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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. A common practice among local businesses across America is to do their local marketing in-house.
As an example, Google just unveiled a new tweak to their search engine listing feature called “Google My Business.” The service consolidates all business listings for Google Places, Google Maps and Google+ so that changes made to a business listing are reflected in all of Google’s listings.
While it may take days if not weeks for a national brand to unleash an ad campaign, local businesses require day-to-day maintenance to keep up with their customers. Like Pinterest, you can pin (or bookmark) places you’ve been, want to go, or photographed. We're proud to support the photography community through the Photocrati Fund, which gives $5000 grants to photographers working on humanitarian and environmental projects. Trippy seems to be a very interesting solution, but obviously it is not possible any more to customize the anchor text in order to create a backlink. Participate in our blog series, and share your photography with other photo enthusiasts around the world! The Photocrati Team is filled with photographers, developers, and WordPress gurus is spread out across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Precise PromotionWe offer the latest cutting edge techniques for marketing video and the highest quality Online Promotion, SEO, and Social Management.
Creatus is a leading company in Video Marketing and Promotion, we offer everything your business needs to be successful online. We can help with the production of the video; we have some of the greatest videographers and behind the scenes staff. We can help with the promotion of your video, we have been working with YouTube since its creation. Our specialized cinematography services are exclusive with our experience taken from hundreds of successful videos.
In today’s world social media is a must, if your business doesn’t exist online to some it doesn’t exist at all.
We make your business part of that and help you gain all the benefits of social media and video marketing. Before, I felt like I was throwing darts blindfolded, I didn’t know what was working I didn’t know what wasn’t working… he showed me places I could go and get really good information and then how to break it down so I could use it to figure out what techniques of mine were working, what weren’t. Have one of our Internet Marketing Advisors call you to set up a time for your free marketing consultation. LocalizeNational brands with local physical locations typically spend more time and effort on national marketing, limiting or eliminating the local message.
Often times, business owners dish out flyers or company magnets in hopes of getting their name out there with the town’s residents.

You’ve already spread yourself thin making your customer base happy and now it’s time for someone to market your business full-time to attract new customers. But working with a seasoned marketing firm that can keep up with the changing dynamics of the online marketing world is even more important.
Ameriscope is committed to working tirelessly when it comes to keeping your brand on local residents’ radar.
We work with some of the world's leading photographers, including Michael "Nick" Nichols, Steve McCurry, Art Wolfe, and Jim Brandenburg. We help maximize your video exposure to find your ideal audience and lead them to your YouTube channel. Although YouTube is known for home videos of funny dogs or giggling babies, we produce only the highest quality videos and sound. We have watched YouTube grow from a startup website in 2006 to becoming the 2nd largest search engine, having content in 60+ languages, and becoming the key for any business online.
We take care of the little things so you can be a better leader and get the results you have always dreamed of.
With our rich color and detailed images, you will find our professional services very satisfying as you see for yourself the high resolution and clear quality pictures that we produce. And it’s just stuff I never would have figured out on my own… The amount of growth I’ve had in the last three months, I mean, I didn’t have that growth my first three years of my channel! He really just shared all of the magic nuggets for us to take our YouTube marketing for our business to the next level so I just wanted to say a very very special thank you to you, Derral. Ameriscope agencies are always the first to hear about new developments in the web space and will constantly work to integrate these changes into you brand’s local marketing strategy. Knowing about the Google My Business feature helps Ameriscope keep local clients ahead of the game by ensuring that business updates are processed as fast as humanly possible. So when the time comes to get serious about local marketing, you know you can trust Ameriscope. Supporting photographers is not just a sideline activity for us, it’s one of the main missions of Photocrati.
Your business will accelerate, and you can hit the ground running by knowing that your team is always ready to take care of your consulting needs. You can have this bird’s eye view and turn any aerial video into a high definition vision of excellence. The days of print marketing, while still in play, have become secondary to internet marketing.
In this regard, when a resident searches your business online, there will be no inconsistencies with your company’s business hours, description, promotions and even your company’s exact name. YouTube is a global entity, so it makes perfect sense to improve your social presence and brand image with the solution consultants at Creatus.

But that type of boring, generic marketing won’t engage your target audiences or inspire them to take action. Instead, identify your most critical local markets, and deliver compelling localized messaging, content, programs, offers, and calls to action based on the area or neighborhood.2.
Some 40% of Google mobile searches are local, and 70% of smartphone owners use their device while shopping in-store.The future is mobile—especially for local businesses.
So, make sure your prospects can find you.Search engine optimization (SEO) is a huge business driver and it should absolutely be used in local marketing efforts.
Geo-target your paid search campaigns, include geo-based language in your ads and landing pages, and use location extensions.4. Setup site retargeting to show your ads to people who left your site without a conversion.5.
To increase your success, enhance your listing with SEO keywords, and include photos for a better user experience.6. Groupon boasts more than 50 million subscribers, and it is the fastest growing company ever. SocializeIf your local business lends itself to being social with your target audience, use social platforms such as Facebook and Google+ to share information, photos, videos, and news. If your business is visually oriented, try Pinterest, the fastest-growing new social platform.8.
Be location-awareRevenue from mobile location-based services is expected to reach $13 billion by 2014, according to Juniper Research.
Foursquare now has more than 15 million users, who have conducted more than 1.5 billion check-ins. Dial ’em upNo matter how digital you go, many local consumers prefer calling and talking with a person rather than communicating digitally. Accommodate customers by setting up dedicated telephone numbers for different marketing channels and campaigns to track which efforts are driving business. Another thing to remember is to configure your mobile search campaigns for click-to-call.10. Add a form on your website, include a reminder in your digital communications, or carry around an iPad for in-person review requests. All Rights Reserved.The llama is very intelligent and can be taught a task with only a few repetitions.

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