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Short URLs redirect to a specified link while rendering a GIF preview on Facebook and Twitter.
OIE (Online Image Editor) is a web service that provides Gif Maker to make animated gifs online and you can edit your animations by adding text, border, glitters, stars, resize and much more. OIE Gif Maker is a simple service where you can create animations by uploading images from web or from your computer. Working with OIE Gif Maker is an easy task where you need to upload images like the above screenshot. Once you have done these adjustments, you can hit the Create Animation button and it will generate your animated gif showing you preview on a pop up window (see the below screenshot).
While editing your animation, OIE provides two tabs: Basics and Wizards (like the below screenshot). Add multiple animated gifs to merge them or add multiple images of different formats to create an animated gif. Online Image Editor service is a handy service to quickly create animated gifs and it provides more features than other similar services. However the cost involved with purhcasing the ornaments and the cost of electricity involved is HUGE!
First off, I know that it’s easy to find semi-customizable GIF makers around the web. I love Photoshop with all my heart, but to be honest, creating animated GIFs can be painful and annoying. Now, using the info panel for precision, make the rectangle shape exactly 260px by 30px and centre it on in the document. Next up we will add a subtle gradient overlay to give our loader background a little more depth. Finally, you should reselect the background layer (the grey one) and transform the shape so that it sticks out 1px by on each side. By default, your animation window is probably on the wrong setting (timeline mode) and we want to do this animation frame by frame. Photoshop allows you to hide and show layers within the animation timeline, and that’s really the magic that will make our loading bar move. When you’re ready to export make sure you save it as a GIF and the animation should work just fine.

It is a very useful service which allows you to create animated gifs as well as edit other images or animations.
It is really atmospheric and festive to see the decorations light up and sometimes they are stunning.
Ones that are just purely crowded with a million lit up Santa's and scary snowmen just doesn't work. This being said, I think it’s important to understand how to make these yourself, as it allows for a degree of customizability that would otherwise be impossible with the online tools such as AjaxLoad (a great tool to make little AJAX loaders). Things just don’t work the way you would expect, and if you mess things up bad enough, it means sometimes redoing the entire animation (aka make sure your history settings are set to longer than normal). Another thing that’s nice about vector shapes is how easy it is to change their color. Make sure that foreground color is set to white (#ffffff) and double click on the layer  (again, in the layer panel) to pop open the layer styles dialog. Adobe has hidden a huge menu in the animation window, it’s located in the top right corner, just below the close button. In the animation panel you can add new frames by clicking the new frame button (bottom of the animation window, just left of the trash icon). Go ahead and finishing incrementing the loader until you’ve filled up the entire thing. As I mentioned before, there is probably a much easier and efficient method of doing this, but for simple animations this technique will work fine.
Unique feature present in this service is that you can merge two or more than two animated gifs.
But if you want more enhanced animation, then you can use Image Editor to add more effects to your animated gif.
Add multiple photos with different formats or animated gifs using Choose File button or upload photos from web. For this tutorial I’ll be using Photoshop CS3 on a Mac, but I suspect that CS4 probably uses almost the same process. What makes this worse is that changing small details can be really annoying because it seems like you need to do it across ALL your frames of animation. This allows me to scale my work without losing quality and ends up saving me tons of time if I ever need to resize my document.

All you need to do is double click the color swatch located on the left side of the layer (in the layer panel). In the Gradient Overlay section click on the Gradient dropdown to see all our possible gradients.
Start by duplicating the layer we’ve been working on, and make sure that it is sitting on top of our background layer. The more guides you place, the more frames you’ll need, and the smoother the animation will be.
Now when you click between the first and second frame, you should see the loading bar get bigger and smaller.
It can be hassle to do all the frames, and you’ll find that Photoshop can be a little annoying.
Thus it is a handy service that supports all popular image formats such as: jpeg, gif, bmp, png, jpeg, animated gif. If anyone out there has any insight into this please let me know and I’ll update this post. In this instance we want to have a white to transparent gradient, which will probably be your second gradient swatch (you did choose a white foreground, didn’t you?). Using this tab, you will be able to add stars, glitters, floaties, overlay image, blinkytag etc. After uploading photos, you can set the animation speed (see the above screenshot) and transition effect for each image.
Once you have applied the effects, then you can save your animation with the help of available button.
We are adding 4 different styles: an inner shadow, an inner glow, a gradient overlay, and a pattern overlay.

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