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Malaysia Airlines has confirmed the nationalities and number of passengers onboard flight MH17, which was shot down over the Ukraine on Thursday. Sumisha Naidu from Channel News Asia is reporting that Malaysian Airlines will release the passenger manifest once all next of kin have been notified. Malaysian Airlines MH17 plane was travelling almost the same route as Russiaa€™s President Vladimir Putina€™s jet shortly before the crash that killed 295, Interfax news agency reports citing sources.a€?I can say that Putina€™s plane and the Malaysian Boeing intersected at the same point and the same echelon. Flight MH17: Second Malaysian Airlines Flight Disappears from Radar in 4-months Gaza is an Engineered Flashpoint for WW3 UK Adds Facial Recognition to Surveillance Arsenal Ukraine Already Blaming Russia for Downed Malaysian Airliner ASTEROID TO DESTROY EARTH?
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But the intelligence has not confirmed the origin of the missile, according to the report, and it is "divided" over its source.
Ukrainian security services released audio Thursday afternoon purporting to contain the separatists discussing how they shot down the civilian aircraft.
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said earlier on Thursday that it did not "exclude" the possibility that the aircraft was shot down, and said Ukrainian forces were not responsible. There were reportedly 295 people on board (280 passengers and 15 crew) when it crashed in Torez, about 25 miles from the Russian border in the region of Donetsk.
An adviser to the Ukraine Interior Minister says pro-Russia separatists shot down the passenger plane with a Russian-made BukA ground-to-air missile system, and Ukraine's security services (SBU) have leaked alleged conversations between rebels who are discussing the downed plane. The rebels have shot down multiple aircraft in the past month but deny involvement in the Malaysia Airlines incident.A Crucially, the separatists in the area reportedly commandeered a set of the Buk system as of last month. Local residents in Donetsk told Business Insider that they saw a Buk missile system in the area.

Further, The Interpreter reports the Ukrainian journalist Roman Bochkala and an AP journalist have seen separatists with the Buk system. The region of Donetsk is a stronghold of pro-Russian rebels who are fighting the Ukrainian army.
And Igor Strelkov, the pro-Russian separatist leader who is linked to Russian intelligence, claimed that rebels had shot down the "transport plane" in Torez a€” the same town that the Malaysia Airlines plane went down.
On July 8, the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine closed the airspace to civilian aircraft after a military transport plane, flying at an altitude of over 20,000 feet, was shot down by rebels.
The Interpreter reports that the Ukrainian military has been claiming that separatists have advanced missiles for a week after the transport plane went down.
President Barack Obama was a€?awarea€? of reports of the plane crash, a White House official told Business Insider, and he has spoken with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Also earlier on Thursday, Ukraine claimed that a Russian jet shot down a Ukraine SU-25 fighter plane. Malaysia Airlines recently took delivery of their first Airbus A380 and brought its second to the Farnborough Airshow to show it off.
Invited guests were allowed to take a tour of the interior and everyone with-in sight of the airport was able to see the A380 perform in the sky. The airline decided to put their eight First Class seats, which are laid out in a 1-2-1 formation, on the main deck, at the front. I have to say that the product seemed quite impressive, but I was not a fan of the materials and colors.
Business Class is found on the front part of the upper deck and is in a 2-2-2 configuration. This Business Class is a pretty standard product out in the industry today — which is not a bad thing. One thing you will not find in the First Class cabin or the entire upper deck are baby bassinets. It was all well and fun checking out the inside of the A380, but the real impressive part was seeing this beast in the air, doing aggressive maneuvers during Farnborough. And, even though I’m biased toward the Boeing flight control system, this A380 cockpit is beautiful, joy stick and all!
As for the aggressive manoeuvring, don’t forget that at an airshow the plane will be carrying 400-odd fewer passengers than normal, as well as no cargo and a light fuel load, that will reduce the loads on the airframe quite a bit.
The majority of the 298 passengers were from the Netherlands with passengers from nine different countries. Your Religious Boogieman isn’t why the straight married guy with two kids rejected your grabbing him at the Business Luncheon. Do you log on there and rant about how there is no Vishnu and anyone that believes in Vishnu is a fool ? God is something above and beyond humanity and, as such, is both inhuman and beyond our comprehension (positive and negatively).

The Malaysian airliner Flight MH-17 was brought down over eastern Ukraine on Thursday, killing all 295 people aboard and sharply raising the stakes in a conflict between Kiev and pro-Moscow rebels in which Russia and the West back opposing sides. The separatists deny responsibility (via The Interpreter), but they did claim to shoot down a "Ukrainian transport plane" in the same area earlier today. Geopolitical expert Ian Bremmer tells Business Insider that the crisis in Ukraine will now escalate considerably. The livery was a surprise (or a last minute decision), since the aircraft first flew with the standard livery on the tail. While the outside uses different shades of blue, the interior uses reds, which is a bit of a mind boggle when first boarding, but I am sure most people won’t even notice. There seemed to be plenty of storage (especially those seats up stairs with the side-bins) and the color I liked.
Not only do you get to feel special for being on the upper deck, but if you score a window seat, you will be rewarded with extra arm room and a cubby between your seat and the wall. That is because Malaysia Airlines will only allow babies to fly in the economy section on the main deck. I am sure A380 pilots do not get to experience flying the world’s largest airliners like that very often. David has written, consulted, and presented on multiple topics relating to airlines and travel since 2008.
If you want the recording email me and I’ll be happy to provide the phonecall recording with evidence from an insider in the CIA. When seeing the design in photos, I wasn’t so sure what to think about it, but it really pops in person.
The cockpit is located between the A380’s two decks, so it takes a few steps to get in. You could really throw a party up there, but it is probably best to just stick with flying. He has been quoted and written for a number of news organizations, including BBC, CNN, NBC News, Bloomberg, and others. I’m sure jesus would be very proud of the hate you bible thumpers dish out to the non-believers.
He is passionate about sharing the complexities, the benefits, and the fun stuff of the airline business. In addition the manufacturing process is being changed, and maybe the shape of some parts will be tweaked a bit.
Mr Putin is making big waves on the Global financial scene upsetting the global financial power structure .

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