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Copyright 2013, World Wide Specialty Programs Inc., The Staffing Industry's choice for insurance solutions. Clients are keenly aware that – from strategy to customer experience to reputation management –their success is intricately tied to their ability to create engaging and meaningful experiences across whatever platforms make the most sense for their brand. Most marketers are working with only a handful of agencies, with over 85% of brands using four or fewer agencies on digital marketing initiatives. Digital shops are reporting a significant jump in retainer-based work as well as client education and training services.
One of the most significant changes in the past 12 months has been the increase in the percentage of agencies providing education and training services to clients who have developed internal teams to handle digital production and maintenance. 55% of marketers describe their organization as “sophisticated” or “very sophisticated” in digital marketing. Today it’s harder than ever to manage people but you can become a better manager simply by treating your employees as valuable people instead of numbers in a spreadsheet. Marketing Quotes“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” ~ Peter F.
Marketing Agencies in ExeterList of Exeter based marketing firms, agencies, consultants and specialists offering direct, b2b, email, online & telemarketing services.
July 1, 2015 By Karl Sakas Leave a Comment Need help recruiting at your agency Here are some options to consider. Let’s look at my specific recommendations for contingent recruiters who work with marketing agencies. They find and pre-screen candidates, do initial interviews, negotiate salary, and do reference-check calls.
I’ll share more on how to hire recruiters in a future article, including ways to align their and your incentives. Here are the first people I’d call if I needed a contingent (commission-based) recruiter for an agency.
Aquent focuses on temporary talent (where you pay them a marked-up labor fee), but they also have a temp-to-perm path that might be a good fit for many agencies.
Depending on your budget and time priorities, you’ll need to decide whether to spend time (DIY, or DIY with help) or money (hire a contingent recruiter).
Want a team that properly manages client expectations for better billable ratios and fewer unreasonable requests? Want more great clients at your digital marketing agency?Get my Don’t Just Make the Logo Bigger eBook, absolutely free, and learn how to make every client behave like your favorite client. Join leaders from 1,300+ agencies worldwide who get agency-tested tips twice a month via email! As many of you know, Tigris surpassed our 10th year milestone in 2014 and is well into our 11th year in the business. The new office space is double the size of our current space with 2 floors, 2 washrooms, a boardroom, kitchen, 6 offices and a front reception area. Tigris is Excited for a New Milestone & Humbled by the Growth of our Experiential Marketing Toronto Agency. None of this could have been possible without our amazing clients and temporary staff across Canada. We know that we aren’t the only temporary staffing agency in Toronto, and there has been a lot of new companies to arise in the past five years. Speaking of big brands, we don’t usually like to brag, but event portfolio is quite large and continues to grow. 2004 Tigris Personnel launches as a small staffing agency in Toronto and division of parent company, I.OPT Marketing Groups Ltd. 2006 Tigris expands nationally with a back to school promotion spanning 110 stores in 15 markets for 6 weeks.
Seriously, it feels a little bit like Christmas around here, and we can’t wait to pop the champagne on our official move in date.
2015 has already proven to be a year of new opportunities and growth for us here at Tigris, and we would love for you to be a part of this journey. The February ‘blahs’ are weighing down on us, it’s been cold and grey just a little too long!
February in Toronto is a month full of trade shows that are designed to rev up your warm weather engine, and have you day-dreaming about cottage docks and outdoor sports! The companies exhibiting at these trade shows are presenting their brands and products in a way that will make you put your shovel away and enjoy the newest trends and innovations being displayed for your upcoming, warm-weather enjoyment! On February 5th through 8th at the Direct Energy Centre be sure to deck yourself out in your camo as you attend the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show! If you’re impatiently awaiting the water’s thaw, perhaps a good start would be to attend the International Centre’s Spring Fishing and Boat Show on February 13-15.
There are a multitude of ways to get involved in the above described trade shows beyond just attending as a consumer! Tigris partners with many companies in creating dynamic and engaging trade show displays that are sure to draw in a crowd. Tigris is also always looking for energetic, attractive, and hardworking staff to work at the trade show events as well! If you would like some more information on how Tigris can help improve your trade show displays or if you think you have the skills and energy to represent some amazing brands at one of our clients’ booths, please feel free to visit our event marketing page or give us a call at 416-283-9119 to get more details! It’s safe to say that traditional methods of marketing are still widely used and undeniably will continue to be for some time to come but although this flame is still far from burning out, there are several alternative approaches unremittingly surfacing and conquering the minds of millennials.
So they say believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear but we say trust a lot more of what you experience, especially when it comes to marketing. B2C companies employ different marketing campaigns for publicizing their goods and services but in many cases they do not have the specialized manpower necessary to execute for experiential. Tigris has been working with PMA Agencies (now known as Campari Group) regularly since May 2012 to help get a series of brands from their portfolio into the hands of consumers across the GTA and central Toronto as well as Calgary and Banff.
Products with a niche target demographic and lifestyle require very direct marketing strategies.
Tigris has been working with Canadian Tire since May 2012 and boy do we have a list of exhilarating events to lay out from NASCAR to the Celebration of Hockey, Holiday Product Promotions, Boots & Hearts, Sport Chek, JumpStart and PartSource Promotions, the National Figure Skating Championships, the Baking & Sweets Shows and the list goes on! First impressions are important and putting your company’s best foot forward is imperative when you put in the time and effort to host a conference. There are multiple tiers of marketing initiatives when gearing up for a successful product launch but we feel that getting your product in the hands of consumers and showing them the benefits first hand will be an integral part of the process. You better believe that among millennials 18 to 34 year olds, that experiential marketing is particularly relevant. Are you looking for a way to clear cut the clutter and reach your customer better, faster and with a stronger message than ever? Direct Marketing News is the go-to resource for innovative marketers hungry for insight on results-driven strategies and trends to propel their multichannel marketing forward.
Our team of professional journalists and key industry columnists and contributors provide daily online news, analysis, case studies, and blogs on everything from Big Data, marketing automation, and retail, to integrated strategies, email, print, social media, and hot creative campaigns. Direct Marketing News also offers virtual events, webcasts, live events, daily and weekly newsletters, an iPad app and digital edition, in-person roundtables, in-depth print supplements, and a comprehensive online directory of agencies and services providers in digital and direct.
This is an updated and extended version of talks I gave last year at Search Insider Summit and Pivot. Given that, it’s no surprise that digital strategists have been fruitful and multiplied in agencies. More formally, a creative technologist builds the technology for creative digital campaigns.
Agencies are becoming more and more technically sophisticated — granted, some still faster than others. When they actually used the product at home, they would decide if they liked it — the second moment of truth. This model is for consumer packaged goods, but there are analogies for more considered purchases and B2B. But over recent years, that nice, simple model has been thoroughly disrupted by what Google calls the zero moment of truth, the ZMOT. In a recent study IBM did with hundreds of CMOs, 79% of them expect a high or very high level of complexity over the next five years. A couple of months ago, I took at pass at sketching this marketing technology landscape in an infographic.
Technology for promotion: the whole display advertising ecosystem, search ad management, social media marketing management, mobile marketing, SEO tools. This fountain of innovation is what gives us hope that the complexity of the ZMOT will be conquered. But all this potential wizardry raises a question… who’s choreographing this marketing technology ballet in your organization? Earlier this year, Forrester Research did a survey of marketers and IT professionals, asking them their perceptions of the other department.
Collectively, these forces demand a fundamental shift in marketing culture, structure, and operations. Marketing technologists are somewhat analogous to creative technologists at agencies, but different.
They cover a wide swath of technical skills, from wrangling data and analytics, authoring lightweight web features, synchronizing disparate marketing software platforms, SEO, web APIs. Today, possibly the greatest mistake is to believe that marketing technology could be split, King Solomon style, with the marketing handled by one team and the technology handled by another. Marketing technology needs a team that will provide an integrated, holistic view of its possibilities and operation. Embedded — in my opinion, the highest evolution is achieved when the marketing technology team resides fully in marketing.
For instance, advertising automation and optimization will continue to accelerate — although it will increasingly need to integrate with the client more deeply.

Even more so, there will be new demand for designing and building other customer experience elements.
Account managers too must learn to work with more technical stakeholders on the client’s team.
With our unique Case Play method, participants are actively involved in realistic negotiating exercises. Andrew has an MA in Geography from Aberdeen University and an MBA awarded by Dundee University. Now, marketers must sift through a complexity of online and offline channels in their marketing efforts. Make sure your employees know your marketing strategy goals, and the proper way to interact with clients. We know the staffing industry better than anyone, and can provide great options for your staffing industry insurance needs. Contact us today for more information about our staffing insurance programs. That figure rose a whopping 25% in relative terms, from 28% of respondents in 2013 to 35% in 2014.
We achieve this by accurately targeting the right prospects with professional, non-scripted telemarketing. With over 15 years experience in marketing, we've provided solutions to various companies, including well known blue chip brands, enjoying the challenges associated with creating and improving on new and existing marketing strategies to help increase awareness and ultimately profits. NewZapp Email Marketing allows you to create, send and track professional Email Marketing campaigns using our user friendly web based solution.
In order to do this, we work with clients at both strategic and tactical levels helping them to identify new opportunities, new markets and new strategies as well as developing areas where quick gains can be made.
We can help you define your markets, identify your customers and design the most effective methods of communicating with them to maximise your profits. People tend to specialize in particular areas—for instance, a technical recruiter might be great at sourcing developers and sysadmins, but not account managers or project managers.
As with any vendor relationship, check references and ensure you’ve found the right match for you.
Under this program, you pay a recruiting fee to hire a temp full-time after they’ve worked for you a certain number of hours. Outside of work, I organize a six-figure marketing+creative conference as President-Elect of Triangle AMA, and I volunteer as a bartender on a 1930s railroad car.
Tigris has operated from an open concept space with room for 4 employees since 2007 with a satellite office in Toronto for additional support.
The office space was previously operating as health and wellness clinic and their brand colours happen to match Tigris’ – how perfect! We pride our growth in our ability to provide top event management, brand ambassadors and promotional models, as well as our ability to specialize in experiential, creative, and event planning. Some of our notable clients include Petcurean, Bell Media, CHIN Radio, Zoom Media and Campari. If you are interesting in working as a promotional model or brand ambassador, please apply here.
With a multitude of interactive exhibits from indoor pond fishing to learning how to cook your catch on stage with the pros, it’s a great way to get off the couch and learn some new skills.
If you’re looking for a new boat, motor and trailer, this is the show you won’t want to miss. The Canadian International Auto Show runs February 13-22 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and is sure to draw in a huge audience. Whether it be working with our clients to suggest creative methods to display their products, creating original installations to attract an audience, organizing event logistics to ensure the most impact, or employing charismatic and approachable brand ambassadors to work the front lines, Tigris can help exhibitors fine tune and achieve their trade show goals! At the moment, we have a team of brand ambassadors booked to work the International Auto Show for Toronto Star and another prospective activation with Accuwrap at the National Home Show next month. Imagine something extremely effective that goes beyond the e-world where real connections are made with those you want to make them with. This is where a marketing agency such as Tigris becomes the hub of all of your campaigns in the experiential marketing world which include street promotions, trade shows, conferences, sales assists and special events just to name few possible initiatives.
For two and a half years, Tigris has booked and managed teams of 12-15 promotional models in each market for 2-12 events monthly. Trade shows are a great way to get a high volume of the right people in the same room at the same time. From a single staff to teams of over 30, Tigris has had the pleasure of assisting with an array of special events for Canadian Tire with something for people of all ages in the mix. To ensure a seamless execution, event marketing agency Starshot teamed up with Tigris to assist with staffing a series of conferences in Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Vancouver and Toronto for Cisco Connects and Intuit Quickbooks throughout Nov-Dec 2014.
Samsung leveraged Tigris’ experiential marketing experience to concept an innovative engagement to launch what is now one of the hottest toys in the telecom world – the Samsung Galaxy.
This generation alone yields a whopping $200 billion in purchasing power in the North American market and despite how tech savvy and inclined they are to use the net, they are more likely to find value in experiences, not things. Since a large number of agencies will be in the audience, I’ll also discuss what this marketing technologist revolution means for them. Using highly advanced predictive analytics, I think we can call this fight: digital has won. In fact, most agencies are now on the second generation of digital strategists, where the role has forked to encompass digitally-savvy account planners and a bevy of digital marketing specialists for search engine optimization, paid search marketing, social media, display advertising, content marketing, mobile, and more.
Actually, we can revise that more broadly: pretty much every modern marketer needs to be fluent in using technology. The digital strategist, in all its different incarnations, and the creative technologist are key roles.
After being exposed to a stimulus, prospects go online to learn about the product, the company, the category. Prospects query search engines, visit your web site, read educational content, follow related accounts on Twitter, visitor competitors’ sites, read reviews, discuss with friends, check online communities, comparison shop, etc. And it’s worth digging deeper into what I see as the 5 killer properties of the ZMOT. This huge opportunity for disruptive innovation in marketing combined with the fluidity of creating new software has triggered one of the greatest explosions in the history of commercial software: the expansive new field of marketing technology. It’s terribly incomplete, with only a representative sample of 250 companies out of the thousands of specialized marketing technology vendors out there. Technology for the customer experience: core website platforms, e-commerce, landing pages and microsites, testing and optimization, video content, email marketing. The foundation of that shift must be this affirmation: marketing must lead its own technology.
A marketing technologist team, a single unit, should both understand good IT practices and understand good marketing practices.
Or whatever title you prefer, director or VP, of marketing technology, marketing operations, customer intelligence. The key here is finding and nurturing the right kind of people with solid tech experience and marketing passion.
Marketing technologists, working side-by-side with other marketers, can raise the technology quotient of the entire department, teaching their peers, illuminating the possibilities, providing tech transparency, and cross-pollinating new ideas. Software developers who are familiar with Scrum and Lean can be a tremendously valuable in helping marketing implements its own agile methodology. This is a fascinating area of innovation, computational advertising, but unfortunately, I believe that the value of this service will eventually be eroded by software and network synchronization. New technologies will open new doors, and there will be more and more demand for impactful creative that harnesses them. This will take time, training, and the infusion of some more technical members on to the account team. Developing a thorough marketing strategy is crucial for staffing agencies, but not always easy. They should be trained on how to respond to any  negative messages or unhappy customers, and what constitutes appropriate content. The number of marketers working with zero agencies has risen, again indicating that more and more of the responsibility for digital marketing efforts is resting with brands. Help is always available from our marketing specialists so you can get the most out of email marketing and the NewZapp system.
His vertical industry experience is in industrial marketing into the aviation, aerospace and travel related sectors, business services and networked and community services (such as card payment systems).
This could be a one-off exercise to set you on the right path, or we can help you plan and manage your on-going campaigns. Get your free copy of Don’t Just Make the Logo Bigger to learn how to make every client behave like your favorite client. The new office will afford the space for twice the number of employees and ample storage space. We’re just shy of 100 quotes and proposals for 2015 to support event services and requests across the country, and it’s only February! We are a small experiential marketing Toronto agency company that creates high impact experiences to help consumers connect to big brands. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with these reputable brands and value the experiences we have created with them. A large selection of boat brands and motors are on display making comparison-shopping a breeze.
Exhibitors will be displaying the newest in next generation of hybrids, advanced fuel cells, and electric plug-ins. From pre-engineered homes, DIY projects and home decor, to dining and entertaining ideas, the GTA Home show has lined up a spectacular array of celebrities, local experts, exhibitors and eye catching trade show displays to make sure you have everything you need under one roof!
Our brand ambassadors will be hosting their booth, entering people into a contest to win $40,000 towards their dream car from Wonderlist.

Perhaps the success rate of customer acquisition is not all that bad using this method of marketing but is it also making retention increasingly more challenging? Now imagine your brand living, breathing and making real-time connections with your target consumers.
B2C campaigns are relatively short in duration thus the urgent need to secure the prospective customer’s interest very quickly and swiftly.
These core teams who were hand picked and trained were dedicated to executing alcohol sampling at various bars, lounges, restaurants, golf courses, concerts and special events.
Tigris drew up a comprehensive marketing campaign with our media and creative partners to help EXPRESS strengthen its presence in the Canadian market with style! Taste of Nature teamed up with Tigris to take advantage of these experiential marketing opportunities to set up a truly eye catching booth at the National Women’s Show and Taste of Toronto to accelerate product trial. Our teams, ranging in size from 2-5 event staff per city were responsible for setting up, greeting and registering guests and lead scanning. Music festivals, trendy restaurants, travel and events are amongst the most common things millennials tend to spend their dollars on. As a brief introduction, I’ve been a hybrid software developer and marketer since the early days of the Web.
Well, consider their anatomy: a great creative technologist has the brain of a software developer and the heart of an artist. This is a collaborative unit, with the technologists at the table from the beginning, brainstorming original creative concepts. And it’s in this expansive and frenetic zero moment of truth that customers are now frequently won or lost. But prospects live in the ZMOT for anywhere from a few hours to weeks or months, depending on the product category.
Everything intermingles, and from the first touchpoint onward, this whole enchilada is the new customer experience. And I’d bet that at least half of those who think they are prepared are blissfully delusional.
Technology for the new marketing management: marketing resource management, web analytics, customer analytics, CRM, business intelligence, marketing automation, digital asset management. But as marketing became more and more overwhelmed with technical needs, the volume and velocity of those requests increased.
Most importantly, they should think natively in the combined domain of marketing technology. The chief marketing technology should help drive technical innovation in marketing, work with the CMO to roadmap the intersection of the technology and the business, and determine the necessary investments to make it happen. But these productions will increasingly need to integrate with the client more deeply as well.
With marketing and customer experience blending, this is a natural evolution for agencies to think more broadly about impacting customers at deeper touchpoints in the ZMOT. Without them, you’re likely to either be woefully constrained in what you can execute, or it will take far more blood, sweat, and tears than you would want to expend. This too can be a high value service — as folks such as IBM, McKinsey, and Forrester know well.
Whatever our clients need, they benefit directly from big thinking and international experience – un-biased advice, improved results, reduced risk. Our head office team is extremely excited for the move, which will take place March 7-8 weekend. We are also in the midst for promoting preliminary interviews for the 2015 Miss & CHIN International Competition at the 49th Annual Scotia Bank CHIN Picnic.
Take a look at the latest in fishing and leisure boats, tents and backpacks, ATVs and motorcycles, and canoes and kayaks.
Friendly local dealers are set up with everything you’ll need for a summer full of fishing fun on the water. Experiential marketing makes this possible and you’re about to learn why experiential marketing opportunities are far greater and more beneficial than you ever thought! A key way to do this when it comes to experiential initiatives such as those outlined above is to secure the right people to represent your brand and communicate the benefits effectively to seize these experiential marketing opportunities. We couldn’t think of a better time than TIFF to show off the custom made pop-up closet, stet and repeat photo op, customer tote bag logo printing and best of all – EXPRESS gifts cards valued up to $500 that were up for grabs with an instant win text messaging contest!
Between these two events alone, over 40,000 samples were distributed, including many to consumers who had never heard of or tried the amazing delicious and nutrition fruit and nut bars!
Marketers within companies have increased their experiential marketing budgets by approximately 5 percent annually and this shift isn’t by chance. For the past four years, I’ve been blogging about the intersection of these two disciplines and how technology is changing the practice and management of marketing.
The title is not important, but the role is — and we can define it with five missions.
But marketing likes to experiment, keeping the company out in front of the market and new customers.
I think of IT as having a governance role, whereas the marketing technology team has a management role.
Agencies will need to integrate more deeply with marketing operations and technology on the client side.
The goal is to establish yourself as an authority is a certain niche or area, and become a valuable resource. The new office space will accommodate our growing needs for space and volume of internal employees (our Marketing & HR Coordinator recently transitioned from part time to full time. Just from this list of clients, you can see how diverse and creative our events tend to be.
Our expertise is available in over 15 markets across Canada including Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary. You will be allowed to step into the boats, give them a feel, and pretend that you’re a captain of the seas!
2015 is new automotive era with displays characterized by innovation, experimentation and the introduction of new technologies.
Our computer and phone screens have become battlefields where corporations and even individuals are fighting to claim their share of popularity, likes, views and ultimately, you guessed it – sales. The goal behind these sampling initiatives was to introduce consumers to a brand they may or may not have tried before, give them a VIP experience and communicate the key tasting notes, drink recipes and interested information about the spirits to drive awareness and sales. The pop up display, amazing prizes and beautiful brand ambassadors traveled around the GTA to various shopping centres including Toronto Eaton Centre and Bramalea as well as Rideau Centre and Byward Market in Ottawa. They are a scalable extension of your current team, effortlessly blending and giving you peace of mind while you get down to business. The beauty of experiential marketing opportunities is that not only are they consumer focused with a personal face-to-face impact but they can later be shared and circulated online as well – talk about integration at it’s finest! In 1998, I co-founded an interactive agency that survived and thrived through the first dot-com bubble. Or the latest STRATA survey of agency executives showing digital now on par with TV as the medium of choice. And depending on the product and its distribution channels, they met somewhere in the middle at the first moment of truth.
But by being part of the customer experience, it inherently must integrate deeply with the client. Because in the not too distant future, they may be tremendously influential at your review. It’s a free premier contest program providing a one of a kind experience to its subscribers with exclusive product offers and over 500 yearly contest opportunities. The buzz generated was tremendous and the client confirmed an incremental lift in sales at each of the locations. Presence is unquestionably powerful but so are the connections made virtually as they extend beyond the reach of individual experiences to much wider audiences.
About 5 years ago, we transformed that agency into a specialized marketing technology vendor, ion interactive, with customers such as Dell, DHL, General Mills, Intuit. The best creative technologists are fearless about tinkering, experimenting, pushing the envelope.
The marketing technology team must tackle the mission of balancing these two goals, continually cycling between experimenting with new ideas, standardizing the ones the works, and then disrupting them with new experiments as the opportunities arise.
Ideally, the marketing technology team should be a group that the CIO can have confidence in — not be a thorn in his or her side. This can be a very high value service — and it may be necessary to attract and retain clients in that not-too-distant future.
You won’t want to miss a minute of the action…and you might even be lucky enough to give axe throwing try!
There is nothing worse than getting to an event and waiting forever to get your badge or not being able to find someone when you have a question that needs answered. It’s well worth considering the array of experiential marketing opportunities next time you’re looking to connect your brand to users and consumers. I’ve had the privilege of seeing the evolution of marketing technology from several perspectives. By bringing extra support onsite, not only do you save money in associated travel costs to fly your colleagues city to city with you, you can guarantee quick service for your guests and give them a positive and professional experience.

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