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When teaching my course on marketing to women, one of the first modules includes a brief look at the history of advertising and its parallel to socioeconomic periods in America.  I feel it’s important to lay a foundation of history before business owners and marketers can even begin to understand why the term “marketing to women” has popped up in recent years, and why it’s here to stay. Season 3 of the AMC series premieres this Sunday, August 16th, promising another 13 episodes of drinking, smoking, carousing… oh yes, and even some actual work at Sterling Cooper, the advertising agency at the hub of the “Mad Men” universe. When viewing the series, some people are shocked to the point of laughter at the treatment of the female characters. A number of women I know, both personally and professionally, bristle at the “Mad Men” series.  It’s very hard for them to admit that this is the way things were 45 years ago. For a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the writing team, their research, and creative process, check out this article that appeared this week in The Wall Street Journal.  Their honest, creative look at a slice of American history spurred 30 million viewers to download the show last year and spend $18 million in six months on DVDs of the first two seasons.
Here are a couple of my favorite clips from the first season.  In the first, the “good old boys” from Sterling Cooper marvel at Peggy’s (Don Draper’s secretary) ability to come up with a tag line for a lipstick campaign. And second, the moment I knew Don Draper was the man for me – here was an ad man who, even in the 1960’s, “got it” when it came to the female customer.  He may not have known exactly where he was going with this, but he was on the right track.
Gosh, and I thought for sure that Draper would have it all so figured out that he could put it into one concise sentence. Having worked in radio and television advertising, I watch the show because it is what I thought would be the norm in the stations I worked at; a group of people coming up with great ad concepts.

Do you recall the slideshow Julia Roberts uses in Mona Lisa Smile – about women in advertising, when she is trying to make a point on what they can become?
Michele Miller is a writer, speaker, and consultant on ways to capture the heart of the female customer.
Businesses as far away as Australia fly Tom in to fix their marketing and hire him to speak. With new advertising platforms like smartphones and tablets, we are starting to see a new type of marketing strategy — one that involves interactive marketing. Jay founded Daily Infographic in college when he noticed there wasn't a place for infographic fans to view awesome data visualizations all in one place. But hey – you need something to watch on your iPhone while you’re on elliptical machine at the gym, don’t you?  And I promise – the women who are treated with such indifference will definitely turn around and deliver some surprises. The co-author of The Soccer Mom Myth, she consults with businesses of all sizes across North America. His book, Currencies That Buy Credibility, teaches the foundation that every smart marketer needs to know in order to create an exceptional experience for the customer. When all the old people die off?” Every single example in this infographic is still around today in some form or another.

When it comes to consumerism, women are looked upon as sheep moving en masse to keep their men and their families smiling those “Look Ma, no cavities” smiles.  And working women?
You and your book Michele have been both advisor and mentor in knowing how to speak to women on this delicate subject.
For example, the earliest form of billboard marketing was recorded back in 1867, yet weA  still see billboards all around us in every city. But, as we are seeing print media die and digital media take precedence, I hope to see a shift in marketing habits because I for one am desensitized to advertising, both physical and digital. There have been plenty of case studies done on the effect of billboard advertising vs social marketing online, and every time, social marketing is most receptive to the younger crowd.

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