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DISCOVER, LEARN & LOVE JEWELLERY with Jewellery Monthly, the No.1 online Jewellery News resource. Aug 24 2015 What is Web Hosting server?A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Aug 24 2015 What is domain name?Domain names are used to identify one or more IP addresses. Aug 23 2015 Mobile WebsiteBy 2015, it is expected that the current number of people using mobile devices to connect to the internet will exceed desktop and laptop computers. Every story should be told in its own unique way, and we use our passion, drive and expertise to bring each of those stories to life. SWAGGER began in 2005 in Houston Texas and offers professional video production services, photography, post-production, animation, marketing, social media, and other brand management services. At SWAGGER, we believe that the visual medium is one of the most compelling ways to tell your story. If Production is where we create the “words”, then Post-Production is the author that crafts those words together, skillfully weaving each element into your captivating story.
SWAGGER’S uniquely experienced team of animators are eager to give life to your concept in new and as-yet-unimagined ways.
SWAGGER possesses the unique adaptability necessary to strategize and share your brand’s story in this era of myriad ever-changing modes and mediums of communication.
Like us on Facebook for our latest happenings, movie games, video and editing tips, and probably a funny cat video here and there. Le centre commercial souhaitait utiliser un dispositif a fort impact pour la periode chargee de la rentree. L’agence TROTANDGO a mis en place un dispositif Games qui offre une communication participative qui combine mobilite et attractivite.

Toutes les enseignes ont adopte a l’unanimite le dispositif car il remplit ces objectifs qui sont principalement de creer du trafic et d’augmenter le volume des ventes. Le gain: Une carte a ete remise aux prospects qui ont gagne, elle a fait office de bon d’achat valable dans toutes les enseignes de la galerie marchande.
Bringing you the worlds most beautiful Jewellery, Education, Information and resources within the Jewellery Industry. We are fanatical about Engagement rings, crazy about Diamond jewellery and passionate about Luxury products. Our Canadian based powerful & high quality dedicated web hosting server provides our clients to great and secure web services that they want.
From the owners and managers down to the newest employees, premium service and optimal results are all you pursue. With a focus on telling your story both beautifully and efficiently, our team of diversely talented individuals has an intense passion for their work which is reflected in our innovative and sophisticated body of work.At SWAGGER, we foster a collaborative environment, partnering with our clients and providing them with a hands-on, transparent experience throughout their project. From the birth of an idea to the final take, our video production services will help communicate your vision via any medium, including commercials, marketing videos, corporate communication, brand documentaries, product tours, web videos, medical videos, training videos, documentaries and feature films. We believe every step your project takes on its journey toward presentation is an opportunity to showcase your brand’s individuality. In combination with traditional techniques, we use the latest technology and software to supplement your project with the added dynamism and professionalism our animation services offer.
Guided by our insights, we believe in thoughtfully matching our methods to your distinct story and to its distinct audience. Ce dispositif focalise l’attention grace a son message simple : JoueZ et GagneZ et genere rapidement un trafic qualifie. Well what makes these video’s interesting is the fact that what your watching is not real.

The rainbow pieces and the eroded crystal rings hold a special place in my heart, being the first pieces I made with the stones cast directly into the metal. Because only when you demand the best from yourselves can you offer it to your clients—who have come to expect the highest quality products and services from you. Our goal is to provide our clients with a comprehensive and consistent range of services that not only execute their project or campaign, but tell their story in the most engaging, eloquent, and effective ways possible.
We take pride in adapting to new techniques in order to ensure our work is continually progressive. Throughout the Post-Production process we aspire to work efficiently and effectively, and we’re passionate about using our in-depth knowledge of Post-Production techniques to prepare your story to be shared with the world. Share with us your vision for your brand, and together let us use our expertise, guided by our understanding, to dream up new ways of illuminating your story. Each detail compliments the bigger picture, and we remain attentive to new approaches so that we can help you communicate strategically and successfully. Ce bulletin de participation a permis aux perdants de participer a un tirage au sort ( tirage en fin d’operation ) pour gagner un bon d’achat d’une valeur de 500 euros. These are computer generated visuals for companies showcasing rings, pendants and earrings.
They capture the vision of the jewellery at its inception and have a rawness and trueness that holds to that moment and my first design. Let’s take some chances together to make something truly memorable and show the world what makes your brand unlike anything else.

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