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Netherrealm Studios released today the official Mortal Kombat X launch trailer and it's making of. All playable characters are already known, however the game could still have secret characters. Gambid wrote:All playable characters are already known, however the game could still have secret characters. If you plan on doing something similar for your garage, be sure to consult a structural engineer and properly calculate loads to ensure safety. My Volkswagen Golf GTI VR6 isn’t known as a vehicle for hooking a trailer to, but after a fair bit of effort, I was able to attach a trailer hitch.
Initially I contemplated a manual cranking hoist (as you can see in this early sketch), but quickly changed my mind to a motorized hoist. If a Hoist can lift (dead weight) 250 lbs., then it may be capable of pulling 1000 lbs rolling weight across a hard packed surface. This is the space above the garage ceiling.  I had to customize a mechanical solution that would fit in this space.  Let the engineering begin!
Luckily, I have experience with many computer graphic tools.  This allowed me to visualize my ideas and confirm the alignment of the cables through the trusses. For those who might be curious… these renderings were done with 3d studio max and mental ray rendering engine. I used lag bolts to hold most major components together.  Here you can see how I redirect the cable downward through the ceiling at each of the 4 points. The same pulleys were used to redirect the 4 down points to the single connection at the hoist.
The strongest link in the chain… a single stainless steel ring with a very high weight rating is connected to 4 carabiners and then the 4 cables.  Do you think 3 saddles is overkill for each cable?
There are 4 additional STATIC lines where I connect the trailer after it has been fully lifted to the ceiling.  Therefore, the trailer has 8 lines connected to it when it is on the ceiling. The design will work equally well if you mount the hoist on the wall or underside of the ceiling.

Nice implementation, I’ve had the exact same idea floating around in my head for awhile now, it was so exciting to see somebody actually did it. If i’m lifting 500 lbs or less, will a 1,500lbs capacity electric winch work fine or do I need a hoist? A little off should be fine… more will increase stress when fully lifted, because the line will start pulling horizontally and not just vertically. I am thinking of copying your nice design, except I’m considering using a manual hoist. Originally I was going to do a manual crank on my wall, but the electric hoist was so cheap and the engineering and effort is the same with either manual or electric. I have purchased the hoist at Harbor Freight, but my question to you ; where did you find the red counter weights?
Alan – wow, your lift idea is exactly what I have been looking for, for something similar in my shop. Alan how close in can i position the winch and the back pulleys to the actual lift pulleys?
Thank, that help, I’m building the support from the ground with 6 x 6, first level 6 feet, second level 12 feet, using 2 x6 for support, 16 on center, will this work? I don’t know and most importantly you should do the necessary engineering to make sure it will be safe or consult a structural engineer.
I’ve been regularly using the same wire rope for nearly a decade and it still looks great and the pulleys are still fine too. The video mentions winch several times but it looks like you used a hoist in the video, not a winch right?.
Now just have to reinforce the garage rafters as I only have 2 * 6′s that span across a 2 car garage. I have been looking for solutions for my trailer too in my Garage, which was built in 1980. I looked up the Internet, some people are saying the Truss is supposed to support the roof, nothing else.

I mean, I should have known it was Shinnok, but him being playable and his role in the story (that we've seen so far) didn't seem like he'd be a big deal.
I am planning on doing something similar however I would like to lift the entire platform into the attic space above the garage. It gave me an idea to start working on a project like that and this post will going to help me alot in doing this.
I do believe that if Truss is properly beefed up, you can put stuff up there like you and others have done. I didn't watch the first 30 minutes of the story so I don't know for sure (and please don't spoil it for me guys). I try to only publish official information and stay away from spoilers as much as possible.
I’m thinking it might be a little tricky to sturdily mount the manual hoist to the wall. Could the pulleys and hoist be mounted to the diagonal beams (Sorry do not know the technical term) in the attic space? Alan i will also communicate with you by this blog if anywhere i need your help or a suggestion.
Want to talk about Mortal Kombat X, take a look at our Mortal Kombat X forum.Did you like this update? Don't get me wrong, I would love to have Rain in the game, although now I'm thinking that Rain is most likely the boss that Boon was talking about at E3, don't take my word for it though.Anyway, really cook trailer, liked Liu Kang second Fatality. When he was revealed to be playable, I didn't think he'd be the final boss and it'd be another character, ya know?

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