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MKV like other container format AVI, MP4 can store various video, audio, picture or subtitle tracks inside a single file.
In this page, I will cover five excellent free MKV Player for Mac, some are just general movie player apps and some are full-fledged media center applications that will do far more than just playing HD video formats. The first recommendation is VLC, which will play just about any video or audio file thrown at it and MKV is no exception. XBMC is another good app to play MKV video, it’s simple interface focuses on media use and it makes a great media console in general. Perian is a third party Quick Time component that adds support for a huge variety of video formats (including MKV) to Apple’s very own QuickTime Player. I hadn’t used MPlayerX before, but after several of our readers recommended it in the comments I downloaded the app and gave it a try.
Anyhow, if these MKV player for Mac still can’t help you play MKV on Mac(Mavericks) smoothly, an alternative way is to convert MKV to a Mac most compatible format like QuickTime. This entry was posted in Tips and reviews and tagged convert mkv mac, mastroka player mac, mkv player for mavericks, mplayerx not working on mavericks, perian can’t work on mavericks 10.9, play mkv in mac mavericks, plex can’t read mkv files, view mkv on mac, vlc can’t play mkv on mac, xbmc failing to play mkv by admin.
In this tutorial, you'll need to follow along with your own presentation in PowerPoint 2007 or newer on your Mac or PC. Bob FlisserBob Flisser has authored many videos and books about Microsoft and Adobe products, and has been a computer trainer since the 1980s.
The below video product review features the MON-HHLCD25 wrist mount CCTV test monitor manufactured by CCTV Camera Pros.  CCTV Camera Pros offers this model as well as several other model service monitors on their website. You can see here that the monitor is very small and includes a table stand and Velcro wrist strap.
The power supply included is used to charge the rechargeable battery that is installed in the test monitor. The installer simply connects the one end of the cable to the monitor and the other to the security camera. The cable is capable of connecting to CCTV cameras with either RCA or BNC video connectors.  A BNC connector is included.
Then turn the CCTV test monitor power on and our surveillance video image will appear on the monitor screen. CCTV Camera Pros is a manufacturer and distributor of security cameras, videos surveillance systems, and CCTV equipment. Passive video baluns (no power required) can typically be used to run CCTV video over cat-5 for a distance up to 1200 feet without video signal loss or interference. The BNC baluns that appear in the image on the left are available from CCTV Camera Pros.  Click here to view these and other CCTV video baluns available from CCTV Camera Pros. This system is featured from CCTV Camera Pros.  Although CCTV Camera Pros advertises this system as a home surveillance system, it can also be used for commercial applications such as retail stores, churches, gas stations, and just about any commercial surveillance application you can think of. If you are interested in learning more about video surveillance systems, please visit the CCTV Camera Pros website.  You can jump directly to the product page for this system by clicking on the above image of the system.
Commenting on the VM-Q401A, CCTV Camera Pros co-founder and managing partner Mike Haldas says: “CCTV Camera Pros finds that quad processors and video multiplexers are still commonly used in many surveillance systems today. For additional information about other 4, 8, and 16 channel video multiplexors available from CCTV Camera Pros, please visit this page: CCTV Video Multiplexers. CCTV Camera Pros is a direct supplier of security cameras and video surveillance systems for home, business and government use. A CCTV surveillance system is a very good option to provide business and homeowners with a means to remotely watch their property. CCTV Camera Pros prides itself on providing dependable and reliable surveillance systems for home and businesses that work with any device, including Macintosh computers. The below images show the live viewing and recorded video playback of the iDVR-PRO using the Mac software. This video demonstrates the live security camera viewing capability of iDVR-PRO surveillance DVRs from the Mac viewer software. This video demonstrates how to playback video that has been recorded to an iDVR-PRO’s hard drive from the Mac DVR software.

The iDVR-PRO supports real time recording  (30 frames per second) and is available in 4, 8, and 16 camera models.
Many business owners work on MAC machines, so naturally they require MAC compatible surveillance camera systems.
CCTV Camera Pros is a manufacturer and distributor of video surveillance systems for home, business, and government.
Commenting on the iDVR PRO release, CCTV Camera Pros managing partner Mike Haldas says: “Our ustomers have been requesting MAC compatible remote surveillance over the last year. The below video product review features the MON-LCD35TM CCTV service  monitor which is used by security system installers when mounting and testing CCTV cameras in the field. A power supply is included with the monitor which is used to recharge the 4 AA batteries already installed inside the monitor or to power the monitor directly. A printed manual is included inside the box as well as a wall mount bracket that can screw into the bottom of the monitor. The installer connects the video output of a CCTV camera to the BNC input of the service monitor, then switches the monitor power on.
You can see here the the display quality on the monitor is excellent and responds in real time. The below video product review features the MON-LCD4 portable CCTV monitor which is used for security camera testing & service.
Here we setup the sun visor, which helps with outdoor camera testing by protecting the screen from  sunlight glare. The power supply that is included is used to charge the rechargeable batteries that are already installed in the service monitor.
A carrying strap is also included so that this portable monitor can be slung over your shoulder.  The strap attaches to the loops on the sides of the carrying case. Record and Playback Keystrokes on MacRecord and Playback Keystrokes on MacThis post provides a Macro Recorder for Mac which allows to Record and Playback Keystrokes on Mac.
Ultimately which is the best is up for debate, but since they’re all free there is no reason not to try them all and discover which is best for your specific needs.
To get the most out of XBMC, copy any MKV video files to the Movies directory in the users home folder and you’ll be able to quickly find them within XBMC. Although it is generally a great media center app, the most recent update took a strange turn and the interface is more confusing than it needs to be.
It’s easy to install and sits as a preference panel, and once it’s installed there is nothing extra required to use, just open the once unsupported videos in QuickTime Player. Low and behold, MPlayerX works wonderfully to play MKV files, and the interface closely matches QuickTime Players black minimalist theme.
Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac is such an excellent program that combines video converter, video editor, video player.
Also, note that some of the tips in this tutorial will only work in PowerPoint 2013 on a PC.If you want to follow along with this tutorial using your own video file, you can do so, if it’s a compatible format. Or instead of dragging the bars, you can set the numbers directly.The Trim Video dialog lets you set In and Out pointsClick OK, and the video will play for this shorter time. We are a veteran owned small business founded by a United States Marine.  CCTV Camera Pros specializes in the design of reliable and scalable video surveillance systems for businesses of all sizes, as well as local and federal government agencies.
There are still many systems in service that are using legacy VCR surveillance recorders and the owners of these systems need a reliable partner like CCTV Camera Pros for affordable replacement parts. We are a veteran owned business founded by a United States Marine and are located in Palm Beach, Florida.
We are extremely excited about the integration with Axis cameras being that Axis is the largest manufacturer of IP security cameras in the world. Although this is a limited set of cameras have been tested, the iCamViewer should work with all Axis camera models. Surveillance systems provide a reliable alternative to the traditional security guard and make it possible for business and homeowners to keep a watchful eye on their property without taking time away from their business or time with their families by using remote viewing technology built into many systems such as DVR viewer software and iPhone apps for watching CCTV cameras. These camera surveillance system are also compatible with Windows PCs, Windows mobile, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android.

Using the new iDVR-PRO, users have the ability to view their cameras live as well as search and playback recorded video from remotely over the Internet using a MAC.
CCTV Camera Pros carries a complete line of surveillance equipment including, security cameras, digital video recorders, monitors, cables, connectors, and all accessories needed for complete surveillance systems.
Until now, we only had a Window PC based solution available for Macintosh users who wanted to view their security cameras remotely from a MAC. Whether you wish to automate simple or complicated sequence of keystrokes, the Macro Recorder presented here can be used to Record Keystrokes, Save them to a File and Playback the Recorded Keystrokes on Macintosh 10.6 or later versions. Nonetheless, it still plays MKV files quite well, if you’re going to use it drag and drop the MKV video onto the Plex icon to load the movie, otherwise trying to navigate through Plex’s confusing new menus will likely leave you frustrated and lost. Perian is quite good, but some users encounter strange issues with OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion, so this may not be the best solution until Perian gets updated with full support for the latest versions of Mac OS X- Mavericks. The VM-Q401A CCTV quad can be used as a video multiplexer for VCR based surveillance systems which need to process the video signal for the VCR. In addition, the sales engineers at CCTV Camera Pros continually find uses for quad processors when customers have video display requirements that go beyond what typical surveillance DVRs support. Please take a look at these sample images and watch these demo videos which showcase the Mac DVR viewer software for Mac. The mobile apps for iOS and Android support live surveillance viewing and video playback from a remote location. CCTV Camera Pros is partnered with a network of over 400 installers in the United States and can provide installation referrals nationwide.
Apart from Keystrokes, you can also record Mouse Movements and Clicks with this Macro Recorder.
No worry though, MKV files can be played on a Mac easily, you just need to download a video player application or codec that supports playing the high quality MKV video format. This is definitely another worthwhile choice for watching HD video on the Mac, and it’s available free on the Mac App Store.
With it, you can convert MKV videos (HD MKV) to Mac playable files MOV, MP4 with fast speed and high quality.
The Q401A is also very useful as a stand-alone device which allows a user to switch video screen modes for up to 4 cameras using the wireless remote control. In order to record Keystrokes you need to provide Access for Assistive Devices from Accessibility tab of System Preferences. You can then adjust brightness, contrast and color, trim the beginning and end points, and more on your videos, right inside PowerPoint. The VM-Q401 supports the following video modes: quad screen (4 camera view), split screen (dual camera view), single screen view (one camera), sequence rotation (where the screen scrolls between the cameras configured for a set amount of time that is also configurable), picture in picture mode (main screen and PIP screen camera is switchable), and dual PIP where there are two smaller image views. You can even insert YouTube videos directly in a presentation with a bit of extra tweaking on Windows.In this tutorial, I'll show you how to do add videos to your presentation, tweak them to look the way you want, get them to playback automatically, and more. The Q401A supports the 4 channels of video input via BNC connectors and 4 audio inputs via RCA. Note that the blue colored text on the main screen of the Macro Recorder for Mac displays informative message to Record Keystrokes.
Note the Help button to the right of the informative text navigates to the the Macro Recorder for Mac Homepage from where you can get more information about the software. In order to Save or Load Recorded Keystrokes, you need to use the File Menu of the software as displayed in the screenshot below.Save or Load Recorded Keystrokes from File MenuAs displayed in the screenshots above, you can playback the recorded keystrokes multiple times with the help of Playback Counter available to the right hand side of the Play Recording Button.
This Macintosh Utility is a trial application and requires you to pay $5.00 registration fees after the trial usages have been used. There are no Limitations in the Trial version of the software and works as good as Full Registered Version.

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