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Local advertising in today’s online market is paramount to the success of small to medium sized businesses. With this in mind, Inbound Authority crafts a specific strategy for each client to thrive utilizing Local SEO. Local SEO at Inbound Authority takes an assortment of tools to formulate a customized local search solution. Take a look at the Local Search Ecosystem below for a better understanding of Local SEO, the search engine environment, and how Inbound Authority can propel your local business, increase inbound leads, and boost local exposure.
Josh has been studying the field of internet marketing since 2004 and has a passion for discovering what makes everything on the internet tick. To gain that positive online presence, you need to keep your business listings up to date and include the information your potential clients want. I hate it when I call a business and they are not available so I leave a message and then nobody calls me back. Ya anytime I got a voicemail or contact form back in my email I knew that was potential money and would call them back as soon as possible.
Pay-per-click or PPC ad campaigns are a quick and effective way to drive traffic to your website. The beauty of PPC advertising is you have complete budget control, and can stop and start your campaign whenever you choose.  Small businesses everywhere are choosing PPC ad campaigns over radio, print and direct mail to find new customers.
Do you serve a local market?  We specialize in Local Maps SEO for clients nationwide like lawyers, real estate agents, roofers, contractors, dentists and insurance agents who target a local audience.
We start by optimizing your Google Plus Local page (have you claimed yours yet?) and list your business with key local directories like CitySearch and Yelp.  Our extensive keyword and competitive research helps you determine the target phrases your business will compete on, and we work with you to incorporate ratings and reviews into your business process. From organic rankings to Places pages on Google, Bing, and Yahoo mixed with social media campaigns and paid search, we ensure that your local presence is recognizable, eye-catching, and easily accessible. He has recently left an Internet Marketing agency where he was the Senior Web Strategist to begin his own SEO consulting business. Make Your Business Appear in Mapping SitesThe most important part of a local SEO campaign is to ensure your business is located fast and conveniently by local customers. All homeowners will hit a stage where the toilet backs up or where they want to replace their worn-out countertops with luxurious granite.
Finding a name I have heard of before is better than one that is super cheap that I have not heard of before. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Our Local SEO service will optimize your local listing now so you can get a jump on your competition for those top spots.  Even small improvements in local rankings can mean huge increases in traffic. Local SEO with Inbound Authority is not a simple process, but rather the combination and integration of a variety of initiatives that breed a substantial local presence. This strategy encompasses both client objectives and Inbound Authority’s expertise in Local SEO.

When customers are searching for the products and services that you provide, Inbound Authority makes certain that you are found through our Local SEO tactics and procedures.
This means that you should have a website that can be easily traced by search engines.One of the best ways of ensuring quick search and retrieval of your website is by enrolling it in the major mapping sites. When these homeowners start searching online for help on their next project, you want your business to appear as the perfect choice.
The majority of people trust Better Business Bureau to help them find a contractor, with Google and Yelp following close behind as reliable sources. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
Taking this approach allows us to not only work towards achieving your internal goals, but merges our knowledge of local search to provide a significant opportunity for success. I am often willing to pay more if it gives me more security that the project will be done right. If they can’t get back to me within a few hours how can I trust that they are going to do a good job on my project. Choices ranging from where to go for a great haircut, where to purchase lunch, and the best place to get an oil change, local searches drive the modern consumer’s purchase decisions.
Our job is not complete until your site traffic increases, your phones ring much more frequently, and physical patronage is apparent from your target market. A lot of efforts should be implemented if a successful local SEO campaign must be undertaken. Note that people in the modern world are making use of devices which trace businesses through mapping. Still, even for these well-known and long standing icons of their industry, local SEO or local online marketing is becoming even more essential.People seek information whilst on the move via iPhones and android phones or sat at home on a computer. To some point, profound knowledge and experience will be required in the process of creating the campaign for utmost benefits in the tail end.It should be understood that there are a couple of key factors that must be considered when creating a local SEO campaign. Gone are the days of dusting down a copy of the yellow pages from under the stairs or searching the back pages of the local newspaper. Create a Perfect and Attractive Profile for Your WebsiteA comprehensive crackdown on the strong points regarding your business will work ideally in making your local SEO campaign successful. Consumers have become more savy and want information on local companies faster than ever before.
Note that visibility in search engines should be your primary aim when embarking on an SEO campaign.
In most cases, people focus on providing light information about the business in question to a point of leaving their subjects hanging. If a local business cannot be found online then it is already missing opportunities.Why Does Your Business Need Local SEO?Local Search Study Statisticsa) 97% of customers look-up local businesses online.
In this regard, you should focus on factors that will elevate your rank in the web since it is the only way you will be in a position to attract high traffic to your site.In the modern world, SEO has really changed with regard to the evolving digital industry.

Note that visitors in your websites are not there to get obvious information about your business but something new and compelling as well.Aside from providing people with the name of your business, other important things should also count.
In this regard, the strategies to be implemented in a local SEO campaign should encompass everything that would be expected in an internet marketing campaign.
You can provide a brief history of the business, contacts, previous achievements, rating from previous customers, reviews and anything else that can boost the image of your business. Do Thorough Keyword ResearchOne thing that most people tend to snub is the importance of keywords for SEO. Provide Room for Customer ReviewsIf your business has been in existence for a considerable amount of time, then you must have a good number of previous clients. If your local SEO campaign must flourish and turn out as expected, then there is no compromise on best utilization of keywords.
Such clients can be of great help in offering their opinions regarding the services they got from your business.
You can encourage them to leave their reviews in your business website for other potential customers to read and join the club too.One of the commanding benefits that come along with customer reviews is that profound evidence on the kind of services to expect is brought out. In this regard, you must be very selective in determining the kind of keywords you should incorporate in your content.Keyword research is greatly recommended at primary stage of your SEO campaigns.
Fortunately, there is a good number of ways you can use to ascertain keywords which can work in your favor. Google for instance provides best tools to help website administrators get the most trending keywords and phrases. This means that any person looking for a product in your website will be convinced further to order for it after knowing that there are other people who have benefited from it too.However, reviews may work adversely especially when a disappointed client speaks out.
With the tools, you will be in a better position to select keywords which have the capacity to generate traffic in your website. It is advised that you refrain from offering poor services and only focus on satisfying your clients. Create Quality ArticlesA lot of people tend to compromise on quality any time they are embarking on local SEO campaigns. After all, surfers tour your website to be informed in the best way.Aside from that, your articles must be in context and relevant to the products you are selling. It is important to bear in mind that surfers get irritated by same old articles in a certain website.
Updated website content helps in retaining the existing customers and also bringing new ones.With the above highlighted local SEO tips, you can be assured of best results in the end.

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