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The difference between a successful and unsuccessful marketing campaign can often come down to the conversion rates of your website. Finally, the overall goal for landing page optimization is to ultimately increase your conversion rate, whether it be sign ups, sales or form completions. All the copy that you include on your landing page should be carefully thought out and planned.
A good balance of content and images can be the difference between a high converting landing page and a poor one. Asking for too much information creates a lot of friction and will often scare visitors away. Trust can be built in a variety of different ways and is effective in increasing conversions.
Alaister Low Alaister Low is a co-founder of Growth Giant which is a tool that uses the Multi-Armed Bandit Algorithm to continuously test landing pages. The first thing that most people think when they want to boost their online sales is to increase their website traffic.
The Landing Page Optimization is probably one of the most important but at the same time ignored part of the Online Marketing strategy. As we said in a previous blog post, the Call to action is a simple way to interact directly with your visitors and encourage them to take an immediate action (such as buy, call, subscribe, register, download etc) after visiting your website or viewing your page. Having too much text on the landing pages of your website is not helpful for your visitors. Now I am sure that many SEOs will argue that such an approach will have a dramatic impact on the SEO strategy of the website.
Providing too many choices to the users is not advised since it can confuse them and make them leave your website. Again you don’t have to sacrifice your SEO campaign and destroy the Link Architecture of your website in order to create effective Landing Pages. It’s a common mistake to use Advertising campaigns with misleading texts in order to drive traffic to the landing page. Another reason why you might have low conversion rates is because the potential clients that visit your website do not trust you.
In order to be able to optimize a landing page, you must be able to know how well it performs. If you don’t test different versions of the landing page you can’t be sure that it works properly (or how well it works).
The Landing Page Optimization is a difficult and challenging task that requires you to present the information in an optimal way, to know your clients and understand their needs, to monitor closely the performance of the pages and to invest time and effort on improving their results and on trying new approaches. Nice Post, it’s important to setup the landing page and loading time of page should low.
How about a large picture on the main page with a caption below it that lists a call to action? The issue you always have with landing pages is that they are so often overly spammed and cloned, cloned, cloned!..
Truly excellent article but i would like to add some more words to support mistake no 5 is the form is below the page fold. It covers a lot of interesting points about website optimization and we wanted to elaborate on the main points in the diagram to give you more details on how to get the most from your website. There are literally millions of different websites online and it’s difficult to stand out from the others. Optimizing your site and landing pages allow you to potentially make more revenue with the same traffic.

Each bit of text should serve a purpose of either informing the viewer about something or convincing them to do something.
Make sure the message and the content on the landing page matches the copy in your ad creative. The purpose of this landing page is to get viewers to do one thing and that is take action on your CTA. This will make visitors feel a lot more comfortable on your site and increase your conversions. Ask for only what you need and you’ll find that more people are willing to fill in your form or survey.
Building trust is a way to make customers feel more comfortable and secure spending money on your site.
User or customer testimonials work well to increase conversions as they provide comfort for people who are on the fence considering whether or not to invest their money in your product or service. Each landing page should have a single purpose and everything on that page should be organized in a way to promote that goal. It automatically directs traffic to your better performing pages to ensure you get the maximum conversion rate. Thus they focus on getting more links, achieving better Search Engine Rankings, investing more on advertising, sending more emails and newsletters, finding more affiliates, becoming more active on Social Media and using other ways that can help them increase the number of their visitors.
Have in mind that in many cases, increasing your traffic by 10% will not have the same impact on your revenues as improving your conversion rates by the same percentage.
The call to action should be distinctive, it should be visible on the top of the page and it should communicate a clear message to your readers. Make your users navigate easier on your site and increase the odds of focusing them on the Call to Action by keeping the number of choices short.
You can resolve these issues easily by using several web development techniques and by implementing clever designs. Removing flashing advertising banners, floating boxes, popups or any other similar distractions is essential to increase the conversion rates. If possible eliminate the forms that are not necessary since they are considered as barriers by many users.
A message mismatch between the ad and the landing page can lead to high bounce rates and low conversions. In order to resolve this problem first of all make sure you have a well designed website which is an indication that you are a serious company.
A major mistake that lots of people make is that they don’t monitor and track the results of their landing pages. Still Landing Page Optimization is not rocket science and as a result in many cases by dedicating the appropriate time you can achieve very good results just by making few targeted changes on your marketing approach. If possible you can add as mistake no 11, landing page doesn’t redirect to a thank you page.
Visitors will be able to more intuitively navigate and use your site which will work to improve the overall experience.
This allows more budget to be placed into marketing and gives your team more scope to try creative marketing campaigns.
Make sure the content you use is relevant to what the landing page is about and emotive enough to get them to take action.
Use contrasting colors, large font sizes and prominent placement to emphasize your CTA buttons or text. Adding a Facebook widget that displays peoples friends that have also used a product or service is also a great way to build trust.

There is only one group of people that will tell you what converts best and they’re your own customers and visitors. You could have the perfect landing page with an incredibly high conversion rate, but if visitors have to wait too long they may just leave.
This will ensure that you’re getting the most from your website and not loosing valuable customers and revenue. This is primarily due to the fact that increasing your traffic incurs several costs that can squeeze your profit margins. Failing to use clear call to action or failing to focus the user attention on it, is something that can definitely lead to lower conversion rates.
This applies especially when the visitor lands on the page from an Adwords or PPC advertisement. Keep in mind that using too many call to actions on the same page can also be considered as a distraction. By using misleading ads not only you attract not-targeted traffic and you waste your resources but also you risk getting banned by the advertising networks since this is a clear violation of their Terms of Use. Also make sure you include the logos and reviews of your satisfied clients or provide reviews from experts of the industry.
Make sure you invest time and effort on reviewing your traffic logs, tracing the behaviour of the user within your website and above all track every click of the user by using Google Analytics Event Tracking or Virtual Pageviews or similar techniques. There are a lot of specific ways to build trust which can also help with increasing conversions. Helping users effectively and quickly use your site is crucial for conversions and website optimization. Answers to these questions will help you figure out how to go about creating your landing pages and what content to place on the page. Thus as we discussed on a previous article building effective landing pages should be a top priority in order to improve your conversion rates and increase your sales. Don’t forget that you can ask later for this information, once you gain the trust of the user.
The same applies not only for ads but also for all of your promotional campaigns and links that you place across the web.
Finally keep in mind that you should include in a visible position any Trust Seals or Badges that show that you website is safe for online transactions. This information will be invaluable for you when you start evaluating and optimizing the results of each landing page. Google’s Website Optimizer is a useful service that can help you perform such tests, nevertheless there are several other solutions and tools that you can use. Don’t forget that it’s your client that should “design” your website and not your Web Designer or Online Marketing consultant. Before spending all of your resources on trying to acquire expensive traffic, you should first ask yourself: “Are my landing pages optimized? Just think out of the box and have in mind that visitors have limited time and thus you have only few seconds to get their attention.
And since different clients have contradictory needs you need to find a solution that satisfies most of them. This can only be done by dedicating time and effort on monitoring, testing and optimizing your landing pages.

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