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With respect to web design, however, businesses sometimes focus on how “good looking” their websites are. From a marketing perspective, good-looking websites are worth nothing if they don’t help get leads, convert, or sell. Stitchlabs is a web-based service that provides comprehensive inventory management, order processing, and e-commerce management software for small businesses and retailers. You obviously expect experts on landing pages to have a website that not only looks good but also works.
Smart marketing, focused copy, an authoritative blog, and a personable face to the company combined with the effective, branded, and consistent layout of the website is a clear winner. I will not repeat what experts have already dissected, but suffice it to say that marketing muscle comes from a great product, building your community even before you launch, and sometimes going against the norm.
Moz’s product line consists of SEO software (including the popular Moz Bar and the new Moz Analytics). Powerful, consistent, and remarkable content strategy plugged to a pleasant website can make money. It has three different utilities: comparisons, reviews, coupons and tutorials (resources) neatly demarcated in separate sections. Backed by a very strong product, an irresistible offer, “value” for “free” and an immaculately designed website, MailChimp has everything it needs to stay competitive in the email services industry.
In addition to this, it also has an extremely lovable copy with an extreme focus on brevity and personality. While we are on the subject of emails, we cannot ignore the smart kid on the block – Litmus.
A couple of scrolls on the home page will educate you in a jiffy about what services Litmus provides, that is, email testing and analytics for the uninitiated. Of course, they have a strong content marketing strategy too, including their learning page, blog, and a dedicated statistics page.
What would a company do when it finally understands the principles of marketing and then applies that to its entire suite of products? Evernote for Business, Skitch, and many other products from the Evernote stable follow these same principles of effective design and success.

This list would not be complete without Basecamp from 37 Signals – arguably the most popular (and admittedly old now) project collaboration software. Michael Fern of Content Gems wrote in the evolution of Basecamp’s landing page about how they have managed to keep coming up with effective landing page optimization tactics consistently over the years. About Tracy VidesTracy Vides is a content strategist and researcher who gives small business and entrepreneurs marketing and social media advice. Usability Geek is a Usability & User Experience (UX) blog that provides practical and useful information. Our readership comes from various fields including those of Usability, User Experience, Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Information Architecture (IA). TweetList of hand-picked 111 sleek, creative, clean, inspiring, modern, and well designed high quality fully layered PSD , you can easily change them and adapt to your own liking. Most of these PSD website templates are completely free, under Creative common 3 license, some of them does have few restrictions, i.e. If the arena or the industry into which a startup is looking at making inroads is a competitive one, the scare factor turns into paranoia.
The folks at Unbounce practice what they preach (and practically live on it), and they do it well indeed!
While its blog (actually two of them) works as a great traffic generator, trust enabler, and credibility builder, the actual website is almost built like a landing page with focus on what they want visitors to do: read, try, explore, and buy (when you are ready). Most informational websites take a magazine-like approach, but here’s a company that takes the landing-page approach, i.e. It is rare to see a website that has an “information dispensing business model” to have a landing-page styled home page. Armed with a single button and an enticing graphic as background, the pre-scroll part of the home page should sell by itself. If nothing, their newsletter is full of valuable information on the art of email marketing.
Basecamp’s landing page has been a subject of discussion since the dawn of Conversion Rate Optimization theory, and is still one of the best examples, in layman’s terms, of how to make good-looking websites that also make money.
The home page succinctly but expertly summarizes why you should invest in Basecamp: what it does, who uses it, and a running list of benefits.

Tracy is also a prolific blogger - her posts are featured on Techvibes, She Owns It and Sprout Content.
Others might not exactly be stunning or make you go “Wow!” but they give you what you’re looking for in less than a minute! The company that makes landing page creation easy and effective also puts its heart where it matters: right on the home page.
Moz, hitherto SEOMoz, is a great example of how a good looking website can also be an invincible moneymaker. On the home page, you find a utility tool that does one thing: find what web host a site of your choice is using. For a long time now, MailChimp has been the favorite of many businesses – from the miniscule (individuals) small to the medium, large and extra-large (Facebook). One graphic and the charmingly short benefit list later, a little more information below the call to action (which doubles up as email opt-in) also helps. Respect the authors, be sure to read and follow each of the template’s Terms and Conditions before using them. If you find yourself going back to these sites again and again for information or services, there’s a reason: they work. It’s not hard to see why and it is not surprising that even our newsletter is powered by MailChimp! Of course, it’s peppered with customer testimonials, social proof, and “make me happy” copy.
The site also has a section dedicated to resources, guides, and an entire gallery for email marketing inspiration. Sheer usage-driven popularity that’s hard to replicate only add to the effectiveness of the home page.

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