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If I offer any constructive criticism, it's this: I wish the artist had done the whole body of each joker. If I offer any constructive criticism, it's this: I wish the artist had tweaked the outlines so that the feet would look more like feet and less like square empty kleenex boxes on their feet (like Howard Hughes wore). In Julie's butterflies, maybe she could improve the symmetry between left (purple) and right (blue) wings.

When it's only a couple of heads showing, we have to wonder if the King didn't like the jokers' jokes, or if their bodies are hidden behind the other jokers. The tessellation tutorial she's describing is the "Papercut method" way of how to make your own tessellation, described here. Making a shape that tessellates, and then deciding it looks like a bunch o' butterflies or a herd of elephants, is just the beginning.

After that, I hope all you Escher-style tessellation artist will go back to the "tile" (animal" shape and tweak it.

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