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You have bought your dress, snagged a date for the night, and even got Khloe this year’s hottest go to cheap gift, which wasn’t what you wanted to give her, but your pay check is already spent. The next morning as you sort through the party photos or videos and find tons of excellent shots, you wonder what to do with them all. You find that there are 50 different types of frames that Video Collage offers and that each frame can be resized to suit your tastes.
After working on her birthday collage from video collage app, you send it to her with the subject, “Extra bonus present so you can remember how special last night was forever ;)” You hope she likes the picture of Jared spilling his beer.
You hadn’t thought about that video collage a single second since the day you sent it after her party and Khloe had looked at it every morning since it was sent to cheer herself up. March 30, 2012 by Katey Pin357 Share Tweet EmailI like finding ways to involve kids in blessing others.
When I remembered my sister-in-law had a birthday coming up, I thought it might be fun to try a new twist on this idea. Meanwhile, I prepared a half sheet of card-stock by folding it in half; sketching  several balloon shapes on one side  and cutting out the balloons with a pair of scissors. When the girls had the collage done, I had my preschooler use her glue stick to completely cover the inside of the front of the card with glue. Encourage you children to cover the entire paper and leave as little white showing as possible.
Using pinking shears, cut out as many 6 x 6 pieces of fabric as you’ll need so that each child can have one. She invited you to her party at this upscale hotel and everyone will be dressed super chic.

It’s a fun feature that allows you to control which pictures should be emphasized and which shouldn’t. A small warm feeling comes over you and you realize that your gift was the best, because it immortalized a special moment for your friend forever and set it to her favorite music. Then have them tuck the ends of the tissue paper into the cylinder inside the toilet paper roll.
The ghost pops can be used with a piece of paper towel too I have made them with this.Just as cute and easy for the girls to do. You have enough to get a nice outfit and may be a small gift, but feel like that just isn’t enough. You go to the party camera in hand and prepared to get every smile from every familiar face in order to document this momentous occasion. Like the one where Jared had the beer shoot all over him because he missed the tap, totally needed to be the biggest picture. She messages back a quick thanks and you go about your day never once thinking about it while at the printers for her picture. You can read about all the unnecessary but fun things she does to avoid doing the dishes at her blog Having Fun at Home. A part of a piece of green tissue paper can be twisted and tucked into the top along with some raffia. That must be why you two are best friends, because even when life pulls you two apart, you always know what the other needs. As an optional addition, you could cut out jack-o-lantern faces ahead of time or have the children cut out their own from black paper or sticky foam.

Khloe has always been there for you and you want to be there for her too, but between college, your part-time job, and the on again off again relationship with John, you haven’t had the time to be there lately. Then you spend the morning selecting which pictures will be put into the collage and which will be printed for her to keep.
The two of you chat and she says, “You were the only one to send me such a thoughtful gift.
The first is a roll of toilet paper disguised as a pumpkin and the second is a sucker wrapped ghost–always a classic. You have resigned yourself to going to the party even though when you two were twelve this would have been the last kind of party you would want to attend.
You’ll need one or two people to run this station, depending on how young the children are. You want her to have something to remind her of that night, even if she can’t remember it in the morning. In the end, you decided to print only one super shot of her and her boyfriend Jared standing together and the rest would be put into a collage. I hardly get to see everyone together having such a good time and it really picks me up to see all my friends together smiling like that.” Whoa, you had no idea she wanted to have her friends together and happy most of all.

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