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The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC), recently announced the regulatory framework for peer-to-peer (P2P) financing, setting out requirements for the registration of platform operators.
Last year Malaysia was the first country in South-East Asia to introduce a framework for Equity Crowdfunding (ECF), in an effort to provide wider access to financing for startups and SMEs and create a strong alternative finance market. For those interested to operate a peer-to-peer platform, there are several criteria that must taken in consideration, including that the businesses be incorporated in Malaysia with a minimum paid-up capital of RM5 million (about US$1.3 million), and a board of directors that must be fit and proper. Ongoing obligations are imposed on the P2P operator such as ensuring compliance with platform rules, carry out investor education programmes, having in place processes to monitor anti-money laundering as well as an efficient and transparent risk scoring system for issuer, a contingency arrangement to ensure business continuity and ensure that its rules set out a rate of financing that is not more than 18% per annum. If you’re interested to read further about the duty and responsibility of a P2P operator in Malaysia, as well as at the requirements for issuer and investor willing to participate in P2P, you can check this exhaustive document released by the SC. Crowd Valley (a Grow VC Group company) is fortunate to work with some of the world’s foremost pioneers in new regulatory environments on setting industry best standards in practical terms. From new approaches to commercialisation, collaboration models and the breaking down of internal silos, fintech is challenging how financial services are prepared, presented and consumed at retail and institutional levels. Delivering tomorrow’s leading financial services will not be dissimilar to serving up a Michelin star gourmet dining experience.
In today’s traditional approach, incumbent financial services organisations have built end-to-end capabilities in-house, under one roof. In stark contrast to the traditional approach, tech startups and others are re-creating core financial services from the ground up.
Commercialised via licensed APIs (automated programing interface), features can be scaled, switched on, switched off – and replaced. For example, it is possible today to combine several APIs to create an online lending service capable of connecting issuers and borrowers, including the algorithms allowing participants to set their own market rates. We coined the term Cafe Fintech to convey important parallels across two very different industries. Today as front-of-house, Grow Advisors advise on how to get the best service from Cafe Fintech. Today, we are developing a range of Cafe Fintechs, each comprising an expert team delivering digital services to address opportunities in different verticals. Fintech has become more mainstream, yet still leaves many organisations with unanswered questions on exactly how to incorporate meaningful technological innovation into their businesses. By recognising that the evolving landscape is much more dynamic and accessible, we hope a greater number of organisations will take a seat at the table. As a global pioneer and leader of digital finance, The Grow VC Group is championing an industry-wide awakening and acclimatisation of disruption in financial services. Grow VC Group and Grow Advisors were both recipients of Finance Monthly fintech firm of the year 2015. You can read the whole article on Grow Advisors Blog and it will appear as a special feature in the May edition of Finance Monthly. The Asian industry leading conference for the film and content production industry, 7th Creative Content Production Conference (part of BroadcastAsia2016) is showcasing crowdfunding with conference related campaigns as the first big international conference. Showcase 1: Malaysian based Cikeboom’s Pencil Key is a 2D animation TV Series for 3-9 years old kids.
Showcase 3: Italian Mimulus is a story is an international movie production that will be shot in Italy, Greece and Japan.
Campaigns will start running on May 4, 2016 and can be followed and supported on Kapipal’s BroadcastAsia2016 website. Kapipal will also run side event about crowdfunding and it’s opportunities for businesses and project creators during BroadcastAsia2016. Article and analysis by Grow Advisors (a Grow VC Group company), originally published on Grow Advisors Blog. Firstly, the UK regulator, the FCA, has played an important role developing the fintech market. The impact of these aspects depends on services, company resources and the development of digital finance services.
It is clear the debate and months leading to the referendum are already having questionable effects.
Fintech requires sound skills in these areas, could stand to lose out if fewer European applicants wish to (or are able to) enter the country.
As regulations develop around the world, the UK’s relative strength could diminish unless it stays one step ahead. However, as offshore regimes attract greater scrutiny, and the need for more transparent financial services gathers pace, this becomes a remote possibility. Further, some EU directives such as PSD2 also offer new fintech opportunities, and these would not be possible to non-EU UK. The UK has promising fintech startups, but they have yet to achieve significant success outside the UK.
Although the UK and London have a strong position in fintech globally, the market is still in a very early phase and making predictions to which countries will dominate is a risky exercise.
As all successful business leaders will attest, a critical factor underlying success is its ability to attract top level entrepreneurs, team members and employees.
While it is hard to evaluate a post brexit landscape as it would be a new paradigm, we can assume it will create uncertainties for fintech companies and especially small and medium sized companies. Business needs certainty with which to plan for the future and unfortunately, a brexit would present particularly high hurdles. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced new initiatives earlier in April to boost the country’s position as a global hub for the burgeoning financial technology sector. The head of the Monetary Authority of Singapore Ravi Menon and the country’s Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, were recently at the Asia Society in New York where they announced the launch of the first Singapore FinTech Festival, to be held from 14 to 18 November 2016. As stated on the MAS website, the festival will be supported by the Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS), and will comprehend a ‘fintech hackcelerator’, an awards ceremony for the most creative digital finance applications, as well as conferences and debates on regtech.
Bloomberg reported that Menon declared Singapore will regulate their fintech companies only when they grow to a size that can be a threat to the financial system. Singapore is not alone here, other countries around the world are taking fintech growth seriously, and the UK is one of those. Digital finance is flourishing everywhere from London to Singapore, are you ready to seize the opportunity?
With crowdfunding growing in popularity, it is no surprise that universities and colleges across the globe are turning to crowdfunding in order to raise money for everything from research projects to university sporting teams. Many of you probably know that much of our society’s top discoveries are uncovered through faculty and student research projects.
For example, the University of Maryland’s Bee Informed Partnership started a crowdfunding campaign and raised $24,000 to monitor and encourage the health of honeybees that help with much of the produce that our world eats. As budget cuts continue to afflict universities and colleges across the globe, university level sports teams and clubs are finding themselves within little to no financial support.
Outside of research projects and sports teams, universities and colleges are also using crowdfunding instead of – or coinciding with – traditional fundraising efforts. As always, if you are interested in starting a crowdfunding campaign, but are not sure where to start, feel free to contact Kapipal!
Current headlines are dominated by traditional institutions becoming minor or even major players in fintech platforms globally.
The aim is simple, institutions with a network of local or “community” banks are providing their customers an alternate avenue to raise capital if they cannot do so within the physical branch. We at Crowd Valley (a Grow VC Group company) have seen both local banks and institutions identify this opportunity and enter new markets in a very meaningful way. Institutions looking to capitalise on collaboration within the fintech space, get in touch with us at Crowd Valley to leverage our full offering and industry leading Digital Back Office that bridge the gap into fintech.
The Country Risk Barometer: Key Challenges for 2016 produced by trade credit insurer Coface, highlights those countries that have persevered through this economic contraction as well as those that have recently underperformed. Bright spots from the report have been seen in Europe as a whole, with Central Europe being the highlight. That is not to say that risk from a possible Brexit, the ongoing Refugee Crisis and financial instability in countries like Greece, Spain and Portugal should be ignored. Further, the Coface report notes that “in addition to sluggish GDP growth negatively affecting their profitability, businesses in emerging countries are currently facing a second problem: their growing debt. In some of our former posts we have discussed how artists and entrepreneurs are using crowdfunding to raise money for their art and business projects, but did you know that athletes of all ages are using crowdfunding as well?
Over Kapipal’s history, we have found that there is not one specific point where athletes turn to crowdfunding.
To get started, go to the Kapipal home page and click Start Project in the top-right side of the screen. League Fees – Even fun adult softball leagues have been known to have fees, so if you and your team are a bit tight on money, crowdfunding could be a great way to generate the funds needed to get you and your team playing! Tournament Fees – No matter whether you are participating in local tournaments or national tournaments spread out across the country, there are always fees associated and sometimes they can be pretty hefty! Equipment – Whether it is soccer cleats or football helmets, equipment is very important, especially in regards to player safety. Finance professionals, platform operators and anyone interested to learn more about digital finance and the fintech market. The Grow VC Group has collected a new vision and insights document (see below) that focuses on new business models, new finance instruments and better utilization of resources in the finance sector. In our document we especially focus on four key areas: 1) capital, 2) distribution, 3) instruments, and 4) customers.
We have listed some key areas to enable these new models: 1) new competence and knowledge development, 2) data and analytics, 3) technology, and 4) new innovation models. The Grow VC Group works in many areas in the ecosystem to develop new competences, services and technology solutions. Many parties see that there will be more requirements for the back offices of the platforms, for example in KYC, AML and reporting functions.
In summary, many alternative finance and fintech events have started to repeat one another.
Now it is important that this new industry really starts to think about the next big steps, how to really get alternative and digital finance to a major role in the finance sector. At TradeUp (a Grow VC Group company), our investment thesis is built on the consistent research finding that globalizing companies outperform the broader market. One of the most rewarding aspects of Kapipal (a Grow VC Group company) is hearing countless success stories of campaign creators turning their dreams into reality. My campaign was created in order to raise money to finance the artwork and duplication of my new album, « Ice Age Paradise », a record featuring a ten-piece ensemble of horns, strings rhythm section and voice. My record label informed me recently that they had decided not to put out my new album and therefore I was forced to find a DIY approach to financing final steps of the project. A friend used Kapipal to create his own crowdfunding campaign to finance the completion of his current album and he recommended your service to me. Yes, several people that I didn’t expect would donate actually did and others whom I thought would, didn’t. We’ve written about the API Economy previously and expressed our optimism toward specialization of service providers in the financial services market.
In 2013, a revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) entered the discussion and was proposed by the European Commission with the objective of furthering the services and standards in the original framework.
In the framework of PSD2, there are provisions to mandate a requirement for financial institutions to provide access to their core banking services for service providers through an application programming interface (commonly, API). The aim of this interface and more broadly framework, is to bring strong customer protection and efficient fraud prevention standards into play, but the effects on pushing financial institutions into adopt the philosophy around the API Economy may be much more significant than the framework might lead you to believe. From our work with leading financial institutions around the world, we can see the work on exposing interfaces and making core banking services available already. It may be tempting to think, that frameworks put forth by the European Commission would only have an impact within its jurisdiction. As governments around the world look to small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) as engines of growth, trade and job creation, a thorny challenge stands in the way: hundreds of billions of dollars of pent-up demand for trade finance. This financing can be used as export working capital that enables a company to purchase labor and inputs to fulfill a specific export order.
While critical for SME trade, such transactional financing is not enough to fuel globalizing SMEs. These findings are indicative of a global trade finance gap, now estimated at $1.4 trillion, $693 billion of which is in developing Asia, including India and China. Before the crowdfunding industry even existed, musicians often relied on money from their fans to record albums and tour, so it comes to no surprise that many famous musicians have become active members of the crowdfunding industry. After breaking with a major label, musician Amanda Palmer turned to crowdfunding in order to generate enough money so she could record her next album. Hip Hop Legends De La Soul turned to crowdfunding in order to generate funds for their eighth album. Other well-known musicians that have turned to crowdfunding include: the surviving members of TLC, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Kenny Loggins and Paula Cole. Now remember, you don’t have to be a famous musician in order to benefit from crowdfunding. Working together with other company functions, including sourcing, compliance and sales, helps treasury manage cash flow and improve the company’s working capital position. In turn, cloud-based, data-driven platforms are increasingly improving supply chain management, by lending themselves to predictive analytics and collaboration between partners such as suppliers and banks. Environmental inspections by the central government have been given more power and increased importance, and will include all provinces, according to a Chinese environmental official.
The Ministry of Environmental Protection will be China's second national authority, after the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, to have the power to send inspection teams and hold discussions with provincial leaders.
Fourteen more provinces will be subject to central government inspection this year after a pilot mission was completed in heavily industrialized Hebei province, Liu Changgen, head of the National Environmental Protection Inspection Office, said in a web interview. Plans for the follow-up inspections are awaiting approval from national authorities, so it is not yet clear when they will begin, according to sources close to the matter. Findings from the Hebei inspection disclosed on Wednesday showed many problems, ranging from rapid ecological degradation to ineffective reinforcement of laws and regulations. Liu said the central-level inspectors held discussions with all top provincial officials during their monthlong mission to Hebei, which accounts for nearly 25 percent of the nation's steel output and is among the most heavily polluted provinces.
Surrounding Beijing, Hebei had five of China's 10 cities with the worst air pollution problems in the first quarter of this year, according to the Environment Ministry.
Liu said that during the inspection, his colleagues and he received more than 100 calls a day from Hebei residents telling them of local pollution problems. He said the environmental protection inspection teams will prioritize efforts to review how local authorities have met their promises and solved problems the inspectors find. Liu said the Environment Ministry has formed a talent pool of more than 120 people devoted to the inspections, and they will be sent randomly to targeted areas. Zhang Xiaode, director of the Ecological Civilization Research Center at the Chinese Academy of Governance, said negligence by government officials over pollution problems could result in more harm to residents than that caused by corruption. He said there has always been less enthusiasm about environmental protection at local, rather than central level, because many government officials are mainly assessed on the GDP growth rate of the area they serve. Chang Jiwen, deputy director of the Institute for Resources and Environment Policies at the State Council Development Research Center, said the inspections in Hebei have been more effective than previous ones as they represented the authority of the central government and the Communist Party of China Central Committee. However, Ma Jun, director of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, an NGO that monitors pollution problems in China, said the government inspections must be coupled with improved law enforcement and better involvement from the public. By the end of the day, the 65-year-old, who was born in Chongqing, was expected to have reached camp C4, where he failed in his first attempt to reach the summit 41 years ago.
In 1975, a violent storm kept Xia - then a new member of China's national mountaineering team - at the camp at an altitude of 8,600 meters.
The attempt also cost him both his feet to severe frostbite after he gave his sleeping bag to an ailing teammate. Since then, Xia has overcome despair, disabilities and cancer, and maintained strenuous physical training in an attempt to realize his dream. He said his confidence comes from years of hard training, interrupted for a time when he was diagnosed with cancer in 1996. Soon after recovering, Xia, equipped with artificial limbs, climbed four peaks more than 6,000 meters high in seven years. Another netizen, from Hunan province, said he had watched reports about Xia on TV, had been inspired by him, and also wants to climb Qomolangma. For his latest attempt, Xia received just one donation from his mountaineering partners during a departure ceremony.
It hurled Latin America's largest country into political turmoil just months before it hosts the Summer Olympics. Rousseff's enraged backers called the move a coup d'etat and threatened wide-scale protests and strikes, while her enemies insisted she had broken the law, and that the country's deep political, social and economic woes could only be tackled without her. The 55-22 vote means Rousseff's ally-turned-enemy, Vice-President Michel Temer, will take over as acting president while she is suspended. Rousseff, a 68-year-old economist and Brazil's first female president, is unlikely to be acquitted. A two-thirds majority is needed in the Senate to convict her, but the scale of her defeat on Thursday showed that the opposition already has the support it needs. Temer, a 75-year-old centrist and constitutional scholar who spent decades in Brazil's Congress, faces the challenge of restoring economic growth and calm at a time when Brazilians, increasingly polarized, are questioning whether their institutions can deliver on his promise of stability. While opposition supporters celebrated in the country's largest city, Sao Paulo, many Brazilians are concerned that the end of Workers Party rule could bring back bad times for the poor, who have made great strides in the past decade. Preparations for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, which begin in less than three months, will not be affected by the Brazilian Senate's impeachment vote, the International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said on Thursday. A protester outside the National Congress in Brasilia, the Brazilian capital, calls for the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff on Wednesday.
Minister of Supervision Huang Shuxian made the promise when he joined dozens of world leaders and high-level officials in London for the Anti-Corruption Summit. He said China will continue to pursue fugitives and their illegal assets, adding that since 2014 it has brought back 1,657 fugitives suspected of corruption and economic crimes from 71 countries and regions and recovered illegal assets worth 6.29 billion yuan (about $1 billion).
The summit was attended by leaders including British Prime Minister David Cameron, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari. While Britain is pushing global efforts, China's measures have already attracted international attention.
Bernard Dewit, chairman of the Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, said the Chinese leadership has placed anti-corruption measures high on the agenda on the basis that the rule of law applies to everyone. Yutaka Yokoi, the recently-appointed Japanese ambassador to China, will take office on Sunday, People's Daily reported. The National Bureau of Statistics tomorrow will release last month's figures on property development investment and sales. The National Health and Family Planning Commission will hold a press conference today in Beijing, releasing the latest Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents. When we or family members are ill, we can forget, in the fog of worry, that dealings with doctors and hospitals are essentially business transactions and, as such, must be treated with caution.
The recent events that brought search engine Baidu, a Beijing hospital and a largely misunderstood cancer treatment into the maelstrom of public opinion raised, among many issues, the thorny question of informed consent. And so, not fully aware of the grave danger, we chose the chemotherapy, and it terribly scarred her lungs. The painful lesson here is that we ourselves shoulder the greatest responsibility when choosing treatment. So, when making medical decisions, we must seek complete information, ask many questions, conduct research and get a second, or even third, opinion. Otherwise, we might see just part of the puzzle and discover too late, as I did, that not all of the pieces had been presented. With UNDP support, delegates from five countries, China, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Mongolia, the Republic of Korea and Russia, attended the conference. The Tumen River area has been an important gateway to the East Sea and a key trading hub in Northeast Asia, which is a UNDP-endorsed transnational program involving China, Russia and the DPRK.
In order to boost the regional economy, the State Council, China's Cabinet, approved a pilot development project called "Changjitu", referring to the Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture and parts of Changchun and Jilin, two major cities in Jilin province. Serving as the core region of the Tumen River area, the pilot project, covering 70,000 square kilometers, aims to make the region an important economic engine in Northeast China by 2020.
Last year, China's first high-speed passenger railway line to the borders of the DPRK and Russia commenced operation.
China is facing a hard battle against soil pollution as heavy metals, lack of funding and loose supervision stand in the way. About 16.1 percent of land surveyed in China is polluted by heavy metals such as cadmium, arsenic, lead and mercury, according to figures from the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Ministry of Land and Resources. In addition, 19.4 percent of surveyed arable land had levels of pollution higher than the national standard, according to Chen Jining, minister of environmental protection. Soil pollution by heavy metals is especially severe in China's central and southwestern areas, according to a 2014 report. The pollution has contaminated crops, leading to health hazards and fueling environmental concerns.
In Baiyin, Gansu province, the 38-kilometer-long Dongdagou River was once the biggest source of pollution on the upper reaches of the Yellow River, with tens of millions of metric tons of heavy metal waste pouring into the Yellow River each year. A test by Peking University found that the silt in the Dongdagou contained levels of cadmium that were 2,200 times the national standard, while mercury was 2,000 times higher. Last month, media outlets reported an alleged link between soil pollution and students' health in Changzhou, Jiangsu province. Due to waste from the past, a lack of money and supervision, soil pollution remains a big problem, said Qin Xiansheng, an environmental official in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. Last year, the central government allocated 2.8 billion yuan ($430 million) to help with antipollution projects in 30 prefecture-level cities, but experts say that was far from enough. An official in Guangxi said many nonferrous metal companies don't dispose of the waste they produce, instead leaving it to pile up and cause potential pollution. One of the country's most important areas with nonferrous metals, Guangxi's Huanjiang county, was once home to heavily polluted soil.
The center, which officially began operations on Tuesday, is also an essential step for China to build itself into a maritime power, they said. The Institute of Deep-Sea Science and Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, located in Sanya, Hainan province, will focus on research beyond depths of 6,500 meters, known as the hadal zone. Among the reasons that the institute's research will be significant, Cui said, is that in order to protect the ecology of the Nansha Islands, statistics collected from deep-sea research will be needed to assess possible models for exploiting resources. Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei previously dismissed claims that China's activities on the Nansha Islands are harmful to the marine environment.
Xu Liping, a senior researcher of Southeast Asia studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the operation of the research center comes at a time when deep-sea study is urgently needed.
The institute also takes China further along the path to joining the leading players in deep-sea studies, experts said. Only when a country is engaged in this field, which is the cutting edge of ocean science, can it qualify as a maritime power, Cui said.
The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China announced on its website on Thursday that Zhang Kunsheng, former assistant minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, had seriously violated Party rules and undermined the Party's image.
Investigations found that Zhang violated the eight-point austerity rules by visiting private clubs or expensive resorts, trading power for sex, and refusing to report personal matters such as true income and assets. The commission said Zhang had been transferred to judicial authorities on suspicion of taking advantage of his posts to seek gains for others and to take bribes. Zhang, who was born in Shanxi province in 1958, began his diplomatic career at the Foreign Ministry in 1985. Shanghai Disneyland, Walt Disney Co's sixth theme park and its first on the Chinese mainland, has been open to employees, partners and stakeholders since Sunday to iron out the kinks.
And there have been complaints, including insufficient communication between the metro authority and the park, high food prices, and security checks regarded as too tight at the metro line linking the city and park. Visitors had to discard their 60 yuan ($9) Mickey Mouse - or other - souvenir balloons before they could board the subway leaving the park. Metro security staff members said the balloons, especially the hydrogen-filled ones, could cause explosions and disrupt the operation of the trains. Shanghai's Disney Resort Metro Station requires passengers to have all of their bags and even purses scanned before they can board the train.
He also said that the heightened security has raised the risk of theft as crowds gather at the checkpoint with their bags. Shanghai Disney Resort said nearly everyone told them they "had an excellent experience" at the theme park. Shanghai Disneyland holds a parade for visitors on Wednesday during a trial run before the amusement park opens to the general public on June 16. China's efforts to curb industrial overcapacity will not be derailed by the recent surge in steel prices, an official with the nation's top economic regulator said on Thursday.

Zhao said the increase in the price of steel products is mainly driven by seasonal changes in demand, and therefore may not be sustainable.
Huang Yiping, a professor of economics at the China Center for Economic Research, said that the effort won't be fully implemented unless local governments are willing to stop providing assistance to unprofitable companies, including steel makers and coal miners. China plans to close 500 million metric tons of surplus coal mining capacity and up to 150 million metric tons of crude steel capacity over the next three to five years.
Baker believes there are areas of convergence of interests with China, but that areas of tension will continue to exist.
He said it's a great challenge for policymakers on both sides, given the dynamic of a rising power and existing power throughout history.
While historically the most likely outcome between an established power and an emerging power is conflict, Donilon said conflict is not inevitable. Donilon believes a major test of the US-China relationship going into the next year is the situation in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Both China and Russia have repeatedly expressed their opposition to the deployment of a THAAD system in South Korea and regard it as a strategic threat to their territories. Both Donilon and Baker emphasized the importance of a continued US military presence and security alliances in East Asia. Many Chinese regard the US as a major player behind the scenes in stirring up tensions in the South China Sea to advance its rebalance to Asia strategy and curtail the growing influence of a rising China.
Hours later, Temer called for unity, promising to improve the economy and support a big corruption probe at state oil company Petrobras. Speaking in the morning after the Senate voted to impeach her, in what might prove to be her last official event within the presidential palace, the nation's first female president blasted the process as "fraudulent" and said it was an injustice more painful than the torture she endured under a past military dictatorship. She again rejected critics' accusations that she used illegal accounting tricks in managing the federal budget. The senate's vote came after a months-long battle that laid bare Brazil's fury over corruption and economic decay just months before it hosts the Summer Olympics. Speaking to several thousand supporters as she left the Planalto presidential palace, Rousseff said the allegations against her are nothing more than a red herring, part of a "coup" orchestrated by power-hungry foes.
Temer, a 75-year-old career politician who many call the "butler" for his subdued manner, struck a conciliatory note in his first words to the nation Thursday afternoon.
The Senate has 180 days to conduct a trial and decide whether Rousseff should be removed from office - in which case Temer would serve out the remainder of her term, which ends in December 2018.
Suspended Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff (center) addresses audience after the Brazilian Senate voted to impeach her for breaking budget laws, at the Planalto Palace in Brasilia, Brazil, on Thursday. China enjoys widespread support among the international community for its decision not to accept or take part in a case initiated by the Philippines over the South China Sea, according to a senior diplomat.
Beijing does not feel isolated and has always been a firm defender and practitioner of international law, the diplomat said on Thursday. In 2013, the Philippines unilaterally initiated an arbitration case against China at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague regarding its disputes with Beijing over the South China Sea.
In recent months, Beijing has received increased backing from the international community for its stance on the South China Sea, with more than a dozen countries' top diplomats agreeing that related disputes should be resolved through negotiations by countries directly concerned, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Xu said on Thursday that the tribunal on the South China Sea has no jurisdiction, as the issue concerns territorial sovereignty and maritime delimitation. Chheang Vannarith, chairman of the Cambodian Institute for Strategic Studies, said, "The Philippines aims to harm the global image of China. Joseph Matthews, director of the ASEAN Education Center, said the Philippines' unilateral attempt at arbitration over the South China Sea dispute is fundamentally flawed as the arbitration tribunal has no jurisdiction over the dispute. The Senior Experts Group on International Norms and Related Issues, as the meeting is called, is expected to meet twice a year. Wang Qun, director general of the department of arms control of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, led the Chinese delegation, which included members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of National Defense, the Cyberspace Administration of China, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security and other institutions. The US delegation was led by Christopher Painter, coordinator for cyber issues at the Department of State. Cybersecurity was a contentious issue between the two governments before Xi's state visit, when both governments reached a consensus on several key issues. Joseph Nye, a professor at Harvard University and assistant secretary of defense for international security aff airs from 1994-1995, praised the progress made on cybersecurity during the Xi-Obama summit last September.
He described it as good for international governance in cyberspace at a seminar in Washington. Chinese sources, however, said months ago that attacks originating from the US have not abated since last September's summit.
During that September summit, the two governments agreed to provide timely responses to requests for information and assistance concerning malicious cyber activities. Both sides also agreed to provide updates on the status and results of those investigations to the other side.
The two governments agreed that neither country's government would conduct or knowingly support cyberenabled theft of intellectual property, including trade secrets or other confidential business information, with the intent of providing competitive advantages to companies or commercial sectors. Last December, Chinese State Councilor Guo Shengkun co-chaired the first China- US High-Level Joint Dialogue on Cybercrime and Related Issues in Washington with US Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson. Fu, who chairs the National People's Congress' Foreign Affairs Committee, sees a gap between a worrisome perception of China-US relations and the reality that ties are closer than ever. But all these accomplishments occurred as some experts in the US predicted that if China continues to grow at its present speed, conflict between the countries will be unavoidable, Fu said.
Despite a sizable number of "optimistic voices" on US-China relations in the US, Fu said there are also some there who wonder whether "the constructive engagement" policy pursued by eight successive US administrations should continue. She found the message coming from the US to be rather confusing sometimes, reflected in its reluctance to acknowledge China's efforts in providing the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the Belt and Road Initiative. Fu sees recent tension over territory in the South China Sea as reflecting the risks involved in the relationship. She also said that in recent years, "after the US launched its pivot to Asia, more blatant provocations to China's sovereignty have happened, and there are even attempts to expand disputes". She called on the two countries to follow up on President Xi Jinping's proposal that China and the US move toward a new model of major-country relations, avoiding conflict and confrontation and respecting each other in cooperation. The appeal came as the country has launched a new round of the "Sky Net" anti-corruption campaign this year. China is willing to work more closely with other countries in fields such as information sharing, technology, law enforcement and training to fight graft, Meng Jianzhu, the country's top law enforcement official, said at an international meeting in Tianjin. Meng said that thanks to global efforts, more than 1,000 corrupt officials and economic fugitives were brought back to China from overseas last year. China has deployed a massive crackdown against corruption since the current leadership took office in November 2012.
As part of the crackdown, China launched the Sky Net campaign early last year to bring back suspected corrupt officials hiding abroad and confiscate their ill-gotten assets.
Anti-graft professionals from more than 70 countries and regions, including China, France, Russia and South Korea, are taking part in the two-day conference. The association, established in 2006, is the first anti-graft nongovernmental organization initiated by China. In another effort to strengthen cooperation, a Chinese delegation has arrived in London to attend the Anti-Corruption Summit, scheduled for Thursday, which is aimed at stepping up global action to expose, punish and eradicate graft. The one-day summit, hosted by British Prime Minister David Cameron, will attempt to deal with issues including corporate secrecy, government transparency, enforcement of international anti-corruption laws, and strengthening international institutions, according to organizers. China and California, the world's second- and eighth-largest economies, have been working at the sub-national level to seek cooperation in areas such as biotech, clean tech, investment and cross-border e-commerce to boost bilateral trade and investment.
A Chinese delegation of 130 members, including entrepreneurs and government officials, is visiting California. The Chinese economy has slowed down recently, and China has reduced purchases, and all sorts of economic problems have been seen in different parts of the world, which illustrates the interdependency that the countries now have, California Governor Jerry Brown told the summit. But he noted that through gathering together and business arrangements, "we build that connective tissue to slowly bring the world close together". In the past three years since the framework of China Provinces-US California Joint Working Group on Trade and Investment Cooperation was established in 2013, Chinese enterprises have invested in more than 300 new projects, almost half of the total Chinese-invested projects in California, Chinese Consul General in Los Angeles Liu Jian told the summit. Cameras showed the cephalopod absconding its tank and scuttling across the floor to the next-door container, where it captured and devoured a fish before returning to its abode - closing the lid behind itself. The third time I spoke with the inspirational environmentalist, primatologist and United Nations goodwill ambassador, she wasn't who moved me most.
The students showing Goodall their environmental science projects seemed like an army rising to fight ecological degradation and its human causes - poverty and greed.
On the fourth day of Beijing's second red smog alert this winter, I realized more than ever why we need to teach our kids to preserve systems that sustain us.
A more fantastical contraption is a robotic "spider" that scuttles up high-rises to knock on windows to inform residents the heavens are clotted. Goodall's speech was long before New Zealand's Inky the octopus famously went Houdini and fled its enclosure to squish through a drainage pipe and return to the ocean last month. China and Morocco launched a strategic partnership on Wednesday aimed at stepping up trade ties and capacity building. President Xi Jinping and visiting Moroccan King Mohammed VI agreed the establishment of the strategic partnership will give new impetus to the ties, which have a long history of friendship. After an hour's talk, the two heads of state also witnessed the signing of a dozen deals covering a wide range of areas, including infrastructure construction, energy and culture. Xi said China will encourage Chinese enterprises to participate in Morocco's major infrastructure construction projects and will continue to deepen cooperation in fisheries, communications and clean energy. The Moroccan monarch said that although there is a long distance between China and the North African nation, the two people have maintained close ties.
Morocco is ready to become China's important partner on the African continent and in the Arabic world, he added. According to Vice-Foreign Minister Zhang Ming, the two countries also decided to streamline the procedures for certain types of visas and to facilitate tourism. Under the agreement, Chinese with a passport for public affairs can stay in Morocco up to 60 days without a visa, Chinese tourists to Morocco will be offered a visa in five working days and businesspeople can apply for a one-year, multiple-entry visa, Zhang said. The three-day visit came just days after the Moroccan monarch gave a speech at the Gulf Cooperation Council summit, during which he said that Morocco was looking to diversify its economic and political relationships by seeking stronger partnerships with China and other major Asian countries. He Wenping, a senior researcher of African studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said, "Great potential could be tapped in two-way trade between China and Morocco, given the current small volume". Bilateral trade volume between China and Morocco was $3.43 billion last year, according to the Foreign Ministry's website. Stones at Qomolangma Base Camp in the Tibet autonomous region have been defaced by tourists. The county in Tibet that is home to the world's highest mountain is taking steps to stop graffiti by visitors at the peak's tourism hot spots. Dingri county said on Tuesday that it has had enough of visitors leaving their marks at the scenic spots on Qomolangma, also known as Mount Everest in the West. The north slope of the 8,848-meter peak is in Dingri county, and Qomolangma Base Camp, at an altitude of about 5,200 meters, is the county's gateway to the mountain.
The base camp, near the border of China and Nepal in the Himalayan mountain range, is a big tourist attraction, and graffiti is common.
The four main tourism monuments that the county maintains on the mountain are always tarnished with graffiti, according to staff members at the Dingri tourism bureau. She said the bureau has started a blacklist to ensure that the names of those caught defacing the scenic spots are publicized. According to the bureau, more than 30 staff members are employed to look after the tourism spots on Qomolangma.
However, there are no teams designated to fight the graffiti problem, so all staff members regularly pitch in to help get rid of the markings.
The bureau said it is sometimes difficult to dissuade tourists from writing on the monuments at scenic spots, and some tourists become abusive if stopped.
Qomolangma Base Camp received 62,000 tourists last year and brought in ticket revenue of 14 million yuan ($2.15 million). According to the bureau, a newly built tourism center in the county is expected to be fully operational by the end of May.
The Yangtze River Delta is set to build a global reputation for its cluster of cities by 2030 by focusing on high-end equipment manufacturing and modern services, the State Council said on Wednesday. At an executive meeting presided over by Premier Li Keqiang, the State Council, which is China's Cabinet, ratified a plan to further develop the Yangtze River Delta urban cluster. Two other such clusters are the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei province region in the north and the Pearl River Delta urban cluster in South China's Guangdong province.
To cultivate new momentum for economic growth and upgrade traditional industries, innovations should be strengthened in key areas of high-end manufacturing such as information technology, the biopharmaceutical industry, auto making and new materials, according to a statement released after the meeting. Local governments should conduct pilot programs to establish an integrated market of finance, land and property transactions, and they should cooperate on public services such as education, healthcare and social security, the statement said. It added that the Yangtze River Delta urban cluster should make great efforts to attract foreign investment and talent while testing free trade ports and making foreign trade easier. Ecology will be a key to the region's further development, with remedial steps taken to promote clean soil, air and water. Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang made the remarks on Wednesday, after the likely Philippine president-elect, Rodrigo Duterte, expressed willingness to talk with China about the issue. Duterte said his country and China could set up joint ventures to explore oil and gas in the South China Sea. This is in stark contrast with the stance of the current Philippines government, which has rejected such talks. He said on Tuesday that bilateral ties have suffered great difficulties "due to reasons known to all", referring to the Philippines' continuous challenging of China's sovereignty in the South China Sea in recent years, including its filing of the arbitration case.
Zhou Fangyin, a professor of Chinese foreign policy at the Guangdong Institute for International Strategies, said that unlike the current administration of President Benigno Aquino III, whose policies in the South China Sea have included "meaningless provocation", Duterte is likely to be "more flexible" on the issue. Chen Qinghong, assistant researcher at the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, said Duterte is likely to be more practical than Aquino. The mainland and Taiwan have reached mutual political trust during the past eight years and signed 23 agreements that have improved cross-Straits cooperation in many fields and reduced conflict on international affairs, Ma Xiaoguang, the office's spokesman, said during a media briefing.
The regular briefing was the last before the island's government transition on May 20, when Tsai Ing-wen, the chairwoman of Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party, will assume leadership and deliver a speech. When asked by a reporter from Taiwan to comment on the island's current leader, Ma Ying-jeou, and his performance during two tenures, Ma Xiaoguang said the cross-Straits relations in the past eight years have been widely supported by people from the both sides and by the international community. It was not until 2008, following Ma Ying-jeou's election victory and the rapid warming of cross-Straits relations, that a communication mechanism was established that handles day-to-day issues. One month after the meeting in November between President Xi Jinping and Ma Ying-jeou, the heads of cross-Straits affairs on both sides used a newly established hotline to talk to each other. The peaceful development of cross-Straits relations has been based on the 1992 Consensus, which says that both the mainland and Taiwan are parts of one China, said Ma Xiaoguang.
China is to implement special measures to establish a more advanced consumer goods sector within two years by increasing product variety and quality and ensuring more domestic brands achieve a global reputation. The measures were discussed and arranged at a State Council executive meeting on Wednesday, presided over by Premier Li Keqiang. The project forms a major step in supply-side structural reform by encouraging the consumer goods sector to nurture innovative products with more variety to better satisfy consumer demand. The sector has enjoyed advantages in China due to the low cost of labor, and has contributed greatly to the country's prosperity over the past 30 years in the transition from a planned economy.
But these advantages have shown signs of decline as global competition intensifies and industries face problems such as a lack of innovation and quality. Under the new project, which will be carried out between 2016 and 2018, more varieties of high-end consumer goods will be provided to customers based on demand. Enterprises will be encouraged to spend more on research and development and to enhance product design. Nurturing more products will also be encouraged with a greater input of intelligence, expertise and "Chinese national features". The premier said: "The government should assist enterprises to lower production costs and improve product quality through further streamlining. The premier has again emphasized the importance of the "spirit of craftsmanship to strive for the best" for China's manufacturing sector. Under the new project, major consumer goods producers will be encouraged to meet international standards. Huang Qunhui, director of the Institute of Industrial Economics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that cross-border e-commerce is booming, forcing Chinese producers to enhance their quality and branding, an important reason for the new project. The milestone event was the first in which a ministerial-level official in China appeared in court to respond to a resident's administrative case.
Previously, it was rare to see even junior officials appear at such hearings, which were usually handled by lawyers. But since May last year, when a revised administrative procedure law took effect, the situation has changed. Thanks to the revised law, which states that officials should appear in court for cases that involve them, an increasing number of officials have gone to court for such cases, said He Xiaorong, chief judge of the Supreme People's Court's administrative tribunal.
On April 11, Ding and his family, from Zunyi, Guizhou, experienced the change at Guiyang Intermediate People's Court. Ding claimed his land was occupied and expropriated when the city government built a highway, but said the local authorities did not reach an agreement with him beforehand.
He applied to the provincial government, asking it to review the case and rule on whether the city government acted improperly, but failed. Ding's nephew, Liu Guohua, said, "We didn't expect provincial and city officials to pay close attention to our family's case.
The court has not announced a verdict in the case, but Chen's appearance was also welcomed by the top court. Since the revised law took effect, the number of government officials appearing in court for administrative disputes has surged. For example, among the administrative cases heard by courts in Shanghai last year, 759 featured officials responding in person to lawsuits from the public, a year-on-year rise of 67.2 percent. But He said governments are still responding through attorneys to residents' legal disputes in some regions and that some officials do not speak at case hearings even though they attend them. He said he believes the situation will improve as more officials become aware of what is expected.
Making government officials appear in court to answer residents' administrative disputes, a new requirement under a revised law, will help ensure governments function legally, said the ministerial-level official who took part in a groundbreaking case last month. Chen Mingming, the deputy governor of Guizhou province, stood in court on April 11 to help solve a dispute between the provincial government and a villager. He said responding positively to administrative disputes and personally participating in the legal process will help ensure governments operate within the law. After the trial, he said his participation offered "a good chance to popularize administrative regulations among residents, and make sure they know how to effectively solve their disputes in future". An Indian woman who gave birth at age 70 said on Tuesday she was not too old to become a first-time mother, adding that her life was now complete.
Daljinder Kaur gave birth last month to a boy after two years of in vitro fertilization treatment at a fertility clinic in the northern state of Haryana with her 79-year-old husband. Kaur said the couple, married for 46 years, had almost lost hope of having a child and had faced ridicule in a country where infertility is sometimes seen as a curse from God. Kaur put her age at about 70, a common scenario in India where many people don't have birth certificates, while the clinic said in a statement that she was 72. The baby, conceived using the couple's own egg and sperm, is now "healthy and hearty" after weighing just 2 kilograms at birth on April 19, the National Fertility and Test Tube Center said. Kaur's husband, Mohinder Singh Gill, who owns a farm outside Amritsar, said he was unfazed about their age, adding that God would watch over their child. Anurag Bishnoi, who runs the fertility clinic, said he was initially skeptical about going ahead with IVF, but tests showed Kaur was able to carry the unborn child.
But all those accomplishments occur while some experts in the US predict that "if China continues to grow at the current speed, US-China conflict would be unavoidable", said Fu, who is also chairperson of Academic Committee of China's Institute of International Strategy, CASS.
Fu Ying, chairperson of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People's Congress, discusses with Professsor Thomas Fingar of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies at Standford Unversity, at a seminar titled Rebuilding Trust: China-US Relations at the university in Palo Alto, California, on Tuesday.
Despite a sizable number of optimistic voices on US-China relations from the US side, Fu acknowledged that there are also voices in the US that wonder whether "the constructive engagement" policy that eight successive US administrations followed should continue. There are concerns about China's possible economic hard landing and its effect on the US recovery, and rising anxiety about China's global role. She found the message from the US side to be sometimes rather confusing, reflected in its reluctance to acknowledge China's effort to help improve the existing order by providing new public goods such as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the Belt and Road initiative. Fu saw the recent tension over territory in the South China Sea as a reflection of the risks involved in the relationship. Currently the Mayor of London, he previously served as the Member of Parliament for Henley-on-Thames and as editor of The Spectator magazine.
Johnson was educated at the European School of Brussels, Ashdown House School, Eton College and Balliol College, Oxford, where he read Literae Humaniores. On his father's side Johnson is a great-grandson of Ali Kemal Bey, a liberal Turkish journalist and the interior minister in the government of Damat Ferid Pasha, Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire, who was murdered during the Turkish War of Independence.[5] During World War I, Boris's grandfather and great aunt were recognised as British subjects and took their grandmother's maiden name of Johnson. Try as I might, I could not look at an overhead projection of a growth profit matrix, and stay conscious. He wrote an autobiographical account of his experience of the 2001 election campaign Friends, Voters, Countrymen: Jottings on the Stump. Johnson is a popular historian and his first documentary series, The Dream of Rome, comparing the Roman Empire and the modern-day European Union, was broadcast in 2006. After being elected mayor, he announced that he would be resuming his weekly column for The Daily Telegraph.
After having been defeated in Clwyd South in the 1997 general election, Johnson was elected MP for Henley, succeeding Michael Heseltine, in the 2001 General Election. He was appointed Shadow Minister for Higher Education on 9 December 2005 by new Conservative Leader David Cameron, and resigned as editor of The Spectator soon afterwards. A report in The Times[22] stated that Cameron regarded the possible affair as a private matter, and that Johnson would not lose his job over it.
The Conservative Party hired Australian election strategist Lynton Crosby to run Johnson's campaign. Johnson pledged to introduce new Routemaster-derived buses to replace the city's fleet of articulated buses if elected Mayor. I believe Londoners should have a greater say on how their city is run, more information on how decisions are made and details on how City Hall money is spent. Ken Livingstone presides over a budget of more than ?10billion and demands ?311 per year from the average taxpaying household in London. Under my Mayoralty I am certain that London will be judged as a civilised place; a city that cares for and acknowledges its older citizens. The Mayor’s biggest area of responsibility is transport, and I intend to put the commuter first by introducing policies that will first and foremost make journeys faster and more reliable. Those interested to start a P2P financing platform can submit their application to the SC starting yesterday, May 2 2016. After having released these guidelines for digital investing, the securities commission authorized the launch of six platforms (Alix Global, Ata Plus, Crowdonomic, Eureeca, PitchIN and Propellar Crowd+) allowed to facilitate digital investing for non-accredited investors.
You can find the new rules in the Chapter 13 of the document (Guidelines on Recognised Markets).
Everything from front-of-house services, such as customer on-boarding, account management and customer advisory, through back-of-house services ranging from risk management, payments, transactions and settlements. From e-wallets, payment gateways, ID verification, KYC, AML and others, these building blocks are designed to be integrated and run with others.
The increasingly advanced range of APIs now on offer begs the question – why develop stand alone in-house solutions? Throw in payment gateways, custodian services, AML and online KYC checks, and you have a market ready platform. A Michelin starred restaurant, where the best professionals in their chosen areas of expertise are brought together to offer unrivaled service. This starts with understanding a client organisation’s digital culture, and alignment with future goals and opportunities in terms of customer service. Our consulting and advisory unit Grow Advisors offers professional services aimed at fostering and growing the use of digital finance around the world. Together with Southeast Asian Audio-Visual Association (SAAVA) and international crowdfunding platform Kapipal, the Creative Content Production Conference is offering film projects to raise money, increase awareness and connect with industry’s leading investors at the event.
It’s an adventurous & humorous short story about a boy who finds a gadget from outer space that is extremely dangerous.

Bhutan, famously known to initiate the Gross National Happiness index as a measurement of and national success, is also one of the world’s most isolated nations.
It’s a story about Petros, a Greek professor researching Nikiforos’ personal diary to research the mystery of the stones the three walls of the Holy House of Mary, today inside the Basilica of Loreto, really come from the Byzantine church of Porta Panagia, in Pili, where they were guarded by the Byzantine family Angelo Ducas Comneno. The financial services sector is a major backbone for the UK economy, and fintech an emerging sector within it. It has enabled a culture that allows and encourages innovation of new services; where regulations and guidelines are based on actual experience and industry feedback loops. Recruiting in the UK’s finance sector has slowed according to a recent Financial Times article (paywall) as companies see uncertainty and delay recruiting decisions until after the vote. It would lack essential skills and experience in areas such as technology, internet and data science. Though local licenses may still be required depending on the service offered, the UK has been able to benefit from the global appeal of its fintech ecosystem.
Today one can argue the UK offers better and more liberal regulation for fintech companies.
If we factor in the fact that there isn’t a strong history of UK businesses with significant international success in Internet, retail or technology, UK fintech success on a global scene is not a foregone conclusion.
We have outlined several risks facing UK based companies when looking for growth in Europe and globally.
Add to that the importance of an environment conducive to grow business, one that encourages talents to come and innovate. Below, we will detail some of these crowdfunding efforts and also note that more and more universities and colleges are using crowdfunding as oppose to traditional fundraising efforts. Yet research projects often require finances (sometimes a whole lot!), so where do researchers turn to in order to generate funds? Rather than give up, students and coaches are turning to crowdfunding as a way to generate funds so players can continue to play the sport that they love. The premise behind this is that universities are better able to leverage their alumni network via social media contact, as opposed to traditional contacting methods, like newsletters or postcards. This week it was announced that BlackRock made an investment of ?12.7 million in Funding Circle. This comes in the form of onboarding these customers onto a digital finance portal which they operate.
By operating in the “cloud” platforms both future proof scaling and mitigate internal controls to enter the market efficiently. Utilising their internal expertise in market knowledge, operations and product positioning, it gives them an advantage over most. Benefiting from cheap oil, the weak euro, and the slow decline in unemployment, the outlook looks positive overall. Sometimes they are a fresh individual or group looking to start a new league or raise money for a future event, other times they are already well-established and simply need funds for new jerseys or tournaments.
Digitization, alternative finance and fintech enable many new things, but they are enablers and the ultimate target is to offer better products and more value to the customers, to increase business earnings and offer better ROI for capital.
We then highlight some models and solutions, how finance companies can increase efficiency and value in all those key areas. The established finance institutions often also need a significant culture change to adapt to new models. For example, Crowd Valley’s back office enable fast development of new finance service on robust cloud based back office functions, DealIndex is the leading source of Alternative Finance data, Grow Advisors assists finance companies in the transition to the digital era, and TradeUp develops new models for export growth capital.
Banks have their capital restrictions and price for capital tied to higher risk loans that leaves a lot of room for other players.
There are some activities in that area and often sought from the investors position, but e.g. This is the area where Crowd Valley also offers leading solutions for platforms and portal to meet their ongoing and long-term requirements. They have the same stories about regulation, some known platforms and speculation, how new models can have a huge potential.
It requires more ecosystem, business model and technology competence than most conferences offer today. Now Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has produced evidence that private equity funds with portfolio companies with increasingly popular buy-and-build strategies (in which a PE firm buys a company and then build on this platform through add-on acquisitions) with cross-border acquisitions outperform buy-and-build strategies that are purely domestic and strategies that do not include buy-and-build. The international expansion of a formerly domestic company is hypothesized to unlock opportunities for cross-selling, generate larger scale economies, and catalyze further expansions, especially if the business improvements raise investors’ expectations of results that have yet to be reflected in financial performance.
Many of these stories are so remarkable that we decided to create a “Creator Spotlight” blog series.
Each person who donated will receive a copy of the album and depending on the amount given, she or he will obtain the music in a different format (ex.
It looks like frameworks and proposals being put in place may speed up that development, by forcing uniform standards and requirements on the market. The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) may have a long term effect and catalyze the banking sectors position shift to piping from certain high-value services.
The PSD2 is still not fully set and the discussion is still ongoing, however, there are various elements that are interesting to examine and are being anticipated by service providers in the financial markets. The use case is to allow third parties, with the end users permission, access to certain services using their accounts with financial institutions such as banks.
Take for instance the Spanish Bank BBVA’s API Market platform that’s been rolled out in Spain and the US so far. We can see the amount of investment being made into new cutting edge technologies, new ways of providing services and new business lines being created.
Or it can be used as supply chain financing that helps the company get paid faster for its export shipment than its foreign buyer wants to pay, and thus get cash flow needed to process the next order. Debates on the trade finance gap—and on export promotion and trade and development—need to focus on the growth capital gap. World trade grew an average of 3 percent between 2010 and 2015, after 6 percent annual growth between 1983 and 2008. Below, we will look at a couple different examples of famous musicians using crowdfunding for their albums or tours!
She proved to be extremely successful, as she generated $1.2 million from her fans spread out across the globe. Like Palmer, De La Soul felt that it was in the music’s best interest that they separate from a major label, citing that major labels often infringe on the creative process.
But before this, central government inspections will help spur local authorities to devote more efforts to environmental protection," he said.
The Senate has 180 days to conduct a trial and decide whether Rousseff should be permanently removed from office.
Officials from the National Development and Reform Commission will introduce the latest developments involving regulating investment approval procedures. Yokoi, the former ambassador to Turkey, is one of Japan's "China-school" diplomats who underwent language training in China with a specific focus on the relationship with China.
In terms of floor space, property sales in the 70 major cities surveyed jumped by more than 33 percent in the first quarter. A large tumor was removed, but the surgeon told me immediately afterward that, miraculously, no other signs of cancer were seen. What he failed to tell us - an omission that steered us toward chemotherapy - was the degree of peril of a potential side effect of this preventive treatment. The oncologist downplayed the symptoms, dismissing our concerns that scarring was underway. This was because, in the jurisdiction where the case was heard, the jury was instructed that if it was common among doctors in that area to give incomplete information, because the doctor believed that omitting pertinent information was in the patient's best interests, then this was permissible. No matter how great a doctor's knowledge or how advanced the treatment, results are never guaranteed and our fragile mortality prevails - always. The 361-kilometer line runs from Jilin city, the second-largest city in Jilin province, to Hunchun, near to where the borders of the three countries meet. Blood samples taken from students at Changzhou Foreign Languages School reportedly showed abnormal readings after the children moved to the school's new campus near the former site of several chemical plants. China's activities on the Nansha Islands strictly follow the principle of conducting green projects and building ecological islands and reefs, he added. The store should warn customers when they buy them," said a metro station policeman who declined to give his name. Most dinners cost at least 70 yuan, for a main course and beverage, and they look nothing like their beautiful photos representations at the park. He was referring to the deployment of the THAAD missile system and other measures the US is likely to take against the threat from the DPRK's nuclear and missile programs.
They expressed concerns over what they described as "aggressive" and "provocative" activities by China in the South China Sea.
It is the result of a commitment made by the two countries during President Xi Jinping's state visit to the US last September. It included representatives from the Department of State, Department of Defense, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security and other agencies, according to a State Department press release. Both agreed to cooperate with requests to investigate cybercrimes, collect electronic evidence and mitigate malicious cyber activity emanating from their territory.
The gap between perceptions and real life may reflect the need to rebuild consensus," Fu said on Tuesday at a seminar at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, titled Rebuilding Trust: China-US Relations.
Now we are at a high level, and if we work together, we are capable of making a difference in the world, but if we fight, we will bring disaster to the world," Fu said.
To eradicate corruption is the joint mission of all countries and anti-graft agencies," he said at the opening of the Ninth Annual Conference and General Meeting of the International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities. It is gratifying to see that the leaderships in these countries are committed to fighting corruption and money laundering," said Indira Carr, a professor of law at the University of Surrey. They attended the California-China Business Summit held on Wednesday in Los Angeles, where they met their US counterparts. By the end of 2015, the United States had invested in 66,000 projects in China, and Chinese foreign direct investment (FDI) in the US had reached $46.6 billion, creating more than 90,000 jobs in the US, according to Liu. Many friends have criticized our decision to bring up two children in the Chinese capital, where they were born. They are responsible for ticket checking, environmental protection work and keeping an eye on tourists. It is important to raise people's awareness of what is correct behavior for tourists," said Drolma. It will offer improved services, including medical care, food, accommodations and shopping opportunities. The 30 cities in Shanghai and Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces account for one-fourth of China's economy and cover 354,000 square kilometers.
Additionally, modern services such as finance, technological research and development, and logistics should be enhanced, it said.
In addition, a compensation mechanism will be set up under which businesses will make up for using a large amount of such resources as water.
Agence France-Presse quoted his spokesman as saying the likely president-elect "is open to bilateral talks with China". The Philippines filed an international arbitration case against China in January 2013 over the two nations' disputes in the area. But the room to adjust is limited," he said, adding that the country probably will continue to be heavily influenced by the United States. The positive interaction across the straits will go forward only with continued mutual acknowledgment of the 1992 Consensus, he added.
We don't ask the new leadership to do anything beyond what we have requested since 2008," he said, adding that peaceful development of cross-Straits relations is what people from both sides want. Such efforts will be applied to nine types of consumer goods - in particular, domestic appliances, watches, bicycles, daily necessities and sports and cultural products. The requirement to attend court is a highlight of the new law, and is aimed at enhancing officials' legal awareness and ensuring they answer for mistakes, He added.
He then appealed to the courts, asking judges to decide whether the two levels of government had erred.
Then we made her undergo all the tests, and once all the results were OK we went ahead," the doctor said.
The gap between perceptions and real life may reflect the need to rebuild consensus," Fu said on Tuesday at a seminar titled Rebuilding Trust: China-US Relations at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. Now we are at a high level, and if we work together, we are capable of making a difference in the world, but if we fight, we will bring disaster to the world," Fu told the audience. The US knew about the claims, and its recognition of China's sovereignty also was reflected in maps and encyclopedias published in the US until 1971. In reference to his cosmopolitan ancestry, Johnson has described himself as a "one-man melting pot" — with a combination of Muslims, Jews and Christians comprising his great-grandparentage.[6] His father's maternal grandmother, Marie Louise de Pfeffel, was a descendant of Prince Paul of Wurttemberg through his relationship with a German actress. They have two sons—Milo Arthur (born 1995) and Theodore Apollo (born 1999)—and two daughters—Lara Lettice (born 1993) and Cassia Peaches (born 1997).[13] Boris Johnson and his family currently live in Holloway, North London.
In 1999 he became editor of The Spectator, where he stayed until December 2005 upon being appointed Shadow Minister for Higher Education. He is also author of three collections of journalism, Johnson's Column, Lend Me Your Ears and Have I Got Views For You. On 2 April 2006 it was alleged in the News of the World that Johnson had had another extramarital affair, this time with Times Higher Education Supplement journalist Anna Fazackerley. Yet Londoners have little confidence in the Mayor spending their money with care and prudence. It was here that David Cameron and all his supporters gathered to congratulate him on becoming Mayor of London. To name a few in October the SEC approved the Title III of JOBS Act, making online investing possible for retail investors.
From a pure innovation cycle point of view, they offer a credible alternative to acquiring or buying out companies seen as threats to incumbents. From funding solutions to marketplaces and co-investment models, we help disruptors and incumbents alike, to set business strategy and deliver technology solutions. As the Buddhist kingdom continue to modernize and open up to the world, will the ‘happiest country in the world’ continue to remain contented and happy? In contrast, many countries have opted to define exacting rules beforehand, leaving much less room to innovate and often stifling the very sector they aim to grow. Looking closer at fintech, it requires a mix of several key skills including 1) finance, 2) Internet services, 3) technology, and 4) data science.
Recognising the importance of foreign labour skills, even the ‘Leave’ campaign suggests the UK could continue to take on foreign workers. If ‘Leave’ wins, the ensuing EU resignation process could take up to 2 years, though negotiations and developing new business frameworks are expected to take even longer. Skilled workers from outside the UK often make up for the shortfall where highly analytically skilled professionals are needed. In a post brexit environment, this may no longer hold true, and other cities more accessible may emerge as beneficiaries.
However, companies wanting to operate in other countries must fulfil specific requirements in those countries too. In contrast, other European countries such as Germany, Sweden and Spain, have created highly successful modern consumer business globally. With ?6.6 billion in revenue and more than 60,000 people employed in 2015, the size of the UK financial technology sector is already considerable and considering the attention given to the sector, the future definitely looks promising. Traditionally, researchers would have to compete for grants, yet now more and more are turning to crowdfunding in order to raise money for their projects.
This is still in its initial stages, but universities spread out across the entire United States – in states such as Utah, Vermont and Virginia – have launched crowdfunding campaigns in the past, and more are preparing to in the future!
Similar activity is mirrored by companies such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and DBS in Singapore. The motive for the institution is clear and with the rise of “collaboration” it makes entering the market effortless. With the prospect of economic volatility reaching developing countries, evaluating risk is key when determining investment and trade opportunities.
Whether it is an Olympic level athlete generate funds for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics or a youth sports teams trying to gain support for their tournaments and travels, athletes from all over the world are using Kapipal (a Grow VC Group company) to raise money for their dreams. With the campaign page, it will be a very important that you inform your audience of who or your team is and what your goals or dreams are.
The UK has been the leading market, where the FCA has had an important role to play in enabling the fast development of the industry. I also boosted my personal music page on Facebook in order to reach a wider number of people.
Similar initiatives are being prepared and launched in various forms of innovation accelerators, internal ventures and new business development teams around the world. Given the interconnectedness of the global financial services sector, new ways of delivering are being prepared and launched all around the world, and strategies are being laid out on how positions are changing in the market. The same characteristics in the market demand that ultimately manifest themselves also in new regulatory discussions and proposals, are what is is driving this shift from Asia the to the Americas. We will see banks both lead and get left behind, with the shift to becoming more relevant to the market, the consumer and the service provider longer term being the main focus.
Growth capital is equity and longer-term debt financing that is not aimed at any one trade transaction, but rather at expanding a company’s production and sales capabilities. But it is important to keep in mind that she did not merely generate this huge amount by only asking her fans. Within a month of creating their crowdfunding campaign, they were able to generate $600,874, far surpassing its goal of $110,000 (their campaign surpassed this figure in only 9 hours). The resulting album, “And the Anonymous Nobody,” is set to release this year. No matter whether you are an artist, scientist, entrepreneur or merely a dreamer, there are plenty of different ways that Kapipal can be leveraged, so what are you waiting for? I believe I can climb to the top, too," Xia was quoted as saying during a radio interview in April.
Instead, I sign a contract with enterprises, because I don't think I can repay the love people show me," he said. It is a bitter though necessary medicine," opposition Senator Jose Serra, tipped to become foreign minister under Temer, said during the debate. Boosted by the warming real estate market, property investment has increased, fueling economic growth to 6.7 percent in the first quarter.
The revision of Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents issued in 2007 stated that for adults, 50 to 100 grams of meat should be consumed on a daily basis.
However, he recommended chemotherapy or radiation to make certain the cancer was eliminated. Among Sherry's last words to me, a desperate, tearful lament, were, "He's going to let me die." Soon after, my soul mate suffered a drawn-out, horrible death. It was established at trial that doctors in that area did in fact leave patients in the dark as a matter of practice. Bush's administration, said one of the biggest challenges facing American policymakers today is how to react to the rise of China as a global power. One woman hosts workshops teaching people to craft kites with air-pollution sensors linked to lights coded to indicate contamination levels, equipped with SD cards that record data.
Through Prince Paul, Johnson is a descendant of King George II, and through George's great-great-great grandfather King James I a descendant of all of the previous British royal houses. His comic first novel Seventy-Two Virgins was published in 2004,[16] and his next book will be The New British Revolution, though he has put publication on hold until after the London Mayoral election.[17] He was nominated in 2004 for a British Academy Television Award, and has attracted several unofficial fan clubs and sites. In 2004 he was appointed to the front bench as Shadow Minister for the Arts in a small reshuffle resulting from the resignation of the Shadow Home Affairs Spokesman, Nick Hawkins.
A few months prior, South Korea launched “Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act” and Portugal regulations for securities crowdfunding. Other than strong finance skills, the UK’s track record to build global technology and Internet companies is however not world class. It would however create systems to control and monitor who and how many are welcomed into the country. Companies however would be required to adapt to the new situation immediately while having to make investment decisions based on longer term plans.
With tight resources, faced with administration hurdles and visa processes, changes to immigrant workers could impact operations.
Though the UK has strong education establishments, it often lags other European countries when it comes to computer science, mathematics and other more analytical courses. This, as a result of an unclear trading environment where new frameworks need to be established.
Services built on fintech are different from say, traditional fund management and investment banking. And for those willing to go through potentially complicated visa (or similar) processes, there are other options like the US and some Asian fintech hubs to compete with the UK. While these large institutions are making waves in the digital finance space, similar size opportunities are being exploited by community banks and institutions in the form of local P2P networks.
Tell exactly why you need additional funding, and what you plan to do with it once you reach your campaign goal. Most solutions are relevant for many types of finance institutions, but we also include models, how e.g.
The event served as a good summary of the p2p lending and equity crowdfunding market in the UK and some other countries. Many parties also see that much more data, including historical data, is needed to get the market to a more mature phase. In addition to public posts, I wrote private messages to friends asking them to share my campaign with their friends and acquaintances and wrote several emails to people in the same fashion. Leveraging back and middle office frameworks like the Crowd Valley Digital Back Office is part of this development and in our work, we are fortunate to be able to assist in the migration to the new banking economy with the right balance of efficiency and security for all parties involved. My wife and I opted for chemotherapy over sterilizing radiation because we were told that Sherry, 24 at the time, could still bear children. But he did not mention, lest we have second thoughts, that if scarring occurred, it might prove fatal. In 1995 a recording of a telephone conversation was made public revealing a plot by a friend to physically assault a News of the World journalist. We welcome discussions with leaders in their fields on how to leverage synergies and best practices from existing frameworks in emerging environments. Recommending the specials (best practice), to advising on pairing dishes with drinks, and ensuring impeccable service.
As a leading conference, 7th Creative Content Production Conference is the best place in Asia to share this knowledge and help filmmakers, big or small, to make it happen.” Mika Jordman, CEO of Kapipal stated. Cikeboom is raising money for production of teaser video to help marketing and find funding for finalizing the production. Singapore based Xtreme Production, established in 1997, has vast experience in productions of varied scales and complexities, with portfolios ranging from international television programs to global corporate communications. Add to that the fact the UK has its own very particular visa types and rules, the panorama would leave many fintech startups with additional hiring stresses.
Also, be sure to include some images or video of you in action playing the sport you are trying to raise money for.
At the same it also illustrated, how the discussion now focuses on a few services and countries, when much more happens behind the curtains. Now some services have really started to offer data available that help follow many platforms and see historical trends (see e.g. It’s just a click of a button to start to start but remember that it’s not just creating a crowdfunding page.
The menu, a collection of dishes, comprises features which in turn are made up of technology ingredients. In addition to visa complexities, UK based fintech would find it hard to operate in European markets, at least until new frameworks are established.
Certainly it is the case that some investment banking and fund management services operate in offshore locations successfully.

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