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Published September 11, 2012 at 300 × 567 in Five Smartphone Marketing Tips For Addiction Treatment Centers.
Elements of Design is a different type of web design gallery which focuses on individual aspects of web design such as menus, footers, search boxes, login forms, and more. Start your marketing with your landing page and ask yourself how it answer your personasa€™ questions and needs.
Step 5: What action does your visitor need to take to get to the next stage of their purchase process?
As you can see their is a disconnect here between the Persona, the keyword they might use and the ad and landing page combination.
While that in itself might be the purpose of the campaign I would have bounced if it hadna€™t been for your question.
The only thing that interested me was that they are taking data from multiple sources and that is a bit more unusual. As you can see, Steve took the time to discover some value because I asked readers to evaluate the page. 2.) I would bring the highlighted features closer to the top of the page (or use a responsive design) to keep them at least partially visible on smaller screens (Ia€™m on a 13a€? Macbook Air). BONUS a€“ This goes beyond editing this page and into creating more content: I would think that a video demo would be fitting here. Yes, ita€™s Friday afternoon again and I get a little creatively crazy, better stop now before the going gets really weird.. I would test reducing anxiety around not knowing if I need to enter my credit card info on a step 2, thata€™s created by having a price range on the page a€?starting ata€¦a€? Perhaps simply remove the price on the page to start.
Bobby provides a valuable tip especially because Raven Tools is priced favorably in the market place.
Great Insight Bryan, looking forward to seeing the new Raven page next year and how they solve the problem. 3) Focus on building buyer confidence, which may or may not be asking them to sign up for a free trial.
Jeffrey Eisenberg, Bryan Eisenberg & John Quarto-vonTivadar are the inventors of Persuasion Architecture.
Base PriceOur high-converting landing pages are the ideal solution for affiliates and business owners. By Bhaskar Sarma 8 Comments This is a first in a series of posts about improving conversion rates for different types of content on a typical website.
Conversion rate optimization, on the surface is about increasing the click through on call to actions on a site. Landing pages, in the B2B context, are designed to perform a certain role- converting the traffic that has landed on the page into something more valuable like email addresses,requests for demos or even outright sales. An ideal landing page is like a toll gate or a valve, diverting traffic in a fixed direction.
But since we live in a less than an ideal world most landing pages behave more like a trampoline, bouncing visitors off the page before they have completed the call to action. That’s not really a great state of affairs, especially when landing pages are responsible for bringing home the bacon. Every product or service needs a customized landing page that should go through multiple changes before an optimal design is arrived at.
These are a few principles to keep in mind as you go about designing that kick ass landing page.
You can try all the fancy tricks in the book but unless you have a handle on why visitors are on your page and what exactly do they want you have a snowball’s chance in hell of making the sale. A landing page should be designed in such a way that it does not distract the reader and helps them advance on the next phase of the buyer journey. There are other elements involved  along with plenty of testing before you get to a high performing page. As with every where else, headlines need to be benefit oriented, and reinforce the the content on the referring link. Next to the headline, this is probably the most important  part of the landing page and will determine whether your page is a hit or a flop.
While writing great, attention grabbing copy is a hard job, advanced legwork on user personas will make it simpler. One of the most important things that has the chance to sway readers in your favor is having social proof on your page. This social proof can be anything: testimonials from your customers, either in text with a photograph or in video, logos of marquee clients or real life results achieved by using your product or service. Another thing that can increase traffic to your landing page is making the page easily shareable by adding social media icons. Notes: You have social proof, strong headline, a short form, a compelling call to action and social sharing.
Notes: Copy that segments readers based on needs and provides clear benefits along with compelling CTAs.
Notes: Clean, minimalist design with plenty of whitespace, an attention grabbing headline supported by copy that’s benefits heavy.

And finally, check out this infographic that brings all these elements together for a perfect landing page. This post has merely scratched the surface of what’s involved in designing a landing page that converts like gangbusters. Landing pages are a powerful way to improve conversions; they’re easy to create, easy to test, and easy to get a visitor to take action.
Landing pages, like most Web pages, benefit greatly from going the extra mile when understanding their best practices in design and development.
In this article, we’ll share a monstrous list of landing page best practices to set you in the right direction so your efforts, with these pages, have considerable results for your affiliate marketing business.
Unbounce, a company that specializes in landing page development, has put together a great list of landing page designs which will give you a great starting point to wrap your head around what other businesses have been up to with this form of marketing strategy. The immediate reaction you may have, as a marketer, is the shock that a hospital would take the time to create these types of landing pages (since our natural thought is that hospital websites are generally just about information and not so much as to selling the specifics). Take a moment to scan through that landing page and see if you can follow along with some of the key elements that make it effective. The logo is top-left and immediately tells that the page is provided by a trusted facility within the health industry. The contact number is along the top-right so individuals can save the number for reference.
The header image has a big, bold question followed by a claim that’s specific to the individual experiencing its troubles (plus a picture that shows the product without being too gory).
The expertise section gives reassurance to the individual since they can see all the professionals that participate in the procedure (along with their 100% claim in bold).
To the right is the contact form that doesn’t require a lot of information but sticks out due to its size and color coordination. The information section explains how many people have gone through the procedure which will give reassurance that the individual is not part of a test; it also explains the procedure in a non-technical manner so the individual doesn’t become confused about what’s in store for them. A benefits section cuts straight to the point and allows the individual to fully understand what they gain from the procedure.
Again, this is just one example of hundreds of excellent pages out there on the Web done by professionals but you need not worry if you don’t have that professional touch because you can convey this same level of trust on the simplest of landing pages for your campaigns if you use the best practices. As you can see – forming the landing page is far more difficult than you can imagine if you hadn’t known the best practices. We take a look at Shopify and their in-house affiliate program which offers great commissions and options. Pay per Click campaigns, using PPC landing pages, are a major traffic source for many websites. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or even sponsored Tweets.
All PPC landing pages campaigns go through the same funnel, and you need to optimize each step. And finally, people need to convert on your PPC landing page, which needs to be optimized for your PPC campaign.
Before we get into optimizing the PPC landing page for your campaign, we’ll quickly review the basics. The one thing that sets you apart from the competition, and that makes YOU the best one in the field. Next, you need the Hero Shot, which, according to the Urban Dictionary, is “The best picture of a series, often chosen to represent the whole series.” This is the best image or video of your service or product, the one that will capture your visitors’ attention immediately.
Then you have the benefits of what you have to offer, and any testimonials that your customers have to offer.
Last, but not least – you have your single Call To Action (usually a button) that converts the visitors into actual leads.
When you create a landing page for your PPC campaigns, there are a few things you need to take into account. Think about the message in your advertising campaigns, and how it can be used to create a landing page that has the same message and feel. Creating a PPC landing page in PageWiz is just the same as creating any other page in PageWiz.
As you can see, each ad leads to a specific PPC landing page, which echoes the marketing message and the image used in the ad. Their goal is to convert the traffic that these campaigns send — this may include subscribing to a service, buying a product, or making a request for more information. The web design galleries are designed to be easy to scan with minimal clicking — making it easy to find inspiration or see what design patterns exist for a range of common web design elements.
If it does, check the anatomy of the current landing page and determine how you can apply the conversion trinity to find ways to optimize it. It does provide a call to action for those ready to take a free trial which is pretty late in the buying process. This persona is not ready to commit their time if they haven’t evaluated the alternatives and understood what features fill their need.
My company sees offers for tools like this once a week and use other similar brands (SEOmoz, Crazy Frog etc) so this would be a tough sell anyway.

I first saw the CTA and thought that the goal was to create an account, which sounds like big deal, but then I noticed the a€?30 day free triala€? text at the top right. I imagine that the main heading a€?SEO Management Softwarea€? is meant to match up with the keyword being search for Quality Score purposes, but I would propose a heading along the lines of a€?All Your SEO Tools in One Placea€? (taken from the paragraph below the heading). The question is, will the desire to see more of Raven outweigh the benefit of showing more of Raven upfront? Determine how to grab his attention with a relevant response (ad) to his query and how will we express our value in the ad.
One of the issues I’ve run into a lot recently is working with clients that are bidding on low volume keywords.
Pre-mortem Eisenberga€™s Hierarchy of Optimization Scoring Priorities Of course, you cannot start the 3-step process without first creating actionable personas based on qualitative and quantitative data. We incorporate proven strategies like color psychology and keyword-rich text placed with SEO in mind. From the outside the TARDIS looks like a phone box, while on the inside it has the square area of a mansion. But dive deeper and the whole subject starts looking like a tapestry with strands of marketing psychology, design, copywriting and other stuff woven in.
But a landing page for training service is going to look very different from a landing page for an enterprise software suite. Besides, no one became a good photographer by learning about a particular lens or camera; they became one by learning about light and composition and storytelling. A complete buyer persona means you won’t have to guess what your market really wants from you. Headlines will determine whether your reader bounces off immediately or stays on the page long enough to do what you want them to do. Headlines that are simple and get to the point immediately are what attracts buyers like a nectar laden flower attracts bees. Your copy can either be long or short, but it should be informative enough to convince readers that you are worth investing time and money.
Focus on those social networks that are popular with your audience (easy if you have done the work with buyer personas). Understanding of what has worked in the past and what trends hold for the future will allow you to craft landing pages that start off in the most effective form as possible. Format the text, graphics, and other media to create a clean, streamline flow in the pacing, tone, and structure making it easier for the individual to consume the message. It’s not required that you have each present on the page (and in the campaign) but starting with the big ones (like the ones listed) will definitely give the page a major boost in conversions rather than building it upon gut instinct.
You need to continuously review and adjust the campaign to make sure that you are getting the results you are looking for.
If they aren’t, you might not be bidding high enough, or targeting the relevant audience, or have a low quality score, or any number of reasons that we won’t go into great detail in this post. You know if it’s from an ad they clicked in their Google search results, or from a promoted post on Facebook or from Twitter, or even if they clicked a banner. That means that you can tailor the content on the PPC landing page to suit the message that they saw in the ad. If you clicked an ad for a power drill that drills through titanium walls (maybe you need to perform dental work on Optimus Prime?), which one of these drill images would you relate to more? I’m advertising the same product (dog food), but each one has a different image and message.
In addition to PageWiz, he also writes for himself on his own blog, in between numerous cups of coffee.
I would put that phrase within the frame of the form and change the CTA to say a€?Start My Free Triala€? or something along those lines. Let’s clarify the value of the offer and provide relevant information and lastly the design is notA conduciveA to scrolling. You can even request audio and video on your landing page.Simply fill out this order form and click the Add to Order button to begin the order process. Create a swipe file with images and notes about what you like and hate about specific landing pages, and place that information into practice whenever you’re building landing pages for your business. And just as you personalize your landing page with dynamic content, you want to personalize the landing page for the ad people clicked. You can create a message, hero shot, and even a call to action that dovetails with the message they clicked in the ad.
The important thing here is to remember that you are creating a landing page that’s specific for the ads you are running right now. Any time you use strong horizontal lines in your design it may appear to the visitor that their is no reason to scroll. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help with anything.Would You Like Your Landing Page Coded?

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