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My father “tried” a lot of different ideas to make money – the stock market, limited partnerships, different business ideas, but it was owning buildings and getting residual revenue that always seemed to do the best. I will refer to a number of principles that have shaped my thinking as a business owner throughout this blog. Recurring Revenue is a financial term we take very seriously at Snappy Box Moving & Storage headquarters. We often joke about the pursuit of “Perfection” referring to some folks as a “Super Mom” or “Super Dad” as if we could actually be like “Super Man” with super human strengths and abilities. Complete perfection is not attainable – either in our personal life or in the towing business – but with the right focus overall success is very attainable.
There are 3 key elements to doing business and producing a good product: Price, Quality and Time. It used to be that a Tow Operator could solely rely on the consistent revenue earned by towing vehicles.
Did you know that it’s possible to tap into a 3 billion dollar industry that compliments towing by utilizing your existing resources? Portable Storage was created to provide a more convenient option for customers needing self-storage.
Responding to market expectations, Crowley Maritime, in conjunction with its subsidiary in Seattle, Jensen Maritime Consultants, has designed and engineered the Ocean class tugboat. Bollinger Marine Fabricators, in Amelia, La., was awarded the contract to build four of the vessels. Workers spooling 4,200 feet of 2.75-inch wire onto the Intercon double-drum waterfall winch. The original deployment for the tugs is in the Gulf of Mexico, but the boats are classified A-1 Towing, FiFi-1, ABS, SOLAS and have an International Load Line Certificate. The power behind Ocean Wave comes from two Caterpillar C280-12 Tier II light-fuel diesels with Reintjes LAF 5666 reduction gears and 153.5-inch, four-blade Cunial (an alloy of bronze, nickel and aluminum) CP propellers.

Enough room has been designed into the stacks of the Ocean class tugs so that the Caterpillar engines can be upgraded to Tier III and Tier IV as the technology and equipment become available to meet more stringent emissions regulations.
Intercontinental Engineering (Intercon), of Kansas City, Mo., built a new winch system for the Ocean class tugs based on its 600-hp hydraulic DW275 double-drum waterfall winch. A waterfall winch also has the wire running straighter off the drum than a side-by-side drum winch does, making for a better lineup with the shark jaws and towing pins that straddle the centerline of the aft deck. With each vessel, Intercon is also supplying an ESW-125D windlass mooring winch and a 21-inch capstan for the bow.
The system allows the operator to control the winch, shark jaws and towing pins from a safe vantage point.
A touch-screen panel indicates such data as static and dynamic wire load, the speed and amount of payout and rewind load, the wire slippage and hydraulic pressure amounts and an alarm for both.
The Ocean class tugs are double-hulled and designed to prevent any overboard discharges of fuel or fluids.
In-Mar Systems of Gonzales, La., the company that supplied the Norwegian-manufactured Triplex shark jaws and towing pins, also supplied the FiFi-1 firefighting system, made by FFS, also in Norway. The electrical requirements on Ocean Wave are provided by two 1,475-kVA shaft generators running off the mains. Ocean Wave and Ocean Wind are DP-1 tugs, while Ocean Sky and Ocean Sun will be DP-2, a level of station keeping that is currently expected in the Gulf of Mexico.
The latter two boats will be 10 feet longer than the first two and will also have more electrical power from the shaft generators. Following years of success with their Invader class tugs that ply the West Coast up to Alaska, Crowley expects the new vessels will establish the company as industry leaders for many years. Another modification, primarily as a safety measure to keep crew off the deck and therefore away from the wire under tension, is the installation of wheelhouse winch controls that also have a touch-screen information panel.
They also carry a Green Passport, which is a document developed by the International Maritime Organization that contains an inventory of all the materials used in the construction of a ship that are potentially hazardous to human health or the environment.

The tug also has a 340-kW Caterpillar C-18 Tier II harbor generator and a 125-kW Caterpillar C6.6 Tier II emergency generator. In addition they will have two Berg electric VFD 500-hp bow thrusters and a Berg 500-hp stern thruster.
The quiet is achieved by soft-mounting the engines to minimize vibrations through the hull. This article will explain how adding portable storage to an existing Towing Operation can provide a stable revenue stream while utilizing your existing resources. The wire on the towing drum is under-wound as opposed to the typical over-wound wire on a standard unit. For miscellaneous rigging tasks, a separate independently-driven shaft turns an auxiliary drum on the port side and a capstan on the starboard side.
At the end of the vessel’s working life, the scrap yard or recycling yard can then use the passport to determine the proper disposal or recycling of the materials. The engine room is also heavily insulated for noise with a floating floor immediately above the engines. The change places the towing wire closer to the deck, resulting in a straighter vertical lineup with the shark jaws and towing pins. In the process, the upgraded boats were also able to increase their fuel and water capacities.

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