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Llevo usando Linkedin y siendo miembro activo de esta red social desde principios de 2009, y durante todo este tiempo he podido disfrutar de todas sus ventajas y capacidades para mis negocios. Si quieres tomar el control de tu vida profesional, tendras que aplicar aptitudes empresariales a tu desarrollo de carrera. Te recomiendo que realices un plan de carrera personal (porque tu eres la unica empresa que siempre te acompanara en tu vida laboral) y que uses las mejores herramientas para conseguir tus objetivos.
En los ultimos meses he ayudado a emprendedores, empleados, profesionales y directivos a incrementar su potencial mediante la mejora en sus redes de contactos. Mediante una masterclass intensiva sobre Linkedin, aprenderas a explotar esta red como herramienta de trabajo 2.0 y para potenciar tu marca personal. Realizaremos esta formacion en diversos puntos geograficos (Madrid, Barcelona, Asturias, Valladolid, Bilbao y Alicante inicialmente) con un cupo limitado de 10 personas maximo por jornada, con lo que garantizamos una formacion individualizada, especifica y todos los asistentes sacaran el mayor rendimiento de los contenidos. Without question, LinkedIn has forever altered the business landscape -- both digitally and in the physical world. Although much has changed regarding the site, successful use of LinkedIn still hinges on representing well, connecting with the right people, and effectively pulling online conversations offline. So how do we assess the potential of the LinkedIn of Things, this landmark technology, this changer of games? I define a "thing" in the LinkedIn of Things as a route or mode through which information is conveyed within the network and harvested by users. Based on the data collected, and sequencing of events (both on and off of LinkedIn), certain people elevate within the system and become more visible to you. On LinkedIn, people leverage the site in a manner conducive to developing business, advancing a career, securing new employment, or building brand awareness.
Your desired outcome notwithstanding, leveraging LinkedIn is dependent on the extent to which other users are also leveraging the site.

When you consider the rate at which the interconnection of business professionals is increasing, it is understandable that LinkedIn can be so overwhelming. El cambio constante y la incertidumbre hacen ineficaz cualquier estrategia tradicional de carrera. Tambien te servira para contactar  de maneras mas efectivas con clientes actuales (estrategias de fidelizacion) y potenciales (estrategias de captacion).
Nowadays, so much of what we call business or career development is carried out regularly on this site. Those who have embraced social networking in their businesses are aware of the good that LinkedIn can do when worked consistently.
A "thing" promotes communication (both internal and external to the system), facilitates decision making, and produces value. The more exposure you gain through the LinkedIn system, the greater the ease with which you can be recalled. It is a living and breathing system that defines the terms by which we connect and communicate with others. Those with whom you connect will be assigned status or value within your network that either escalates or dissipates over time. Businesspeople operate on LinkedIn at various agility levels and with varying attention spans.
This is the question that I am most frequently asked by my clients, colleagues, and readers. The range of information provided, and the velocity with which it moves, certainly goes beyond the bandwidth of what even the most seasoned LinkedIn user can process. They see LinkedIn clearly, understand its utility, and willfully integrate it into the fabric of their professional lives.

El pacto entre los empleados y jefes esta desapareciendo y la competencia por las oportunidades es mas feroz que nunca.
The LinkedIn of Things (LoT)* has given rise to a new process of professional engagement while redefining the nature of marketing outreach.
What are the things that identify us, connect us with others, and help us expand our reach?
Increasing your activity on the site can direct more traffic to your page, enhance your connectivity, and better position you for business opportunities. We set our own protocols on the site and select people with whom we wish to connect and develop a professional relationship.
Be it through your profile, emails, updates, long-form posts, or endorsements of others, you are set up on LinkedIn to offer value to others.
For those who demonstrate integrity, are cognizant of the LinkedIn boundaries, appreciate the sanctity of the first-degree connection, and orchestrate every piece of correspondence as if their livelihoods depended on it, the LinkedIn of Things will create possibilities.
In an expanding system, new complexities will present, content will become more difficult to find and scale, and opportunities will become more difficult to capture. Through your manipulation (editing and updating) of the written and visual content your brand image emerges. Whereas you can steadily improve your performance on LinkedIn, you are at the mercy of other people improving theirs. By virtue of your LinkedIn profile, you become associated with a product, service, enterprise, or platform.

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