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Landing pages are a key turning point when it comes to converting visitors to customers. You’ve worked hard perfecting the rest of your PPC marketing process – now you need a landing page template that works every bit as hard to deliver what your visitors are looking for.
If you don’t have experience in coding or building landing pages, or just want to save time and make sure your PPC landing pages follow best practices, WordStream’s got you covered.
Generate PPC-optimized landing pages with conversion tracking: Convert more visitors and measure landing page performance with a convenient central dashboard. Modify your landing page template: Incorporate your own logo and images to add personality, and create a lead capture form with fixed or custom fields to collect valuable information. Make quick and easy tweaks to pages: With WordStream’s convenient page hosting environment, there’s no need for coding expertise or IT involvement to make edits.
Picture this – you’re spending oodles of money on a marketing channel, but you have no idea if it’s even working. If you don’t have a clear picture of each page’s ROI, you’re likely wasting spend paying to send traffic there. No more mystery about the leads coming in through your PPC campaigns. Now you can have a truly transparent set of data that can be used to inform future online marketing efforts.
All-star landing pages have a consistent look and feel, engaging content, and a short, gain-focused call to action.
Our software and services help businesses and agencies take the guesswork out of pay-per-click advertising so you get more from your marketing budget. Landing pages are pages that website visitors land on when they click a link from any online traffic source – a Facebook page, a link from your blog, a Google search, a website  article or any other place. Designed to fit any device from mobile to desktop, this one-page Fashion Responsive Landing Page Template includes a contact form on background video, a gallery with enlarging views, a parallax banner that draws attention to your message, a testimonial slideshow, a newsletter subscription, and a call to action button.
This university landing page template is designed to increase marketing conversions with maximum user engagement.
Green and white with red accents makes a smart combination for this Alternative Power Responsive Landing Page Template. The header parallax banner with its 3D combination of photographic and graphic imagery conveys active communication – images, sound, video, text, using mobile technology, along with a call to action in the form of three download buttons for Android, Apple and Windows. This landing page template for a charity is effectively designed in red, black and grey with white. This Political Candidate Responsive Landing Page Template uses red, white and blue to advantage. This simple, clean, flat design in a green and white one-page Software Responsive Landing Page Template is designed with a contact form on a background video which captures the site-visitor’s attention.
This Harvest Agriculture Responsive Landing Page Template is designed in  earth tones of brown and white with photo images and graphics. This Law Firm Responsive Landing Page Template is designed in grey and green with plenty of whitespace and headlines in large bold capitals to exude confidence. Leadpages is the only platform that lets you collect leads and customer contacts from landing pages, pop-up forms, social media, text messaging, and email.
Leadpages generates leads and sales for your business on the web, in emails, via text messaging, and on social media. Add Leadlinks to your emails and let subscribers instantly change their email preferences, opt in for extra content, or sign up for webinars.

Publish unlimited landing pages to Leadpages' super-fast servers, WordPress, your Facebook page, or any other site you own in a few clicks.
You can build landing pages on your own, without software, but it's complicated and resource-intensive. Again and again you invest and build out additional landing pages, because you see competitors doing it – but you don’t know for sure which keywords, advertisements, and pages are actually doing their part to convert leads.
Neglecting even one of these key features will result in a poorly constructed page that may send your visitors packing. WordStream’s landing page software takes out all the guesswork by breaking landing page creation into structured steps. Your button should urge visitors to click and clearly communicate what will happen when they do.
All stock photos, fully editable PSD files, scalable fonts and icons are included in the template package.
The blue collage of circles, shapes and symbols from social media and the internet with a central blue blurb and globe conveys how easy and important it is to use the app given the flood of email, ecommerce and social networks today.
A text slider on a red transparent overlay on a black-and-white photograph appeals for donations for programs relating to child abuse.A Donate Now button provides a call to action.
It not only provides information at a glance but also provides user engagement and calls to action. Icons and text, large image, headlines in green draw attention to the strengths of the company.
The header is photographic with a cloud logo graphic with sheaves of grain inside, against the image background of a wheatfield, superimposed with an image of tomatoes after harvesting. The headline in large fonts with a Subscribe button below captures the email ID of potential customers. A black-and-white image of a statue holding the scales of justice superimposed with icons and descriptions of different categories of law is flanked by a form where the customer can ask a question related to law and get a free legal consultation from the law firm. Our simple interface and built-in optimization tools are ready to make your next campaign the easiest and most successful one yet. Text, images, buttons, and even widgets such as countdown timers all snap into place with ease. Keep your reader focused and lead him to take the the action you want him to take, using forms and download buttons. Showcase your service on this feature-rich landing page with parallax, background video and lazy load effect. Simple icons in red draw the user’s eye to text that differentiate this university from others.
An eco-friendly green form offering an attractive 20% discount catches the web-visitor’s eye with a red call-to-action button and entices him to know more or fill the form, thus capturing information for further leads.
Fonts in capitals in red and black show how the money is being used and a button leads into more information. Large fonts, billboard-style headlines, photography and design, use of whitespace, clean layout, prominence of social media, the name of the candidate, subscription and search forms, stars in red and blue, the American flag and circles in the design make it stand out. Graphics and subheads and text in brown are specific to content,  promising steady growth for the user’s farm. Facts provided below along with a black and white image of the team, and focus areas in a green rectangle with a hover arrow give credence to the agency’s capability and experience.
Text animations and images attract attention while  video and text provide more information.

Coltiva le relazioni con i tuoi lead dal momento in cui si iscrivono.Piu di 100 templateCon la crescente selezione di template per landing page pronti all'uso e completamente responsivi potrai creare splendide pagine ad alte prestazioni. More text in large fonts demand attention, followed by supporting paragraphs.Images in circles are shown in a carousel with descriptive text below, leading the user to his point of interest. More information is highlighted in colorful boxes with text below.The team is introduced, using the circular display format as above. Icons draw attention to how people can help the programs of the charity and a large red button invites the reader to view a report.
Subheads with hover effects and links, focus on farm management techniques for maximum production. Bios of team members are highlighted in a carousel below the team photo, alongside the history of the law firm. Scegli un template, aggiungi il tuo tocco personale e il gioco e fatto - in meno di 30 minuti!Editor delle immaginiAggiungi un tocco di eleganza con una delle oltre 1000 foto gratuite o con le tue immagini personali. A red semi-transparent banner overlaid on a photograph of students carries content on the courses offered.
Another text panel on a green background enlarges on the CNG benefits, with an image that expands on hover and enlarges on click. Text and an image on a parallax banner with an appeal for volunteers and a carousel with black-and-white photographs showing the services of the charity is followed by a black footer which repeats the logo. Newsfeed, events and tasks lead into the candidate’s blog and keep the user browsing. Images with zoom effects and captions  in a carousel display the variety of produce on a farm.The footer displays the logo in a lighter shade of brown. Interesting visuals, headlines,and captions will lead the visitor into another call to action – the newsletter subscription, which generates another potential sales lead to be followed up over time. A newspaper subscription enables the university to capture the emails of prospective students.
Services with icons in circles, economic advantages with a red button, and pricing in tables with Shop Now buttons that turn red on hover all move the customer towards purchase. A graphic that puts the accent on movie clips and photographs catches the eye, along with a special price. A subscription form captures the emails of potential customers for marketing follow-up and newsletter contact. An immediate call to action is given below with download buttons for the major internet platforms – Android, Apple and Windows. Social media icons establish connections and a Google map shows the location of the company.

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