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If you want to make your turtle all one color or all different colors, it’s up to you. Next, turn all of these pieces right side out, using a pencil or a paintbrush end to help you poke them right side out.
They should work now, sorry about that…it was some weird code thing that I had to fix. Woodland creatures are really trending right now and that sly fox seems to be the real favorite.
You could use buttons for the nose and eyes, but I appliqued on some fleece so they are baby safe.
I have made other stuffed toys in the past (like the rag doll bunny and Seamus) but these guys are for sure my favorites!

How cool would it be to create your own personalized toy for your kids from start to finish?
Guess I’ll try later and hope it works because I’d LOVE to make one of these tonight! I think my daughters (and all of my nieces and nephews and their friends) would love these! They have both been so pleased with their new toys and these foxes have been drug all around town for the past few weeks.
You are in control of what you would like in terms of eyes, nose, ears, body, design, and much more. This is uber adorable and I hope to be able to quickly gain enough skill to make these look half decent.

We had a blast doing it together and trying out different options till we arrived at our final creation. The mandatory entry is to visit Happy Toy Machine and let me know which plush toy you made. While these are not mandatory, I highly suggest you filling it out to increase your chances of winning.

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