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Funny but inevitably true, no matter how hard you try to turn your “Mac” into a gaming machine you will always fail, I guess its just not meant to be?
Just as Linux, Mac OS X has added a lot of games specifically programmed and optimized for this Operating System. The chances of getting games for Mac are up in the air and you will constantly have to check the Mac App Store to see what games area available, there is also a good chance you will find offers for free games and sometimes they offer some good sales.
Boot Camp lets you boot into either system and in theory, it is able to offer the same performance as if you where using a native Windows machine with the same hardware. This could be another alternative that is based on Valve for Steam machines with OS (Linux) to run Windows games. Virtual machines are often ideal for testing applications and games from other platforms although not as efficient as a native Mac game or using Boot Camp, given the hardware limitations of Apple computers. This application is based on an open source project based on a Unix interface that supports both Linux and Mac.
Another great classic that lets you run old DOS games and applications on multiple platforms, including Mac. There are a lot of players out there who own a PlayStation 4, but at the same time, they own a Mac as well.
Actually, there are two ways that you can use to connect the PS4 controller to your Mac and below we’re going to tell you how to do that.

Once the Light Bar begins flashing blue, you will see a “Wireless Controller” being displayed on your Mac Bluetooth preferences. Now, the status below the “Wireless Controller” should say “Connected” and you will be ready to play game using your PS4 controller on your Mac. In case you have problems when connecting your PS4 controller to your Mac via Bluetooth, then you should know that there is a second method. Keep in mind that even if most of the games will not require you to configure the controller, there are still some games where you will need to enter the settings and set it up. But, we’re pretty sure that you will find some games that you will be able to play with your PS4 controller on your Mac. This game play video is open only to our members because of our limited bandwidth and relatively large file size. Note that the video quality is not very good because we wanted to reduce the file size as much as we could.
The best way to run Windows games on Mac via Boot Camp, Apple software that lets you install a Windows operating system that are based on a Mac as long as its an Intel-based  machine. Can send live video and audio streaming from one computer to another via the local network to run your games remotely and can play Windows titles from computers with other operating systems such as, Mac OS X or Linux. It is not perfect and will not work with all games, but has a good record of that allow you to run Windows applications on your Mac.

Sometimes, they want to play games on their Macs and this is when many ask “how can I use my PS4 controller to play games on my Mac”?
All you will need to do is to open the Bluetooth preferences on your Mac device; after that, get the PS4 controller in hand, and press and hold the PlayStation and Share buttons at the same time, until you will notice the Light Bar begins flashing blue. Now, you will need to select the “Wireless Controller” and choose “Pair” to establish a connection between the PS4 controller and the Mac.
However, there are some games that don’t support the PS4 controller at all and it will simply not work. Not yet, but 2012 was a great year for Mac gaming and Aspyr is celebrating by offering the Best Mac Games of 2012 for 25 percent off their regular list prices.
Alternately, check out every Aspyr game on the Mac App Store, many of which are discounted 25 percent. Well, today we’re going to teach you how you can do that, and we’re pretty sure that you will ditch the keyboard and the mouse of your PS4’s DualShock controller.

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