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Tweet DICE announced today via their official Battlefield Google+ page that they are now accepting submissions for user designed dog tags for Battlefield 4!
On Monday we were asking you what AMG model was being revved in a short Youtube video, while also trying to decipher the sound being heard by ourselves. We were half right, it was a Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG, even though then we were more inclined towards the G 63 AMG.
Anyway, the short video was uploaded by Mercedes-Benz UK, and only today we learned that it was in fact a teaser to an online and TV campaign which will advertise the E 63 AMG in a rather unusual matter.

In short, it involves hip hop, dubstep, classical music, a giggling baby, crashing waves and last, but certainly not least, the roar of an E 63 AMG exhaust. Along with the announcement came these three awesome submissions and a link to download a template so you can design your own tags.
If you decide to creat your own Battlefield dog tags, please don't forget to share them on XBOXONE-HQ in our official Design your own dog tag forum thread. Choose from a diverse cast of heroes, master extraordinary abilities, and do battle across the gl..

Still, we managed to guess that it was an M157 V8, which should count for something, right? So are we and so are the campaign creators, who have put up a dedicated website where you can make your own mashup of the aforementioned sounds and create a short melody.

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