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In her new music video for “Make My Own Sunshine,” Olivia Lane overcomes bad weather, frustrating car troubles and aggravating fashion choices without ever leaving her house, and she does while looking 100 percent adorable. A cameo from her dog and a well-timed skateboard help her get to where she needs to be in time. The mid-tempo country cut could be her theme song, as Lane is always bursting with energy and positivity.
When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Watch the video below and check back soon for an exclusive interview with Olivia discussing the single, the video and what she has been up to recently! Charli has created the documentary as a BBC crew followed her to major festival dates including Glastonbury and Reading. Entertainment Weekly reports that Charli explains that women are dominating the charts at present and agrees that it’s a great time to be a female pop star, but she does question whether things have changed much.
Charli is clearly determined to speak her mind, and she demonstrates that she is feisty by admitting that she does things her own way and takes responsibility for her own decisions. A histogram can be made in Microsoft Excel based on the data that is entered into a spreadsheet.
Then it’s a few turns with an impressive wardrobe before she grabs her guitar and then … drat!

Every week she’s releasing a new song from Heart Unlocked and allowing fans to stream or download it. Charli’s sophomore album was a huge worldwide hit and Charli has been on the road almost constantly since 2013. The film gives a candid insight into the experiences of Charli and a host of female artists. Charli points out that while feminism is everywhere, the music industry is still largely the preserve of male executives. Do you agree with Charli that women in the music industry are still treated very differently to men? Insert a chart into Excel to build a simple histogram with IT help from a software developer in this free video on using computers. Quickly the sleep melts away for a more stylish outfit, and then it’s on to makeup and accessories before she sets off to get to a show. On Thursday, Taste of Country will publish a full interview with the “Mama Raised Hell” singer that reveals why her enthusiasm is the key to her success.
Skipping down the street, interacting with passerby as she spreads cheer, Lane matches the upbeat fun tempo of the song with her lively presence. As well as making hit records, Charli has been an outspoken critic of the misogyny that still dominates the music industry.

Charli is an outspoken feminist, and the film, titled The F Word And Me, exposes the challenges female artists face. Now Charli has spoken out in a BBC documentary to explain what life is like as a female artist in today’s music industry.
Okay, the troubles in this music video are pretty small potatoes — especially with such a cartoon-like backdrop.
Now a histogram can be built by Excel based upon the data that you enter into your spreadsheet.
Now, I have three employees and their number of sales and I want to build a histogram off of this data. I put our chart into here, I'm going to copy it and paste it into a image program so that you can see it a little bit better. That shows the number of sales for each employee and kind of compares them with the highest sales being the highest bar.

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