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Cventa€™s 74,000+ active planner users represent a wide variety of organizations and are responsible for sending over 1.8 million RFPs through the network in 2015. These planners rely on the Cvent Supplier Network to centralize the site selection and sourcing process, streamline the meetings management process, as well as to gain better insight into meetings spend. Accidental meeting planners are utilizing the Supplier Network because the first place they are searching for venues and suppliers is search engines. Third party planners have adopted the Supplier Network for its accurate and up-to-date global database of hotels.
Picture this scenario: You are using an application to work on a time-critical project, and suddenly, you are stuck for want of information about a particular screen.
However, bear in mind that, although demographics and task analysis play an important part in persona creation, personas are more than just a collection of user profiles and groups. We both work on documentation, so for now, we’ll focus on using personas in creating the documentation for a product. As the documentation development lifecycle progresses, writers develop greater attachment to their perspectives on what the documentation should be.
The benefits of developing personas at the beginning of the documentation development lifecycle are numerous. This persona-creation process is applicable whether you are creating personas as a basis for product design or documentation. Two main types of needs define any product or solution that people use, be it software or documentation: business needs and user needs.
To assess user needs, you can start by interacting with the people within your organization who work directly with users—for example, your sales, support, and marketing teams, technical sales consultants, or any other groups who have information on demographic profiles. You can also conduct user research to help you understand user goals, tasks, and attitudes. Since, for the most part, our approach to creating personas is based on the subjective understanding we and other stakeholders’ have of users, it’s best to validate the personas through quantitative studies. If you’re like many business owners that I meet, you’ve experienced success with your business. To take your business to the next level, you need to spend less time chasing business and start attracting customers to you. But all these options can make it difficult to decide which tools to use and how best to use them.
This clinic is designed to help you accomplish step one – create a sales and marketing map that will take your business to the next level. Assess how well you are doing in each phase and identify opportunities that may be slipping through the cracks. Analyze and select the opportunity that will bring you customers and revenue in the quickest amount of time. The Lifecycle Marketing Planner is a powerful tool for creating and updating your Lifecycle Marketing Plan.
The Topic Generator to help you create emails for your prospects and customers that they will open and read (and respond to). The $5 Challenge that will help you find inexpensive ways to turn a one-time customer into a raving fan. The Opportunity Analyzer, to help you quantify and prioritize all of the opportunities in front of you so you get the best results with the least amount of effort.

My goal is to make sure you leave the clinic with some action items in hand that will help you grow your business. Business owners, independent professionals, and salespeople ready to take their business to the next level.
Infusionsoft is the only sales and marketing software built exclusively for small business.
Suppliers can increase their share of the group business market by boosting their visibility to these planners at every stage of the event lifecycle.
Pay per click advertising and listings in the natural search results are driving planners to the Cvent platform. They benefit from increased efficiency through the storage of NSO contacts and preferred hotels, plus the ability to easily compare bids and run comprehensive reports. Personas summarize your user research findings and provide a practical approach to understanding the requirements of your target audience and keeping user perspectives in mind when designing products and creating documentation for them. In addition to being a busy writer, he spends many hours daily replying to email messages and mentoring his colleagues—answering questions about using the tools his team employs in producing documentation, different types of documentation, and life at work. The amount of experience Manas has in his field is specific, the persona clearly describes his work environment, and his quirks are apparent. To meet his needs, you might deliver documentation in the form of email messages that ask leading questions and direct him to answers, catering to his mentoring nature by encouraging him to share them. Their ideas begin to crystallize sometime between their developing a documentation plan and starting writing. For an existing product, this might involve observing or talking with actual users about both their problems and positive experiences using your product. Such studies allow you to obtain data from a large user population, have a low per-user cost, and give you a fair idea about what is happening, but they do not tell you why. Such research endeavors typically involve small sample sizes, are usually expensive, often allow you to discover new things, and have the potential to provide very rich data about why users behave in a certain manner.
When creating personas, the goal of this step is to find patterns that enable you to group similar people together into types of users. Each type of user evolves into a persona as you add more detail about their goals, behaviors, and attitudes. Assemble all of your product’s stakeholders and ask them to make a list of user attributes—for example, Male, Computer literate, or Plays football. Add personal details to create a realistic picture of a user, focusing on specific user needs. The stories or scenarios you create for each persona describe how that person would behave or think about a particular task or situation.
For example, you could interview internal users or conduct interviews with less than 10 users and create personas within two weeks.
In order to meet your personal and business goals you need a more consistent, scalable way to grow. Social media and online marketing tools give small businesses more options than ever before for reaching new customers. If you’re not careful, you can waste a lot of time on the “marketing idea of the week” and have nothing to show for it. Once you have your map, you are in a better position to determine where to start, which tools to use, what to automate, and how to measure success.

You reach for the application’s documentation and spend a few minutes trying to figure out what to do next.
Manas connects to the Internet through a wireless connection that never fails and spends hours researching answers to questions about writing. In short, you have a fake, but uncannily real user in whose shoes you can walk when designing your product or writing its documentation. You could reach out to Manas by creating sponsored ads on Google, so when he uses his Web browser to do research on a topic relating to the use of your product, he would find links to relevant documentation on your Web site. They show more openness to making heavy changes to a documentation deliverable during the writing stage than afterward—say, at the review stage.
For a new or existing product, you could do user research with people who are roughly like your prospective users in order to help you understand their needs. These studies don’t prove anything, but can work very well if you want to validate the efficacy of your design and architectural changes. Some companies conduct field studies, observing users’ behavior and asking them about their goals and attitudes. To accomplish this, ask one of the stakeholders to divide his or her user attributes into several clusters. The idea is to ensure that the principal persona you use during design or documentation is a clear and correct representation of your primary user population, not an edge case. Automate Marketing Grow sales opportunities and turn leads into customers with personalized, automated follow-up. Thankfully, you are quickly able to locate the relevant information and continue with your work. For example, they could be moody, very task oriented, work in a specific type of environment, or even hate the idea of referring to documentation unless they are absolutely compelled to do so. Oddly enough, he actually reads computer manuals and online Help for fun, and he has quite a few books on writing and communication competing for space with his Terry Pratchett novels on the bookshelf in his office. Such dynamically generated links provide an effective and efficient path to your documentation.
Ironically, the planning and writing stages usually occur when writers know the least about users.
In addition, you can do usability testing to observe user behaviors—though this is less common. Then ask another stakeholder to place any related attributes in those clusters or, if his or her user attributes don’t fit into any of the existing clusters, to create new clusters. Plus, the presence of your documentation on your Web site implies that Manas has instant access to your most recent, minimalist documentation whenever he’s exploring and wants to find alternative channels of learning. This is why creating personas during requirements analysis and documentation planning is optimal.
Repeat this exercise with every stakeholder until you have clusters that everyone agrees on.
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