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Proposed Bill: Live Streaming Moved to Felony StatusIndividuals who live stream content over the Internet illegally would face up to five years in prison under provisions in a new Senate bill that would make illegally streaming copyrighted material a felony. Senators Amy Klobuchar, John Cornyn and Christopher Coons have proposed legislation to upgrade the laws to classify live streaming as content distribution, which would violate copyright laws and make the offense a felony. Distributing copyrighted materials is already felony, but a number of legal questions have questioned whether live streaming violated the laws. Under the proposed legislation live streaming more than 10 copyrighted items in any 180-day period where the total retail value could top $2,500 or the licensing costs would have topped $5,000 would be classified as felony copyright infringement. Opponents to the legislation see the shift in policy as an example of the government bending to corporate interests and cracking down on the free flow of information online.
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Read all about it - You can't afford to be without this twice-weekly newsletter - sign up today to get your breaking streaming and digital media news! YouTube Live isn't yet available to all users, but Jan Ozer got early access and used it to stream a live webinar. I recently produced a webinar on YouTube Live using Telestream Wirecast, and wanted to document the experience. Expensive products have complicated interfaces and inflexible features, while free applications like Handbrake can be used by anyone.
No longer restricted to those with high subscriber and view counts, YouTube Live is now open to all members in good standing. So you need to start webcasting—should you choose a webcast platform, a live streaming service provider, or a conferencing solution? CCTV Camera Pros, a video surveillance company located in Boynton Beach, Florida, has donated two video surveillance systems to the Wildlife Habitat of Hernando Florida (WROH) for their Living with Lions live video stream event. Please click on this link for additional details and pricing on the BIPRO-S600VF12 outdoor surveillance camera available from CCTV Camera Pros. For organizations interested in setting up live wildlife cameras or any type of live streaming camera for Ustream, CCTV Camera Pros can help by providing high quality CCTV Cameras that can be used with streaming services like uStream and LiveStream.

Wildlife Rehabilitation of Hernando (WROH) was formed 11 years ago here in Spring Hill, Florida.
CCTV Camera Pros is a supplier of security camera systems for home, business, and government use. Over two months ago the White House requested that Congress draft legislation to end the dispute over live streaming and classify it as a felony.
Doss, who served during the Battle of Okinawa, refuses to kill people and becomes the first Conscientious Objector in American history to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.
CCTV Camera Pros supplies cameras at a discount and in some cases donates free cameras to non-profit organizations that are doing great things, as we believe the Wildlife Habitat of Hernando Florida is doing.
The Senate bill would curtail the debate by specifying that live streaming is distribution and therefore a felony violate of copyright law.
The request from the White House’s Office of the US Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator further called on Congress to ensure legislation also made it possible for law enforcement officials to wiretap suspected live streamers who violate the law. You can read about the requirements, though followers and video views aren’t mentioned. CCTV Camera Pros has a complete line of surveillance products including security cameras, digital video recorders, monitors, cables, connectors, and all accessories needed for a complete video surveillance systems.
Before starting CCTV Camera Pros, Mike worked as a software engineer in the web hosting industry. Click Live Events on the left to open a screen providing access to all live, upcoming, or completed events. CCTV Camera Pros is a veteran owned business as Mike proudly served in the United States Marine Corps (USMC) from 1993 to 1997. Creating a new live eventNot surprisingly, creating the event involves inputting most of the same parameters that you input when uploading a file to YouTube.
On the right in Figure 2, you can see that you can send a post to your subscribers and also share via Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter, a nice way to publicize your event.Figure 2.
Inputting the basic webinar infoOn the top left of Figure 2, you should be able to make out the Advanced settings tab. Most notably, you control whether or not comments are moderated and whether or not live events can be embedded. Obviously, if you enable embedding, you can embed the event into your own website in addition to showing it on your YouTube watch page, a feature not available in all competitive services.Figure 3.

The number of streams created and their respective data rates depends upon the stream that you send YouTube. Setting the basic ingestion settingsOnce you choose Ingestion Settings, it’s time to configure your settings into your streaming encoder. This will be automated if you use Wirecast for YouTube or the retail version of Wirecast, and semi-automated if you use the Adobe Flash Live Media Encoder. Specifically, you choose your encoding tool via the drop down list shown in Figure 5.Figure 5. Note that if you download the free version, it will uninstall any currently installed versions of Wirecast.
Just choose an encoding preset that matches the ingestion settings that you selected in Figure 4 and you’ll be good to go.
If you click Recommended Settings, you’ll see a table of suggested encoding parameters. The stream name and primary and secondary URLs are the typical information provided by streaming service providers and should be simple to configure into any streaming encoder.
Note that YouTube Live does support captioning, though you’ll have to supply the caption feed to the service. Overall, YouTube does a great job making the new service easy to use with Wirecast and FMLE, while those using other encoders should have no problem figuring out how to connect.Figure 9. This is the page you can send your viewers to in the blog posts, emails, and other materials you use to market your live event.
As mentioned, you can grab embed codes to embed the live event into your own website, but the player is somewhat defeatured, lacking the countdown clock and comments.
There are two video windows below the screen shown in Figure 11: one a preview screen that you can use at any time before the event, and the other a Public View showing the actual live stream.

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