting library works with jQuery for creating attractive looks and interactive Charts or Graphs. Pizza Pie Charts is a jQuery plugin that makes use of Adobe's Snap.SVG javascript library and HTML5 data-* attributes to create a responsive and animated pie & donut chart for any device.
Double Helix is a small jQuery plugin for creating animated double helix structure of DNA by using HTML5 canvas element.
Acorn Media Player is a jQuery plugin for creating accessible, highly customizable, and themeable HTML5 video & audio players on your web page.
Draganddrop is a small and easy jQuery plugin that allows you to rearrange a group of html elements with native HTML5 Drag and Drop feature. Live Edit is a jQuery plugin that popups a rich text editor panel attached to the selected content that allows you to edit the text directly from the page. Signature Pad is a jQuery plugin that takes advantage of HTML5 canvas element and javascript to create a flexible and smooth Signature Pad on your web page & app.
PhotoJShop is a jQuery image editing plugin that makes use of Html canvas element and javascript to apply effects, color filters and custom effect matrix on a photo. Popline is a jQuery plugin inspired from popclip that allows you to create a Html5 rich text editor bar which will float around the selected text.
Wave is a lightweight (~2kb minified) jQuery plugin for drawing waves (Soundwave, ECG, Seismogram, etc) on your web page using HTML5 canvas 2D. Squiggle is a funny jQuery plugin that scribbles out your content with a squiggle by using HTML5 Canvas element, like a strike-through or underline over your text.
Coolinput is a lightweight jQuery input hint plugin that adds a default value to the input filed with a lot of custom options, mimics html5 placeholder attribute for old browsers like IE7, IE8, etc.
Tippy is an easy-to-use and powerful jQuery plugin for creating highly customizable and flexible tooltips with many configuration options on your website.

Carson.js is a jQuery plugin which takes advantage of javascript and canvas element to make random David Carson inspired art.
Responsive Text is a jQuery plugin that automatically resize & scale the text to fit its' container width.
S Gallery is a jQuery Responsive Image Gallery plugin inspired by SONY's products gallery that allows to create a responsive and neat image gallery with HTML5, CSS3 and javascript.
An awesome interactive slideshow component with math shapes and texts using html5 Canvas and CSS3.
Camera is a powerful and highly customizable jQuery plugin for creating responsive and touch-friendly slideshows with a lot of options and animation effects. In this tutorial written by MARY LOU we're going to create stunning and modern Image Caption Hover Effects using CSS3 and HTML5 figure & figcaption elements. In this tutorial we're going to create cross-browser animated image captions using jQuery and HTML5 figure and figcaption elements.
Trid is a cool jQuery plugin that allows to automatically converts HTML5 DOM elements into a 3D scene using CSS3 Transforms.
Chart.js is a flexible and easy-to-use javascript chart library which takes advantage of HTML5 canvas tag to quickly create animated and nice look charts for your projects. Audio5js is a javascript library for HTML5 Audio that provides a light-weight, library-agnostic, cross-browser interface for audio playback in the browser.
A smart jQuery plugin helps you create custom dynamic solutions that work with the Brightcove Video platform.
Validatr is a simple, easy-to-use and Cross Browser jQuery plugin for native form validation by using modern HTML5 input attributes. A simple and easy to use jQuery Form Validation plugin for validating data in HTML forms using HTML5 data- attribute before submitting.
Video UI is a bootstrap UI based jquery plugin for creating Customizable HTML5 video player on your web page. A simple and User-Friendly jQuery plugin that periodically saves form values your users input to avoid data lose when they accidently refresh, close or leave the page.
HTML5 Video Player using Video.js is a JavaScript and CSS library that makes it easier to work with and build on HTML5 video.

Elegant Contact Form is a simle contact form with basic information: name, email, URL, subject and message without any image.
HTML5 Video player jQuery plugin that give you all necessary possibilities to make own interface to control your videos. A nice looking audio player that you can use on your website, created by using HML5 Audio, jQuery and CSS. AudioControls is a simple lightweight jQuery plugin, helps you to create your own audio player, playlist and additional features. Wavesurfer.js is a javascript library to create interactive navigable audio visualization using Web Audio and HTML5 Canvas. UbaPlayer is a simple jQuery plugin that plays audio natively in modern browsers and uses Flash where native playback is impossible. This is a rewrite by Josep Llodra of ImagePlayer plug-in originally written by Kelli Shaver.
With wavesurfer.js you can create a cute HTML5 audio player or a sophisticated DJ application. It provides a consistent html player UI to all browsers which can be styled used standard css.
Besides the general configuration of the plugin itself, it uses for each individual tag the attributes the respective tag has like poster, width, controls, autoplay etc. Put jQuery library and the jQuery easyaudioeffects.js script at the bottom of your webpage. You don’t need complex plugins or ugly Flash players with thousands of useless functions to play that damn audio file. You can config the plugin to play the sound effect on click by passing the 'eventType' option during initialization.

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