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And what happens if you change the name is that all the internal and external links of your website get broken – because the page names (URLs) are different. You can spend lots of time redirecting every single on your blog to its corresponding new URL, and if you have hundreds of pages, this will be a big job! In the above example, the blog URL has changed – which means every single link in the whole website has changed, resulting in broken links. With a self-hosted blog, you buy your own hosting from a web host provider and then install your blog yourself. If you already have a business, you could just have your blog on a section of your website. One of the big advantages of a Blogger blog is that it’s extremely simple to set up and run.
If a feature of the free blogging platform is hacked, the whole platform may experience downtime while the issue is fixed.

If there are lots of people in your business or personal community that have free blogs, they will be familar with them and know how to use the commenting system, join you as admin of a blog or just help you with your blog.
Self-hosted blogs also have community – although it can be much more business-oriented than with a free-blogging community. DRAKE BELL AND MIRANDA COSGROVE DATING dubai airport terminal 2 flight status, , bell, is an peck . Confusingly, most people use WordPress as their choice for a self-hosted blog – and WordPress is also the free blogging platform. You can try a free blog but pay to have it pointed at a domain name of your choice – and then that way, if you choose to move to a self-hosted blog later on, the blog name and URLs will stay the same. You can also have daily or weekly backups, so your blog can be reinstalled if it is hacked.

These days, this is simple – you can simply click the update button in the Fantastico installer in your hosting panel. This can be messy if the URLS have changed – although not so if you have pointed your blog at a paid domain name from the start.
But sometimes if you have subjects that are very different to each other, it’s best to separate them into two different blogs. That way, the business retains a professional image and it’s understood that the free blog is a tool for reaching out to clients, prospective clients or the industry in general.

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