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Step 1: I used the lasso tool in photoshop to trace out the front part of the egg tray and copy and pasted it on top of the base layer, this will create a sandwich layer for the head to go in inbetween them later. Step 2: Then I opened up a bald celebrity photo and cut the head out and pasted it inbetween the layers so that the head will appear to be inside the egg tray. Step 4: Then I try to use the lens blur filter to blur the heads according to its position relative to its background image.
Step 5: Once that is done, I will give it an overall colour adjustment by using Ctrl+U and Ctrl+B to adjust the hues and saturation and colour balance of the heads. Step 6: Then I will apply the same lighting effects in the egg tray photo to all the head photo layers.
Can you also tell me more on how to copy and paste a different head to make a layer in the picture?
This is possibly the weirdest thing that I have seen somebody do in Photoshop I keep asking myself why would you even do it?
This is the fourth installment of my multi-part article on planning the perfect family reunion. One of the greatest services we perform as genealogists is preserving our ancestors’ memories for future generations.
The family reunion, however, offers the perfect opportunity to engage the youngest of your family members in their history in a way that is both educational and entertaining.
Organize a story time so that children can enjoy timeless tales like Little Golden Books, Winnie the Pooh, Curious George and beyond. Remember the countless hours whiled away in the back seat of the car on a family road trip playing Mad Libs? Imagine your nieces and nephews, adorned in costumes they made themselves, re-enacting an important piece of family lore. At the beginning of your reunion, the play is “cast” and the troupe given its direction, with the big event occurring on the last evening so that the kids have time to prepare. The trick is to keep things simple, and make sure that the children have the freedom to let their natural creativity take charge.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. As part of the series of photoshop funny manipulation tutorials, this article will lay out how to create funny big heads in an egg tray. Notice that I have also flipped the head so that the lighting matches the lighting of the egg tray photo.
Note that this step requires a lot of close observation of details on details of light and shadow. In this series I take you through all the things you will need to know to pull off a rewarding and fun family reunion. Here are a set of activities that are informative, enjoyable and can help strengthen bonds across generations for your next reunion or family event. Organize a tournament if you can or hold a raffle where each kid wins one of the games to take home.
And no matter how billy-goat gruff they may be now, even they have stories and books that they loved as children and remember fondly. As the adult reads the tale, sprinkling in some commentary about their own childhood is a sure way to connect with the young ones in the audience. Organizing a family theater, with children as stage and costume designers, scriptwriters, and actors, is a sure way to fire their imagination and make learning about family history center stage. An adult sponsor, essentially the director, can help guide the children and make sure they have the resources they need. Next time we will discuss the best way to wrap up your family reunion, be certain that you have gathered as much information as possible for your genealogical research, and make plans for your next family event.
In order to make funnywow effects, you will need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.
The outcome can be used as a postcard or a funny birthday card design or for online poster printing. Short of designing a video game where ancestors become reanimated to hunt down killer zombies, it’s hard to imagine what we can do to compete with all the distractions and immediate gratifications kids have before them.

Tap into that wellspring of nostalgia and ask adults to bring a favorite book from their childhood. As with the toys and games, a friendly raffle so that each kid can “inherit”  a book with a personal message inscribed will create precious keepsakes. The Turkey Trot, the Polka, the Charleston, the Lucky Lindy, even the Watusi and the Hustle. It’s an entertaining way for kids to learn what life was like in eras as different as the roaring 20s and the turbulent 60s.
For props and a set, a box of old clothes, scarves, hats along with construction paper and other arts supplies can be used to recreate practically any era. Depending on the number of children at your reunion, you may have multiple “short and sweet” plays of 10 to 15 minutes each.
Usually children loves to tell jokes to their friends, family and other relatives, but sometimes mature and old people also use these jokes when they want to go back in their childhood. From marbles to pick-up sticks and Rock ‘em, Sock ‘em Robots to Battleship, the possibilities are endless.
The rest is up to the kids and if  years of experience is any measure the results maybe silly and they may be goofy, but they will definitely be funny. Imagine the fun showing kids these dances, prepping them and pitting them against each other in a good ‘ol fashion dance-off. Every group of friends has a humorous person who always grasps the attention of everyone and keeps the atmosphere pleasant. So today I am going to post some hilarious and hell funny jokes which will definitely make you laugh. I hope you like them and also share these jokes with your friends and family and have a good time.

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