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Cartoon Motivators - Motivational cartoons for training, illustrating manuals and workshops! PINOCCHIO, the wistful puppet created by Geppetto, the wood carver, in Walt Disney’s second full-length production, is an inviting subject for either a homemade puppet or an amusing and companionable little doll.
If you are an expert wood carver yourself, the head might be fashioned from a solid block of soft white pine and the nose inserted (Fig. The casting process will be found simple if the steps are carefully carried out as illustrated. Legs and arms are of maple, although if they are to be painted flesh color, white pine will do.
Hands and feet are cast in the plastic composition like the head, and the shapes are given in Fig. There are various methods of attaching strings to a figure of this kind if it is to be used as a marionette, but one of the simplest is shown in Fig.
Geppetto, the indefatigable wood carver who made Pinocchio, filled his shop with all manner of unique cuckoo clocks. Wow, now a days you even contemplate duplicating something of Disney you get a visit from their legal department.
That story regarding Disney and the daycare center was from 1989 and I suspect that you hadn’t heard about it before I provided that link. If you are not comfortable using real photos to represent yourself in any online profiles and avatars, why not create a cartoon characters of yourself? Thanks to many free web services, you don’t have to pay an artist for your cartoon illustrations.
Portrait Illustration Maker is a service which provides character icons completely free of charge!
Create an cartoon character to represent yourself in WeeWord games (WeeMee) or just export it for anywhere else. The accompanying illustrations show how to go about making one patterned after the original, which was created by the Disney model department as an inspiration to the animators drawing Pinocchio. 5), and holes are drilled as indicated for the thongs to which arms and legs are attached, and for the elastic in the neck. Pinocchio the Puppet Here is a cool little project that I can use as my first project with the little scroll saw I picked up at the thrift store last week.

The legal department from Disney would squash such a move by a magazine to publish such a plan. Thus giving ( I Feel) the Disney Legal department and by extension Disney itself more than enough time to either sully Disney’s reputation or make some changes and show a more human face and less of a faceless Corporation. From this a plaster-of-Paris mold is taken, and the head is cast in plastic composition wood (Figs. The latter is a sort of ball-and-socket joint so that it may be turned and twisted within reasonable limits. Rawhide thongs are driven into holes in the upper arms and thighs, and fastened with glue or thin wedges. The wire extensions for the shoulder cords have the advantage of giving better control and hold the strings clear of the stiff white collar. For example in Second Life you cannot build a vehicle that is a copy of an existing vehicle. Just pour a little inside and swish it around to form a coating and prevent the wood composition from drying and shrinking.
For a doll, make the slots fit snugly so they will remain in any desired position, but for a marionette the joints should be very loose. The history is clear, if you don’t vigorously defend a trademark it becomes generic or you lose it. I can appreciate how the Bayer company never defended their registered trademark of Heroin (but that’s another story). The joint where the two halves of the head come together should be filled and the whole sandpapered before painting. Thus I feel that plans like this wouldn’t be published in our now lawyer happy society that we live in which I feel (at least in some circumstances) not for the better. We would like to state that we are not affiliated with this day care center however.” End result?
The Day care would have been able to keep the characters as painted and Disney would have avoided a black eye in it’s reputation. Register   0   Menu Home About me How to Commission Articles Blog Links Terms & Conditions FAQ’s Contact Us Get the Offer Purchase Cartoon Of The Day!
Because of that act the Disney legal department (and by association the rest of Disney itself) has a less than sterling reputation.

If you're a coach or a parent of a soccer mad kid - this is the book that'll improve their game mentally! On the other hand we see a more problem solving guy looking through the letter 'O' to see the solution.
Illustrated Articles Copyright Information Links Never Ever Give Up Ebook Christmas-Web-Banners Newsletter Newsletter Why Not Sign Up For Midweek Motivator Newsletter? Richard's dedication to detail, whimsical and sometimes irreverent perspective was exactly what we wanted to depict our unique culture. The artwork is a landmark feature of our office, causing both our employees and visitors alike to smile when they walk by. Richard Duszczak of Cartoon Motivators's work is amazing, his turn around time was exceptionally fast, and any requests for amendments were literally carried out in minutes. Charmaine Pollard Principal Consultant C P Counselling & Consulting I was looking for that perfect present, and I came across Richards website, and I must say I was not disappointed with the result, he takes into account your budget and ideas and creates that perfect thing.
Shaun King The cards arrived yesterday as I was leaving the office so I had no time to contact you. It is really good to be able to do business with somebody who keeps their promises and provides an excellent service. He said that was the best pressie anyone has bought.Thank you so much,i will recommend you to all my friends for there caricature needs! Soraya Harrison Just wanted to let you know that the presentation went down really well at the conference and the cartoons were very well received. Best wishes, Joy Cherkaoui Thanks for all your help on designing the Christmas Cards for Distinct Solutions. All of us love it and we can't wait to send them out!! It was Great Working with you Kind Regards for the future, Hannah Crinson I received the batch of downloads and they have all come through no problem.
I would like to say a sincere thank you for your work, your speed and for being so adaptable with our requests regarding bleed off and layers etc.
Any changes I wanted were done immediately and perfectly, and there was no frustrating back and forth email exchange.

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