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The character model is 3D data, so you can pose the character from any angle just by dragging the red circle. You can import data, such as a picture you took with a camera, and then use it as a background image.
You can create your own original character easily by selecting items such as hairstyle, clothing, eye color, accessories and glasses. Make original manga to add to your blog, homepage, to share with friends, anything you can think of! To download the trial version just enter your name and email and click on the "DOWNLOAD NOW" button.

Created by Katakura Hibiki, this character pack is a compilation of matching resources for 16 brand new heroes.
They are categorized by the character's emotions, so it's simple to choose the right expression for any situation! Inspired by classic JRPG traditions, the characters are clothed and styled in costumes that promote their class and party role. Users can easily create their own unique stories and situations simply by choosing and posing one of the 3D characters included with ComiPo! Though all characters look powerful and worthy of a hero title, a little bit of imagination could easily turn them into double-crossing villains.

Everything needed to make a visually impressive and professional looking comic come to life.

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