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Did you know that you can take a wreath form, some ornaments, ribbon, beads and a glue gun, and make a gorgeous holiday wreath? Not necessary, but instead of the traditional bow, I picked up a funky little glittery-curly-bow-type silver ornament.
When I started, I looked at my table full of ornaments and thought, “Wow, I may even have enough to make another, smaller wreath!” Ha!
Thanks for this - I'm currently trying to make a wreath from pine cones from the backyard. This is awesome, with the sales now (& after Christmas) I may start picking up the items now and give it a try for nxt season.
Your Guide to Medical Party FavorsIf you know someone who is graduating from medical school in the near future or you will be graduating yourself, you may be planning an elaborate medical school graduation celebration. Get your little one excited for the holiday season with a christmas stocking she can make and decorate herself! Needle Felting is a fun and easy process to turn loose, soft wool into just about any shape you can imagine! The tuition is $35 per person and includes materials and beverages (you supply the sweater).
The foam ones were squared off on the edges, and I didn’t really like them, but you can use one if you like. Glue one end of the ribbon the the wreath, and spiral it all the way around once, snipping and gluing the other end when you’ve wrapped the whole thing. Figure out how long you want it to be, then loop it around the wreath, securely gluing the two ends of the ribbon together to form your loop hanger.
Did you even think of checking?” She offered to go measure, and sure enough, that smartass was right. There are several ideas that you can choose from when considering a medical theme graduation celebration. All she needs is a pair of scissors, some glue, and a pile of crayons or markers to make her very own Christmas decoration. Something pretty, kind of funky…and my mind ended up thinking about ornament wreaths.
I picked up a large 90 foot roll at Hobby Lobby that was 50% off--it cost $5.00, normally $10. Look over the wreath from different angles, and with the glue gun, add some glue to the closest ornaments so you can stick the beaded loops into the gaps.
My craftiness extends to making paper airplanes, although I am hell on wheels with a glue stick. I'm still amazed how ordinary Christmas balls can be transformed into that wonderful ornament. If you'd like to reprint an article or use a photo, please contact me for permission at ellenekitchen at gmail dot com.
But I was so busy at the end of last week, that I couldn’t get to this until Friday night, and then finishing it up Saturday afternoon.
I made both wreaths that I planned on making, and only have a few more decorations to hang in the windows.
Take the plastic wrap off, but don’t remove the thread that’s wrapped around it!
If you have extra, you can always toss them in a pretty glass vase or bowl for extra decorating. One important thing you will definitely require are medical party favors.Party favors are given to your guests to show that you appreciate their attendance at your graduation party.

If you have an ugly holiday sweater party in your future, why not make your own (and enjoy some great Church Brew Works beer while you’re at it).
Bring a sweater from your closet or favorite thrift store to decorate and you will have the best “Ugly Christmas Sweater” for this year’s parties!
I bought a large container with 45 shatterproof larger ornaments, 2 boxes of 8 count larger ornaments, and 4 cylinders of smaller ones--20 count in each one.
Favors must be chosen with great care to ensure that they reflect both your sentiment and feeling.
But I got out of the habit of making things for myself, and into the habit of usually buying stuff already made. Jack O' Lantern photograph by Toby Ord, and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license. Here are a few ideas to consider when thinking about medical party favorsPersonalized napkins for graduation - These are not only useful but they can be purchased in a large number of designs and colors. These favors can be bought online or at… A Practical Read on Book DropshippersBook dropshippers can be really helpful for those who are trying to sell books online. You certainly would not want to use your garage or backyard to stock up the books, and it only makes sense to find others who can stock up for you and arrange shipping and handling.To find the book dropshippers you can work with, you can first make use of an online directory.
Many directories can show you publishers who will drop ship their publications such as manuals, books and magazines, straight to your customers.
You will not have to stock any publications at all, and you do not even have to pay for your merchandise before it is being purchased. You will also have zero worries about packaging and shipping and handling, damages, space requirements and additional fees. Good book dropshippers will be able to simply receive your orders and do almost all the work… How to Make Christmas CenterpiecesChristmas is mainly a fun for children as they enjoy their holidays and Christmas party together. Thus one should try to teach their children about different skills how decorate Christmas party?
Making small Christmas gifts for guests and relatives, decorating Christmas tree and making Christmas centerpiece would make children creative.What is Christmas Centerpiece?Centerpiece of any party is regarded as eye catching element of that party.
Christmas centerpiece could be placed on the center table or on the floor if it is large enough.
Since then, it has become an incredibly popular show that millions of children watch every single day. If your child is one of the many who likes to watch the show, it is likely you will be asked to throw a Dora the Explorer themed birthday party at some point in the future.
With the right party supplies, combined with a bit of imagination, you can provide a great birthday to your kids and their friends.Hide Stuffed Animals Dora the Explorer is all about, you guessed it, exploring.
Therefore, why not have the kids explore the house for hidden animals, stuffed animals that is.
The kids can wander around and find stuffed animals that they can take home after the birthday party. You can buy very small stuffed animals that will not cost you much, and you can have enough for… Living Room Design - Quick Tips For Using Modern DesignsNext generation living room needs next generation designs.
That is why the use of modern living room designs is apt for the contemporary style of houses today.In order to create an impression of modernization, the designs should incorporate the appropriate living room accessories that will accentuate the look of the room. FocusYou really do not have to spend more on buying new items just to create that modern look. These items will serve as accent lighting and will emphasize or draw attention to your furniture even if they are not brand new. The idea is to blend modern lighting and not-so modern furniture and demonstrate… Quality Wholesale Clothing - A Guide to Find Quality Wholesale Clothing SuppliersAre you looking for quality wholesale clothing suppliers?

If you own a clothing boutique, or are thinking of venturing into the retail business for quality clothes, the web clothing industry may hold the answer to this question.
People always buy clothes, but because of the weak economy they want to purchase fashionable clothes at the lowest possible price. Because of the huge market for clothes, there are many wholesale clothing suppliers offering quality stylish clothing at very low prices.
And they are easily found on the Net.When shopping for clothes, people always look for something fashionable and of good quality. While many name-brand clothes are quite expensive, you can now find a lot of quality clothes being sold at customer-friendly, wholesale prices. Because these wholesale clothing are so affordable, people tend to shop for clothes more often. Also, clothing fashion changes very quickly- another reason why people keep on buying… Dropshipping Pet Supplies - Always a Popular NicheThinking of starting a Dropshipping business but you're not sure which nice to choose? Without any doubt go for starting a pet supply business because it is a very popular niche these days.You may think twice "why a pet website niche?" This is because it is really a lucrative niche and widely opened to entrepreneur business as well.
Once people get a pet at their place they will still spend money on them even if it's recession time. You can even drill down your Dropshipping business to favorite niches within niche of pets products like pet beds or clothing, or focus on cat products only, birds, reptiles, etc.The process of opening a Dropshipping pet supply business can be very easy as long as you have a good wholesale pet supply source. Preferably you should have several sources in case one… Tire WarehouseA tire warehouse is a plpace where tires are either stored or sold, or both. Manufacturers, importers and exporters use warehouses to store their goods before distribution.Tire warehouses receive tires from various company plants and suppliers, and move them out as soon as possible. The tire warehouses keep tires from proven brands, including Michelin, BF Goodrich, Dunlop and other leading industry names.
They have user-friendly tire catalogs giving customers all necessary information about tires. If the customers can not choose the right tire they want, then they can get guidance from the staff. The well-trained staff… Wholesale Perfumes - Buying Wholesale For Your BusinessAre you thinking of starting your own business?
If it is, you should definitely think about buying products wholesale.For example if you want to start a business selling perfumes, if you buy them at a department store and you then resell them in your own store, you can not mark up the price that much, and you will not be making much profit.
In short, this means that wholesalers sell only to businesses, and not to the general public.
RetailRetail is defined… Christmas Angel Crafts That Are Great Homemade Christmas Present IdeasAre you thinking of making your own Christmas angel crafts? Simple Christmas crafts.To give someone a gift that you have made is rather special as you can create each unique piece with the person in mind. When it comes to cost it is more affordable to make your own gifts rather than purchase from stores that are often mass produced.If asked what we like to receive as a present, jewelry would have to be near the top of the list, as you can never have enough jewelry. It is so nice to have a special piece to go with every outfit and to be able to make it yourself or receive it as a present is really pleasing.

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