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Well here is the options form for being able to change the dimensions with the animation size. Firstly to move your stick figure person or thing you must move a bit of its body or pivot on it. You can make frames by doing this, but it is best to make a frame when you actually move a body part or pivot as it will just be the same every time, and it will look like a still animation but that isnt what you want, unless you want to show your "animation" looking like it has frozen and then being revived again by someone or something.
As you can see the person on the left or the main character doesn't move for a short time, alas the freeze effect I told you about. But then what I did was add another character into there that does something with his hand and brings the main character back to life and starts moving again.
When you have done moving all your pivots and moving and create all the frames you can now play your animation.

I made and edited every little bit on the body frame by frame, I actually have another one.
Here is a bunch of animations that I did quite a while ago, yet again I hope you like them, and I hope they work alright.
It took quite a long time to make, and in the original one there was music but it is 24MB so it took a long time to upload.
Thats stage one, which is quite easy to do, all you do is get your mouse cursor and click "file" and then go to "Load Background". This can be quite tricky to master as it requires good thinking and patience to get it right. Basically what you do here is you make a frame, then decrease the size of your stick person and then increase him slowly, making new frames with each increasement in the size of the stick figure.

It can be difficult because if your pivot person is small then you make a frame and then next frame he is instantly big again, it can look a bit weird. As you can see that colour chaning thing can change your whole animation for good or for worse. You can make a frame having your stick man black, then make a frame, then the next frame make him red. Yes well this is the way this program was made up lol, I cant help that they have no neck lol.

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