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The introduction of the microprocessor, a single chip with all the circuitry that formerly occupied large cabinets, led to the proliferation of personal computers after 1975. If you are heading in a new direction you haven’t been in before, it is perfectly normal to get that “I don’t know what to do” or “I don’t know where to start” feeling. It is a normal part of getting on the path to creating change and moving in new directions. Secondly, be honest with yourself about if you are using that feeling as an excuse to do nothing.
Once you have decided on what you want the outcome to be, come back to where you are and just focus on the first step to move you forward. Sorry to those of you who were expecting some sophisticated masterplan as the solution to what to do when you don’t know what to do.
I love this simple advice… it can be really hard to understand this, especially if you are someone who must have a near perfect plan before you begin! Hi Rebecca, when other people’s agendas keep taking over our own, it can really help to create some strong personal boundaries to protect what is most important to you. FREE workbook - a simple and practical step-by-step process to set yourself up to succeed with creating the life and results you really want.
You will also recieve regular email updates and strategies on how to create change that lasts. One of my nerdiest hobbies is tweaking the software on my HTPC, a custom Windows 7 box I built with a very good friend of mine after its predecessor fell short of my expectations.
Navigate to the MCERemote add-on and follow the instructions therein to apply (and optionally customize) the changes.
For each of the launchers you create, highlight them in the add-on menu and hit C on your keyboard. I ran into issues closing XBMC entirely and re-opening it on app exit, so in this case XBMC will remain open while Netflix and Hulu play in the foreground.
In a comment from last Summer, I recommended compiling the AutoHotkey scripts to executables so they’d work with Advanced Launcher.
Thanks for the info as I’ve been looking for an easy way to watch netflix outside of XBMC. If neither of those work, I would first try to create a simple Windows shortcut that can launch Netflix. How would you modify the script to launch Internet Explorer and then return to XBMC when closed?

I would try using a similar script, but replacing the Run executable with Iexplore.exe and the Win titles with Windows Internet Explorer. I’m running into an issue where the Green Button will start XBMC using the AHK script you posted, but once the splash screen for XBMC comes up, it just hangs.
If this fixes the problem, then there’s probably an issue with how your PC is handling the Green Button or Control+Shift+Win shortcut. For computers generally referred to as PCs, see IBM Personal Computer and IBM PC compatible. Channel his infamous "Gangnam Style" music video with a black suit, white shirt, and sunglasses. Our ability to grow and develop as individuals relies on our capacity to take action in the face of uncertainty. Sometimes doing anything is better than nothing to break the cycle and get momentum going again. Its a tonic for anyone who does not know what to do and time just flies and at the end we are stuck where we are and more frustrated and creates a guilt that we couldn’t do anything. I thought I’d share how I got it to launch the Netflix portion of Windows Media Center and Hulu Desktop from the home screen using AutoHotkey and a couple of add-ons.
This makes the customization of these commands pretty frustrating, and the software that’s available to help you through it is either over-reaching or completely unintuitive. You should see a little AutoHotkey icon in your taskbar indicating that a script is running. Navigate to your add-ons and select either Advanced Launcher or Executor (depending on what you installed earlier). Now you should be able to enjoy XBMC, Netflix and Hulu in harmony from the comfort of your living room. This works fine for my setup which has a reasonably robust processor, but may be a non-starter for slower systems. If you can make that work successfully, try plugging the path you used into your AHK script. I think this is exactly what I’ve been looking for, although I feel like I am missing something. It looks like the advanced launcher will only let me point to a file with the .exe extension.
Be prepared to experiment and do a lot of guessing and checking till you get the experience you want.

Always nice to hear I’m not the only one out there resigning myself to a bunch of disconnected, closed devices. This will allow you to run the script without the keyboard command, which may help you diagnose if the issue is something in the script itself or a conflict with the Green Button mapping that MCERemote established. Here are 10 genius costume ideas that don't require anything more than what's already in your closet -- and some very basic craft skills.
Confusion is the first step toward understanding, so it’s perfectly alright to not know exactly what to do all the time. I think the challenge is to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable becauuse all change happens outside the comfort zone.
I find that works for dishes, laundry, just get one load going, wash one pot – before you know it you have it done. Thankfully, the MCERemote add-on helps us deal with that pesky issue by remapping those commands to more agreeable keystrokes. Aeon Nox also lets me set custom backdrops, which I created especially for Netflix and Hulu. If that still doesn’t work, I encourage you to dive into the AutoHotkey docs to improve upon the script.
When I setup the launcher through adv launcher am I supposed to point it to the .ahk file or the actual hulu desktop executable? I am so glad that its just that if we understand ourselves and keep our mind foucused on what we want and being kind to ourselves to accept our weakness will keep momentum in life..
It is a true saying that one step leads to another, and before you know it you are marching forward. Good.) Click through the slideshow below to learn how to DIY everything from pop culture phenomenons PSY and Honey Boo Boo Child to the tried and true jack-o-lantern costume. I think the key is to be committed to getting to the source in order to find a lasting solution.

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