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Market research actually means to collect accurate, relevant, valid and current information from the market. When searching the term “Market Research” on Wikipedia, the definition is followed by the suggestion that market research “is a very important component of business strategy.”  We agree!  And it’s only going to become a more critical component as we enter the “hyper-creation” phase of our post-great recession economy. Technology enables us to design faster; to create new products quicker, essentially technology enables us to innovate at lightning speed. If you’re an entrepreneur creating prototypes in your garage, cranking out the finished product and throwing it at the market to see if it sticks, then we get that research isn’t for you. One venue to learn which market research companies are out in front and on the cutting edge of creating new market research solutions is the largest conference hosted every year by the International Institute of Research (IIR). Funny acronyms aside, TMRE* is an opportunity for customer insights professionals to see what is new and trending in the business. Ipsos will be hosting and I would like to extend a personal invitation to stop by our booth. You know how it always happens that as soon as you learn a new word, you hear it everywhere?
Latest TweetsBrands face increasing challenges to continue growing, or even maintain share.
Enter your email address below to subscribe to our blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Market Research is essential for companies to determine their target customers’ wants and needs. With people showing greater interest and demand in marketing efforts from new companies whether be it online or offline, marketing leaders are now more pressured to have a better understanding of their potential market, customers, and competitors. Outsourced Market Research professionals have up-to-date knowledge of tools for research and analysis.
When a Market Research department is outsourced, it can effectively minimize costs while maximizing value.
Having an outsourced Market Research group will open up the research to a higher volume of customers for a more accurate data. Partnering with a trusted Market Research outsourcing company will assure a quick turnaround of reports. Companies that outsource Market Research should see to it that they partner with an outsourcing company that can help them find, hire, and train capable experts in the field. Having accurate research is crucial in devising various marketing and advertising materials for your target market, while taking into account their needs as well as the advantage of your competitors. Al, having almost a decade of experience in the outsourcing industry, brings to the company an expertise in handling and implementing strategies for corporate and resource development. Companies use aided and unaided awareness, image and branding marketing research studies to gauge the extent to which consumers are familiar with and have positive opinions about their products or services. Awareness level measures whether consumers know about and are familiar with a company, organization, product, or service. Unaided awareness is the extent to which consumers think of a company or product on a top-of-mind basis. Aided awareness is the extent to which consumers who know about a company or product are familiar with that company or product.
Brand Image includes the totality of consumers’ opinions about, experiences with, and attitudes toward a company or organization and their brand as compared with that of competitors. Market Street Research uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative market research methods to measure awareness and brand image. Regardless of industry, companies and organizations use awareness, and brand image marketing research studies to inform their key operational and marketing decisions. Typically, organizations conduct benchmarking studies at intervals of between 18 and 24 months, depending on the nature of the business, the rapidity of changes in the operational environment, competitive forces, or any crisis or other issue that the organization has experienced that may have affected perception of the organization in the minds of its constituents, customers, prospects or internal staff. An organization faces a number of challenges after experiencing a crisis or when confronted with negative press coverage.
In order to confront the effect of a crisis or negative press coverage in terms of its affect on the image the organization’s constituents have of the organization, the organization must first gain a scientifically accurate understanding of the impact via market research so as to know the nature and extent of the impact, if any.
The most effective means for conducting this scientific assessment of constituent’s image of the organization is by utilizing quantitative marketing research in the form of a representative telephone survey. The alternative to utilizing survey-based market research when confronting issues such as recent crisis or negative media coverage is to use the gut-based marketing approach that is often informed by fear and individual leadership’s emotional attachment to the organization under fire. Please contact us to discuss how Market Street Research can help you achieve your organization’s goals. Plastic products (included in the materials and chemicals industry) are used in a wide array of commercial activities from leisure and nutrition to communication and transport.
Bioplastics are expected to show over 40% yearly growth in the five-year period ending 2015. Geosynthetics involve highly durable polymeric products such as geofoam, geocomposites, geomembranes, geogrids and geotextiles.
The plastics industry involves other market segments such as medical plastics, environmental (ex: plastic solar cells) and recycling.
With over 18,000 facilities in operation, the US plastics industry represents close to $375 billion in yearly shipments, and employs over 1 million people, says the Plastics Industry Trade Association. The UK plastics industry represents more then 2% of the country’s gross domestic product, with sales reaching almost $28 billion, according to the British Plastics Federation. There are close to 3,200 plastics facilities in operation throughout Canada, where the plastics market is worth close to $26.5 billion, according to the Canadian Plastics Industry Association.

Plastics are important for their environmental and economic benefits, such as conserving resources and saving energy: 4% of overall energy output in the US is consumed in the creation of plastic products.
This report provides an insight into Opportunity in Industrial Gloves current market scenario, structure and practices in India.
This report provides an insight into the Chloromethane current market scenario, structure and practices. This report provides an insight into the Opportunity in Silicone Industry current scenario, structure and practices in India.
Use this report to: - Analyze market sizes and forecasts of reinforced plastic composites. Global Analysis of the Automotive NVH Materials Market : Emphasis on Lightweighting and Demand for Enhanced Comfort Drive Innovation The research service analyzes the global automotive NVH materials market.
According to Stratistics MRC, the Furfural Solvent Solution Market is valued at $XX million in 2015 and is projected to reach $XX million by 2022 growing at a CAGR of XX% from 2015 to 2022. ReportLinker simplifies how Analysts and Decision Makers get industry data for their business.
Based on this research a Marketing manager can make a number of tactical and strategically good decisions to make the process better to satisfy the needs of their customers.
You can use it especially to make a survey for a particular product to gather information about the popularity, value and worth of that product. It is indeed a very useful survey template especially if you are creating a survey for the first time or you are new in this field.
This group seems to be out front in terms of giving professional market researchers a window into our world. Much like the latest Ferrari is initially covered at the auto show, TMRE* offers an unveiling of the latest new techniques offered by the market research companies who will be hosting the event. With more than 16,000 MR professionals on staff and specialization in research areas that cover 90% of the market needs, you will most certainly have an enlightening conversation with a colleague at the booth.
By constantly focusing on what comes next, we enable you to transform insight into competitive advantage – stronger brands, strategic innovations, superior products, and maximum point-of-sale impact. This also helps businesses find out how customers behave according to their marketing efforts. As a result, outsourcing Market Research is being considered by companies because of the many benefits that it offers. According to Forbes marketing blogger, Roger Dooley, outsourcing market research services to a third-party eliminates the risk of jeopardizing the integrity of the investigative process.
Market Research involves a lot of advanced technology for faster and extensive data acquisition, that’s why outsourcing it will be a positive way to meet your company’s standard in efficiency. Plenty of opportunities will arise from having more people working for you for a lower cost than hiring them yourself. With a dedicated Market Research team by outsourcing, this will bring in innovation and help for you to stay ahead of the competition. With your company’s Market Research efforts out of your hands, you will have more time to focus on your existing clients or find more of them. Your in-house marketing department will be able to dedicate their full time on studying and creating strategies for the company. We can help you come up with comprehensive strategies through our extensive research services, which are carefully tailored for your immediate business concerns. Al started his participation in the industry as a Customer Support agent for international BPO company in 2003 and continued to stay in the field of outsourcing, learning its ins and outs.
In many industries, companies with the highest awareness levels also capture the largest market share.
For example, we might begin with focus groups or one-on-one interviews with key decision-makers to identify important factors within a particular market that may influence whether people are familiar with a company or organization, how they decide which product or service they will purchase or use, and the emotional and rational components of the brands of the major competitors in the industry. We might limit the survey to our clients’ existing markets, or include potential markets, giving our clients a good sense of the resources they may need and the steps they must take to effectively enter new markets. Our clients use our results to guide decisions about overall mission, current and future goals, staffing, product and service design, delivery means, and marketing, communications, and public relations efforts. Benchmarking is following up an image, awareness and preference study with an identical or similar research effort after some predetermined interval to measure any changes in awareness and image that have occurred since the last study was performed. Primarily, benchmarking is a tool that is used to measure the efficacy of an organization’s marketing, communications and advertising efforts and, as is the rationale for most image and awareness studies, to identify areas of opportunity and inform the development of ongoing strategic, operational or marketing-oriented initiatives geared towards taking advantage of the highlighted opportunities. Certainly, these challenges have much to do with confronting the cause of the crisis or the negative exposure itself. Armed with this information, the organization can then take appropriate actions in terms of shaping its internal and external communications and marketing efforts in a targeted manner so as to prevent any further damage to the organization’s image and allay any concerns of its employees, partners or internal resources.
In the best case scenario, an organizations will have been in the practice of conducting this type of image and awareness research on a regular basis so as to provide a baseline upon which to benchmark any changes in attitudes that may have been affected by the recent issues the organization is dealing with.
First, if the research shows that there is indeed a problem (in terms of a negative effect the recent issues have had on the organization’s image), the organization will have a road map for how to shape its internal and external communications to most effectively combat this affect.
Learn more about our expertise conducting image and awareness studies in the field of healthcare marketing research. Plastics are also particularly important due to their role in recycling as governments and consumers look for ways to lessen the burden on the environment.
One of the most common uses is preserving food; polyvinylidene chloride, polyethylene polypropylene are used to wrap foods (meat, vegetables), drinks (milk, juice) and products such as butter, respectively. Bioplastics usage in the US was almost 572,000 in 2010, and almost 1,460,000 in the EU, according to BCC Research.

They are commonly used in the lining and covers of landfills, airfields, dams, reservoirs and railroads.
In order to make this process of getting information easy for you, we have got a few very useful templates for you. This Research Information Questionnaire is created using Microsoft InfoPath 2003 and you can customize everything in this template very easily like questions about Strategic Planning, Analyze the Market, Consumer Information and everything else. This template contains six questionnaires but you can edit them or can add as many as new questions as you want because this is a very flexible in terms of customization.
We would argue that market research becomes a more critical strategy as companies place more demand on both speed to market and guaranteed ROI.
Because Market Research requires very specific data, which focuses more on the target market of a business, companies tend to outsource the service more. Market Research is usually done more frequently by established companies, and it can be very time-consuming and expensive. Al’s extensive experience has a major contribution in paving the way for Infinit-O to offer Research services to its clients.
From research design to implementation, to research and management, to processing and reporting, our advanced approach helps companies and business owners to make intelligent business decisions and achieve success in their own fields. However, the challenges also extend to managing the attitudes of all the organization’s constituents. This messaging can contain information about what actions the organization is taking to ensure that, moving forward, the issues that precipitated the crisis or negative coverage will be dealt with. In this case, a survey instrument can be developed that both assesses the awareness of the recent issues among the organization’s constituents and then measure the effect, if any, of this awareness on the aspects of image that were addressed in the previous study(ies). Second, the act of conducting the survey will indicate to its staff, partners and other resources that the organization is taking their concerns seriously and is just as seriously taking steps to address them. In fact, if it turns out that there has been no significantly negative impact of recent issues and press coverage, a misguided gut-based approach can run the risk of creating a problem rather than solving one.
For example, recycled plastic household products, such as containers and bottles, can be used to make a range of products including fleece jackets, carpets and lumber. They are necessary to prevent food from becoming spoiled, to protect from illness and to preserve the nutrient content of food. Many other industries also use geosynthetics including transportation, agriculture and geoenvironmental industries.
The US plastics market has seen the worth of industrial shipments rise by more than 15% over the past decade. Plastics have a positive knock-on effect on the environment in so much as their light weight means they cost less to transport than heavier alternatives, requiring less gas. These templates are developed using different tools of Microsoft office and thus they are very easy to customize according to your needs. This is a Waldorf Astoria property and an exceptional spot to reveal the next MR industry trends in October 2014. I am eager to hear your stories on research successes, and the failures that are still haunting you. Al was awarded a Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Scholarship, which is one of the prestigious scholarships in the Philippines, upon entering the University of the Philippines.
Outsourcing your Data and Market Research requirements to Infinit Datum will allow you to focus on other essential aspects of your company's growth, and rest assured that your Data and Research requirements are being managed efficiently and securely. These communications will be directly informed by its constituents in terms of the specific information contained, and in the nuances of language used, so as to maximize its effectiveness. Additionally, the benchmarking effort itself can become a tool upon which to measure the efficacy of the organization’s efforts to combat any slide in its image by forming the baseline in future efforts to again measure its image and awareness among its constituents.
The medical industry uses plastics in a range of equipment like tubing, intravenous bags, gloves, masks, syringes, lab ware and stethoscopes. Your stories are fuel to our fire as we look to create the next generation of research solutions.
Infinit Datum is made of highly qualified professionals, market research experts and data analysts with years of experience up their sleeves. Plastics are also used in home insulation, PVC pipes for plumbing, transportation, clothing (spandex, polyester and nylon), and electronics such as mobile phones.
New capital spending fell $2 billion in the same period, with payroll down more than $4 billion. With governments putting more legislative measure in place to protect the environment, the demand for plastics is likely to continue growing, especially due to the material’s recyclability. Top markets for plastics exports from the US are Canada, Mexico, China, Belgium and Japan; Canada and Mexico represent close to half of overall exports. For more information about our market research and data analysis outsourcing services, call us at (866) 727-2504 x410 or inquire through our contact form. The US imports plastics from Canada, China, Germany, Mexico and Japan, with Canada and China accounting for around 55% of all imports.

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