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And there are countless variations on the theme: “ppc optimization techniques”, “ppc optimization strategies” and so on.
You can spend hundreds of hours optimizing a PPC advertising campaign, but if you haven’t laid down the ground work correctly, you’re just wasting time and money.
Here are the rules you must follow in any PPC advertising campaign to make sure you’re on to a good start. Being able to measure how you’re doing against your objectives is one of the best parts about PPC advertising and digital marketing in general. The most popular PPC advertising platforms (Google Adwords, Facebook ads) ask for a daily budget. But if you define an overall budget for your PPC campaigns, it’s easier to keep costs under control. Consider how much you can afford to spend on advertising per month and split it across campaigns (search, display, retargeting) or across ad networks (Adwords, Facebook Ads, Linkedin, Twitter or others).
You should also establish an approximate maximum cost per conversion – how much you can spend to get a new customer. Avoid the temptation to create a single PPC advertising campaign that targets a very wide audience and promotes everything there is about your business, product or service. The nice thing about PPC is that you get to control who sees your ad and create different ads according to theme.
It helps you stay on top of things and it keeps your campaigns organized and easier to manage.
If you want to take a chance and direct users that click your ads to your homepage, by all means do. But you should know that PPC advertising campaigns that use dedicated landing pages see a conversion rate improvement of at least 25% (source). If you direct visitors to your homepage, you’re making them think: “What do I need to click here? If your audience is not even remotely interested by your ads, you’re just throwing money out the window. When you’re planning your PPC advertising campaign, take a moment (read 4-5-6 hours) and think about the audience that you’re trying to reach. According to the theory, the mind perceives objects through an active process of selection, inference and interpretation. For example, don’t advertise a 10% discount for books and use a call to action that says “submit”.
If you’ve set your PPC advertising objectives and an approximate maximum CPA, you know what you want to measure.
Before starting a PPC advertising campaign, make sure you install conversion tracking and set up your conversions.

Even if you’ve done all the prep work correctly, even if you’ve set up your PPC advertising campaign correctly, your job does not stop there. Google Adwords allows you to set up alerts and you can customize on what you want to get messages and notifications.
Unless you’re in the media or publishing business, there’s no way in the world that a 20% increase in CTR could be your actual PPC advertising goal.
Also, don’t discard view through conversions – those matter as well and might be assisting your users back on the path to conversion. Applying PPC optimization techniques is a lot easier when you’ve planned and set up your PPC campaign correctly. First of all I just want to say thank you so much for this post and yeah of course for this tips. February 10, 2011 by ndulj 7 Comments Yesterday I was accidentally made privy to a forum conversation about some of that ubiquitous bullshit advice from a self-appointed expert. I am delighted to say that a leader arose, went to the source and got the offending {dis}information pulled. I have to tell you, there is something about peasants with pitchforks rising up that warms my heart. If we just let it lie, unsuspecting brides are going to continue to be influenced by bad advice. Brilliant Wedding Marketing is the step by step guide to building your marketing plan in a logical, layered way. This is true no matter what type of ads you’re running: Facebook Ads, Google Adwords or retargeting campaigns.
How many times did you start an ad campaign, for your own company or for a client and say, a few days in: “These results are perfect, the CTR and the number of conversions are both good, it’s exactly what I (vaguely) had in mind.” ? Next, take the ad campaign or ad network budget and divide it by 30,4 (the average number of days in a month). It also allows you to create ads that are highly relevant and, in turn, with a higher chance of conversion.
It enables you to see which product categories or audiences bring in a return on investment. Visitors should be able to locate easily on the landing page what they saw in your search text ad or in your banner ad.
Create your ads and your landing page around your users’ needs and wants and you’re on the right path. We naturally form expectations when we see a landing page or a banner ad and our brain somehow knows what to expect next.
Go for something that would go naturally with your landing page or PPC ad copy: “Shop now” or “Buy now” .

According to Wordstream, only 48% of the Google Adwords accounts have conversion tracking enabled (source). Yes, there will be adjustments and there is a learning phase in which you experiment with different settings until you find the ones that bring in conversions. For content marketers, engagement is a combination of time on page with social media shares. For display advertising campaign, there might not be an increase in conversions or leads, but there might be an increase in organic traffic for your company.
Are there any rules or best practices you think should be followed no matter what in planning a ppc advertising campaign? I really didn’t know much about how to approach in nut shell but after reading this post I think I have got enough knowledge. When they start to see referrals from your site in their stats they will check it out.  OK, you are sending them traffic but your content is highlighting the absurdity of their advice. Your lone comment won’t do any good, they have to see that mob with torches at the castle wall. You know if the masses wouldn’t give them so much public spotlight time, they would fizzle out. How do you decide where to start, where to invest and how to design your marketing material. It’s not just the cost of the booth, but what you put in it and your time and that of your staff. If the amount of money you spent to get a new customer is lower than what you make, on average, from that customer, your campaign is running a loss.
The more consistent your landing page is with your banner ad or your search engine text ad, the higher the chances of a conversion.
Without it, you don’t know if your campaigns are bringing in a profit or are running a loss. For website owners, engagement is a combination of metrics such as bounce rate, pages per session and average session duration.
It may be the only way to stop the spread of, well, crap Brides don’t know any better, so we really do need to take it upon ourselves to stop mis-education. What is said in these Social Network platforms also needs to be respectful and well thought out. Bannersnack Ad Campaigns engagements show you exactly how many of users that clicked your ad interact with your landing page after.

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