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Combine the vodka, schnapps, cream, and chocolate syrup in a cocktail shaker and give it a good long shake. If you want to learn more about this mythical beast before he comes to your home this holiday season, make sure you check our guide to the history of Krampus or get into the spirit of the season by checking out what a Krampus festival looks like.
Sometimes just throwing a few long words around can make people think you know what you’re talking about. Tsutomu Matsumoto is a Japanese mathematician, a cryptographer who works on security, and he decided to see if he could fool the machines which identify you by your fingerprint. You can make a fingerprint image on glass more visible by painting over it with some cyanoacrylate adhesive. It’s well known that security systems which rely on secret methods are less secure than open systems, because the greater the number of people who know about the system, the more people there are to spot holes in it, and it is important that there are no holes. If you like what I do, and you want me to do more, you can: buy my books Bad Science and Bad Pharma, give them to your friends, put them on your reading list, employ me to do a talk, or tweet this article to your friends.
I am not an expert mathematician, but do know that combining probabilities can have results which are counter-intuitive. If it’s true that you have server level access to personal data on your system, then the system does not conform to principle #7 (secure) and maybe #2 and #5. Which, I think, serves to reinforce Ben’s main point about the fallibility of big complex systems. The photograph and use to make a gummy finger is the centre of one of the earliest forensic science detective stories, The Red Thumb Mark by R. On the RFID shield question, I tried keeping my cell phone in a metal case a while ago and apparently it took it off the network. Norbury, the easiest way to acquire a specific fingerprint it to get them to touch something clean. At present it’s fairly easy to steal an ID, but not very easy to keep up the pretense.
So if the governments ID scheme can be broken it’s much worse than the present situation. I don’t think aluminium would work, most Faraday cages are made of fine copper latices because of the properties that has. Those people who advertise the ID cards as the only piece of ID anyone would ever need scare me witless.
The highly determined will always try to get around the security of any database or ID systems, and the key question is ‘is it possible to keep ahead and prevent most (if not all) subversion. Also too of the rhetoric seems to be about things that are possible, but i would describe as unlikely. I’m no great fan of government IT projects, but do like the idea of being able to keep quite efficient tabs or assorted crims and undesirables. While the ID scheme has flaws, i have lived in the US, where a drivers licence is a de facto ID card.
And another thing… An ID system does make it less attractive to people that wish to abuse our hospitality.
And relating to the hollywood analogy, why is it the the government are ‘completely crap’ at the ID security, but ruthlessly efficient at having the black clad stormtroopers in slient helicopters ?

I sort of agree with your point about ID theft being a bit Hollywood, but preventing ID theft is one of the reasons politicians are promoting the cards. Point 1, people who have absconded from prison or parole will not make a point of interacting with the state.
Point 2, in countries with ID schemes there are not lower levels of ID theft, and it has not prevented terrorism or fraud. In 2006 there were 80,000 cases of identity theft in the UK, affecting roughly 0.13% of the UK. So I agree that ID theft is comparitively rare, but the benefits of a passable biometric ID would make them a far more lucrative target for criminals. And another thing… An ID system does make it less attractive to people that wish to abuse our hospitality. Hasn’t prevented illegal immigration in France, Germany, Spain, or the United States.
And relating to the hollywood analogy, why is it the the government are ‘completely crap’ at the ID security, but ruthlessly efficient at having the black clad stormtroopers in slient helicopters ? Even if every problem listed above could be solved, my main objection to ID cards would still be on the grounds that pretty much every single company or organisation that I have dealt with and who has held data on me has cocked something up at one point or another. If someone knows either of the unknowns or their complements (the probability it’s not you given the scan is negative, or the probability of a negative match), then Bayes theorem might be useful. There is a problem with the people selling the biometric technologies not recognizing the limitations, and believing that any deviation from the perfection of identifying everybody every time is simply a matter of getting the technology right. Norbury, I don’t know if you follow the news, but ID cards are being sold as preventing identity theft. Finger waggler, an illegal immigrant is defined by the Home Office as those that have entered the UK without authority (e.g. What if somebody was able to access the database and insert false records or modify existing ones? With a modification of existing records, if the data is encrypted onto the actual card you carry, then there would be no immediate repercussions but when you came to renew your card (assuming like passports renew every 10 years) then the system would reject you.
Anybody going to tell me that this would not make the ID database a huge target for hackers?
All it took was a few numbers wrong, from memory, I think it was two numbers transposed, and, whoopsie. The problem is that there is a vast imbalance of humanities to science graduates in the media which is why there is a huge problem of the media misunderstanding and therefore misreporting scientific issues.
The ID card thing reminds me of the Derren Brown trick, where he convinced the lady to pay out on the dogs, even though she knew full well that his ticket was not for the winner. A bit of a tangent (ok, a big one), but I can’t help wondering if these cards will be a massive annoyance for those whose fingerprints become ground down through industrial processes. The ability to defeat the fingerprint reader limits effectiveness and could result in innocent people being fairly easily set-up. Let’s think about in practice what conditios would have to be met to defeat the system. Of course if anything at all triggered suspicion, they’re going to be very lucky to get through a more rigorous check with their clumsily forged fingerprint.

But if we talk about somebody who commits a criminal offence whilst in Japan, I think we can be fairly confident that the vast majority of them will not have even tried to defeat the fingerprint reader (if more than a handful of people were ever caught trying to do so, a new system of manual finger inspections would certainly be introduced) any fingerprints found at a crime scene would already connect to their name and passport. Please not copy or modify this article about ugg boots, this article is the original of this ugg boots website.
If you’re in the mood for something a little darker than egg nog and caroling, consider a Chocolate Krampus, and raise a toast to the terrifying horned Christmas beast.
Curl up by the fire with this sweet drink, and hope that Santa will be the only mythical stopping by your home this holiday season. I tried to alert my MP to this, telling him that it made me suspicious of the proposed National ID database.
If my driver’s license gets misplaced, I have a passport to persuade people I am who I say I am. Especially when you think how easy it might be to fool the various detectors into thinking that you were the person identified on the ID. I think that the UK has a generous approach to those that have genuine asylum claims (and that is good) but there will always be some (hopefully few) that want to abuse the system. Service providers, councils, inland revenue, banks – they make mistakes (tiny or monumental) often enough for me to actually expect it.
Even if you only have 10 mins to spare, it is worth sending a quick note to your MP to make your feelings known. I claim it isn’t easy, and is unlikely to happen in a high proportion of the population.
The argument is that the benefits from ID cards will be marginal or non existent, and it will not solve or affect the issues it is puported to solve. Next thing he knew was several rather severe security men wanting to know why he had ordered two Bloodhound missiles! It makes it much harder to steal my identity if all the proof of it is kept in different places. ID cards are not foolproof, but they will make it less easy to hitch a free ride, and deter some (but not all).
Sorry, I should have pointed out that every time you touch something, if your security systems rely on biometric ID, then you’re essentially leaving your pin number on a post-it note. The joy is, once you’ve fooled the machine, your fake fingerprint is made of the same stuff as fruit pastilles, so you can simply eat the evidence. In the new biometric passport with its wireless chip, remember, all your data can be read and decrypted with a device near you, but not touching you.
Unfortunately, a team of mathematicians published a paper in April this year, showing that they could reconstruct a fingerprint from this data alone.
In the two hours after dropping several hundred pounds were spent, using my signature protected card.

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