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If you've worked with any 3D animation software before, the interface should be self-explanatory.
We are working with the Cleveland Clinic on a project to help train doctors who will be interacting with patients. The good news are that you don’t necessarily need to empty your wallet if you want to create high level animated films.
Since this is a professional software with various professional tools , prior learning is a must.
Although Blender is a very powerful and very recommended free 3d software it is not the only free animation program available. After you create your 3d animations you will probably want to combine scenes together, add titles and some basic effects.

Some of them offer very professional tools and a variety of animation and modeling options.
This free 3d animation software can be used to make very professional 3d models, scenes and animations. Lots of tutorials for using the program can also be found on their website.How to Use Blender Software? Before you will be able to start using this software and make your own animation , you will need to spend lots of hours learning to use it.Since blender has a very active community there is a lot of video and textual tutorials on how to use the program. You can do that is using video editing software.Movie maker is one of the options for basic editing needs.
This video editing program can help you compose your frames and make your own animation completed and ready for showcase.

Because there are so many enthusiast working for free to develop features for this software, you will find some unique built in tools and add-ons in Blender that no other 3d modeling engine can offer. If you want to use the most professional 3d animation software legally and free of charge Blender is your best choice.

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