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30+ Cool Text Logos Design Ideas Home RSS Site Map Home blogs books design Developer development fonts freebies inspiration resources Technology Tools Ultils Uncategory web design wordpress 30+ Cool Text Logos Design Ideas Posted by: member Jan 13, 2014 in inspiration When it comes to building businesses and setting up a website, a professional logo design is the best to carry the banner and the name of your perfect masterpiece.
High Resolution: It is better and easier to manipulate and use a logo that is of high resolution.
Creative Design: There are a lot of clever logo design ideas on the web with the rising of millions of businesses and companies from all over the world. The Perfect Match for you: Choose and create a logo that you think is appropriate for your brand and goals for your business.
If you’re looking for a laid back and cool logo to base your own with, then look this is it. Hey there this is kinda of off topic but I was wondering if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML.
Any modern CMS system you use such as Word Press will have a WYSIWYG editor built-in with the option to manually override the HTML code.
By far WordPress is the easiest (which is what we use at The Digital Bull) and we’ve also used Drupal for a variety of sites in the past.
Pictures and text logos loose their quality with further manipulation and editing that is why it is wise to use a logo that is created with high resolution.
It is quite impossible for you not to find a creative design to tweak and create as your own. I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding knowledge so I wanted to get guidance from someone with experience. You have to go all out and strong on your logo design to ensure the success of your business. If you are still I doubt with what might be the right one for you, you have nothing to worry about.
Meanwhile the field of web design is booming, and thanks to abundant Internet access web-based marketing is often a more viable solution.Less intrusive advertisements can be found on almost every site whether you realize it or not.

The sales pitch could be for a mobile app, WordPress theme, or the services of a RoR development studio. It works best if you have a product either physical or digital – but even service-based landing pages could go through typical project workflow.
This technique should offer visitors a behind-the-scenes peek at different features or selling points.A glimpse at the landing page for Daypack should illustrate my point beautifully.
Near the top, you’ll find a list of tabbed links that dynamically switch between content. This is an excellent way to familiarize visitors with how the app operates and how to interact with the UI. The whole layout is clean and has a strict focus on guiding a user toward helpful information.Another guided method would be analyzing each key point of the application or service in greater detail.
To any newcomer, this may seem overwhelming, so it helps to break down the app into smaller portions for easier consumption.Use any method possible to guide visitors deeper into the product. This could be an actual tour of screenshots or a small video clip, or something completely different. Their homepage uses a couple icons to illustrate features and even has a separate features page dedicated to their product.You can never explain too much unless the content becomes redundant.
Communicate through words and visuals to make the design more impactful.Customer TestimonialsAlthough I notice this trend on a lot of different websites, landing pages tend to use a lot of testimonials for garnering support.
Big-name companies and various individuals can both supply a healthy dose of accountability to whatever you’re advertising. A testimonial from an existing customer says that someone was willing to try out the product, and they liked it enough to give encouraging feedback.The landing page for Avocode is so elegantly designed and uses plenty of great visuals to explain the product. Towards the bottom you’ll notice a list of customers who have tried it and given their opinion. This will only help to strengthen the product’s apparent value to potential users who are on the fence or have never heard about the product before.

This can be accomplished using large horizontal content sections broken up with a sliding navigation.The Montage photo book homepage is a great example of this technique.
As long as the navigation doesn’t intrude on the content it can be quite beneficial for a single-page layout. All the features are easily accessible without the need for exhaustively browsing through extra pages.Some landing pages split up content into horizontal sections using different backgrounds. Regardless of the design choice this is an excellent method to showcase a multitude of information.
But great photography doesn’t require an unnaturally-excited businessman on his phone grinning foolishly about nothing.
Talented photographers know that great photography is relatable and when photos are paired with content they should add to the message, not detract from it.One of my favorite landing page designs is the Heavy app for Android.
It’s a smartphone app for weightlifting and bodybuilding which uses background photos in the layout. Many landing pages like Square use just a single background photo at the top of the layout. The goal is to design something that promotes a product or service without appearing like a blatant advertisement.
Following these trends can help, along with analyzing other successful landing pages that catch your attention.
Think about how catchy landing page designs make you feel and why they draw your curiosity further.Great design is achieved with a balance between form and function.

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