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Criss-Cross puzzles are great for a review of what you saw and learned on a trip or special activity. Criss-Cross puzzles are a type of crossword puzzle that can be made on the PuzzleMaker website.
Put you puzzle-making thinking cap on and see what new kinds of entertainment you can create for your family this summer.
When you’re done entering spaces, you get a perfectly symmetrical puzzle with all the numbers in the right places.
If the space above or the left has a space, it figures the largest number above and to the left and adds one. That reminds me of an article I once read where a guy who composed crosswords for the Times said that he liked to catch the train to London and effortlessly complete the Times crossword. Where can you look for a crossword puzzle with the names of places you plan to go on your upcoming vacation? Making a word search is as easy as writing a list of words and thinking of an appropriate title.
To make these, enter the answer words that will go into the puzzle followed by the clue on the same line. Though these are worked on the computer, it is also possible to do them on an iPhone or other portable device that connects to the Web.

Some will let you send your picture and order a traditional jigsaw puzzle that will come in your mail box. I always loved Criss-Cross & Crossword puzzles but wasn’t too great at creating them myself, so this tool seems great!
I’ve enjoyed using these puzzle-making tools in the library classroom when I taught school.
There is a problem when more black squares are added that the crossword numbers as if single letter words are accepted. If you put a space in D3 and D4 the cell C4 is numbered as if it is the start of a word across (it can’t be the start of a word down as cell C3 is the start of the word down). If you are willing to spend just a few minutes, you can create your own personalized puzzles. The web site does the rest so you can print it out along with the key in case you get stuck trying to find  some of the words. The puzzle in the picture was created instantly from this simple list of words I created.
Again, once you have completed your information for the puzzle, PuzzleMaker will create your puzzle within seconds. I haven’t tried this yet, but think it would be a great way to memorialize a great vacation.

She is author and publisher of The Creation and The First Christmas, Bible storybooks for children. I could not get it going for a while, being a novice with Excel, but a great light shone suddenly & I realised what I was doing wrong!
And if you are planning a vacation, the puzzles can be given to the children on a long road trip.
Her passion is to write about the Bible in a way that encourages young families to want to read it for themselves.
Well designed puzzles can serve as teaching tools that have them thinking about where they are going, and can whet their appetites to learn more once they arrive. If the word is really important, you might need to replace one of the other words or add new words that include some of the letters in the rejected word. Wordsearch puzzles can also help the names of things they are learning about stick in their minds better.

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