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I started Youtube to help people by sharing my tips and tricks as a make-up artist and hopefully inspire people in any way I can.
Most girls would think it would be a nightmare to be featured on the Yahoo homepage without make-up on, but to me it was awesome! You shine your heart, your kindness, your hard-work ethic, and the strength to say, no matter what I'm going through, it's just going to make my success story that much better. Never be jealous of someone else's success, because you have your own success waiting that could be 10 times more amazing than what you are "jealous" of.
I'm going to be uploading a video today, click here to travel to my youtube land to see if it's up yet! For a little recap, my sister has Advanced Lyme Disease, and she has a rare form of Lyme, which only effects 1% of diagnosed. Since she can't go out and go shopping or anything like that, I wanted to bring the make-over to her. And Blakey, who is in love with baseball, requested the ball flying at him and the Dodgers uniform. I spent hours at Starbucks yesterday trying to upload a video, which didn't work very well, so we'll see if I have a little time today or I'll just try to upload it tomorrow!
Get ready to learn tons of fun tips and tricks and you can pick and choose some tips you can use in your own everyday make-up too! SIDENOTE: I photoshopped my eyes blue because there's no way I was gonna try putting contacts in my eyes! Next time you want to look extra glamorous or especially if you're in need a Madonna costume, I got your back, or really, I've got your face!
We all dined on Chinese Food after church, then headed home to pack out back and drive to my sisters!
Art Deco design is still stylish today, and this Art Deco purse is something I would just hang on my wall too. Being invited to a costume party, often with just a few weeks to prepare, it can be overwhelming choosing a great costume for yourself and a guest. A rhinestone glove, penny loafers, white socks, black pants that come to just above your ankle, you might want to get a black curly wig, a fedora (thats the hat he wears), and a lot of attitude! White tank top with lots of colorful Mardi Gras necklaces, colorful tutu(ripped), high wrinkled socks with red pantyhose and red high heels. Black lace gloves, lots of bangles on each arm, big hoop earrings, a black headband and hair clipped back and teased, preferably blond), black tank top and an of the shoulder black sweater. Cyndi Lauper often wears a strapless top and a poofy, vintage skirt (with a petticoat if you can get one).
Red and yellow’s a good combo to try (red hair, yellow bangs and a few streaks here and there).
You’ll need a red shirt, black pants, silver belt and a synthesizer (or mini piano to carry around for ease). White Einstein wig, white radiation suit, briefcase with radiation sticker to keep Plutonium in. First, you’ll want to have a pair of brown polyester pants with a belt, a white short sleeve work shirt with a front pocket.
Very bright, big poofy prom dress (poofy skirt, poofy sleeves, big bow on the butt, in bright purple, hot pink, green, etc.), big 80s hair, big gaudy jewelry (huge, brightly colored earrings a must), some matching pumps or even better, some short boots with heels, and no prom queen costume would be complete without the tiara, sash, and corsage.
Had some colorful flowery type pants with two pairs of socks:one hot pink, the other hot yellow-green (think tennis ball color) then I crimped my hair and put it in a high side pony tail with a bright colorful hair scrunchie. Wear a tight black mini skirt, white satin lace tank top, red leather jacket with huge shoulder pads, with red pumps for accessories were lots of white, red, and silver bangles with big doit earrings and lots of beaded necklaces.
Going over the top and being a little extreme is the key to achieving the 80s look, regardless of the specific costume you choose.
Copy and paste your choices in a word document and use this to refer to when looking for patterns.
Although I am an advanced sewer, I chose this style, because it is easy and still gives the "wow" factor when you where it. If you need some guide lines on how to choose a sewing pattern or how to read a sewing pattern see my sewing patterns page . You will find tips on how trims and embellishments can really add to an already special occasions dress. Ruched detailing is not just decoration for your dress-it can help create a figure-flattering silhouette.

All our dresses are fully lined and structured to hold their shape and flatter your figure. Since we're an international company, our clothing may run larger or smaller than the size you usually wear.
Many of our dresses can also be tailor made to order using the measurements you provide us.
Please Note: You should always have someone else take your measurements, physically measuring yourself will provide you with inaccurate numbers, so please have someone help you. Whether you choose a standard size or give us your custom measurements, all our dresses suits are personally tailored for you from scratch. Rush Order:If you want to get a dress within 10-15 days, you need pay the extra fee for rush order. If you are returning or exchanging dresses or accessories, please make sure they are in their original condition - unworn, unwashed, unaltered, undamaged, clean, free of lint and hair and with tags intact and attached. For an ordinary size item or a custom made item-If there is a quality problem and you want to apply for a refund, please upload some persuasive pictures or video, once it is verified, you can send the item back to us (customer commits the shipping cost), and we will give you a full refund of the item. About size, you can choose the standard size and also can give us your specific measurements. There might be a slight difference between the actual dress's color and what you see in the photo depending on your computer monitor's display settings.
Regarding this problem, first you can refer to our color chart under each product page which was shot based on the real material. If you are going to purchase a full order for your event which includes quinceanera dress, bridal gown, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses etc. Lease place your order as far as in advance of your date as possible, normally can't be less than 20 days. But God knew I wasn't a failure and that He had bigger plans than all the failure I thought was just waiting for me.
So I came bearing bags of make-up, hair products and I had worked on a Macy's shoot and they were so amazing and offered to send my sister so many outfits!
Last year the lady didnt' believe she had the right how to deliver the cake because I put something like: Happy 73rd Birthday Sister, on it! It's a 2 in one tutorial, learn to look like Madonna, who was looking like Marilyn Monroe too! Long before Cara Delevigne was making a statement with her brows, Madonna was doing it back in the 90's!
I got them a while ago, so I'm not sure if they still make them, but they are from Melissa Shoes, and they are the collaboration she did with Vivienne Westwood. I love it because not only was it handsewn, but it looks like a dress that Shirley Temple would have worn. So whether you're going to a Gatsby 20's themed prom, or your want to have your own style instead of wearing the same dresses as everyone else at your prom, or a wedding, or any even where you need a dress, I've got you covered from shoes to make-up!
Glue a little flower, feathers and netting to a lace headband or ribbon and you can have your own in minutes!
Penny loafers, high water black jeans, crew cut socks, red jacket with several zippers on the sides, curled up hair. Flip most of your hair to one side and leave it down or put it up in a high side ponytail.Wear lots of jelly bracelets and bangles. And, of course, the outfit would not be complete without the swept up on the sides hair-do, culminating to a point in the front. White sneakers, blue jeans (preferably tight-rolled), white button up short sleeve shirt with a red t-shirt underneath, black suspenders, denim jacket with a bright orange down vest over it, mirrored aviator sunglasses. So don’t skimp or be weighed down or held back by your 90s and 00s sensibilities – go for it.
Add the extra layer of blush or blue eyeliner, go for another spray with the Aqua Net, and pile on another couple of bracelets. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Have you been looking for a prom dress and you just can't find "the right one", then consider creating your own dress. The pattern to the left is a great example of how a pattern offers multiple styles in one pattern. Take a minute to leave Design your own prom dress and go to my sewing trims and notions page.

We look for vibrant colors, beautiful sheen and rich textures in every material that goes into your dress. Professional dressmakers spend hours skillfully sewing on beads and pearls to perfect an elegant and classic design for you. Our full-skirted dresses use a hard net lining underneath a soft fabric that feels comfortable against the skin. If you do not get a professional seamstress to take your measurements you should follow this guide to ensure proper fit. However, because your dress is a one-off tailor made for your special day, orders cancelled after 48 hours are subject to a handling fee equalling 20% of the item price.
Upon the arrival of your package, we encourage you to check and make sure that the dress has been made to your order specifications. We recommend our customers purchase their dresses 2-3 months earlier and never buy it at the last minute. We can't ever see the awesome things waiting for us around the corner, especially when we're feeling sad and depressed. As I type this and realize that we are both posing with Tenderheart bear, it makes my me think of my sister and her lil tenderheart.
I remember this day when she put on her swimming goggles, and was jumping from my bed onto a lil matt in front of my bed. I know many of you might be shocked my outfit, but you'd be surprised to know I secretly wish I lived in the 40's when women wore skirts and heels everyday. Stopped driving late last night, slept at a Best Western, continental breakfast and now I'm typing this from Starbucks then it's back on the road again! If you'd live to see me do a tutorial for finger waves or rag curls, comment below and I'll cook one up for ya!
Pair with leather jackets, tight jeans with holes in the knees, converse sneakers and tight Ramones t-shirts.
Next get a playboy magazine and keep folded up and tucked in back pocket and a remote control tucked in front pocket. Be sure to compare your measurements to these charts in order to ensure your made-to-order dress fits! Try on your dress as soon as possible without removing the tags, altering, or washing the dress. It is highly recommended that you watch our Measure Guide before you ask a third person to measure yourself (better a third person instead of yourself).
You can check and touch the real material and color by holding the color book in hand in order to match everything with your wedding theme in a perfect condition. With each dress order, we will give a hanging bag for free for the good storage of the dress.
The hair is very important, bright orange or red (you can buy spray on hair color at any beauty store) tease it up and let it fall over to one side. A couple of vibrant colors, up to and even past the eyebrows… Brush it out towards the temple.
Take a plain metal picture frame and carry it with you in front of your face… as if you are in a TV! Pls refer to the following link for our quality comparison and strict quality standard which differs us from the mediocre online dress shop. I know the world is so full of things and people to pray for, I'm just so thankful for anyone who's added her in their prayers. Talk in a steady voice and occasionally throw in a word that sounds like it is getting stuck like a broken record! My sister hasn't been able to leave her house to much, because the heart episodes she experiences, most times send her to the Emergency Room. Spike up your hair and don’t forget to accessories with a chain on the outside of your shirt and a walk-man. So, keep relaxed and believe an amazing dress will be arrived at your hand within the certain budget.
She is a mom to two little girls, Sydney 5 and Audrey 1, so on top of dealing with Lyme, she is very tired trying to chase after her lil ones.

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