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Non-Profits and Small Businesses rely on us for their Email Marketing Training –  call us & find out why! Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach and retain loyal customers, if you do it right. AWeber is one of the industry leaders for small business email marketing solutions, and here at, we specialize in AWeber training. If you are looking for creative ways to monetize your blog or website, our email marketing consultants can help. Having an opt-in email list gives you direct access to your audience who is already interested in your message. Access to the most current articles about the email marketing industry & best practices. We have helped numerous churches and non-profits all over the world learn how to increase the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns. Developing effective marketing strategies for small business might just be the most critical component for your continued business success.
Whether you want to start your business growing, maintain momentum or accelerate growth, Geri Mazur Marketing can provide you with marketing strategies for small business, a plan and the assistance you need to execute the plan successfully. Contact Geri Mazur, your small business marketing coach, for a complimentary ? hour consultation. Finding a sliver of my day as a new mom to sit down and do the things necessary to keep up my online content is a definite challenge.
There is no question that social media and how we use the internet will continue to evolve over time, nut 2016 will be more social and interactive than ever before.
There is no question that online marketing continues to dominate the way that business owners are reaching out to potential customers over more traditional methods such as direct mail and cold calling. So it would stand to reason that major changes to the online marketing scene will continue to be made to quench the ever growing thirst for information and social connectivity in 2016. The holidays are fast approaching and I couldn’t survive without my apps that keep me super productive. It’s not that easy to just sit down anymore to write a blog post, let alone record a podcast.
As a new mom, it’s really difficult to find the time to squeeze in an ounce of free thought, let alone planning for content for Say WOW Marketing.
The time comes when inspiration drives you to rethink your strategy, Here are my 10 reasons.

Then as I developed my business, and learned how to grow an audience and reach other people, I started podcasting. Plus, I don’t have much time to get all dressed and made up for the camera, so podcasting was good for me. I did a recent podcast with a guest, Joan Conn, and it was great, but very hard to fit into my schedule, indeed.
Every week, I commit to coming out with a weekly blog post and podcast about some topic that will help  you with smarter online marketing. Now that my schedule is always up in the air, I strive to be there for my audience, but I think it’s time for me to reach my new audience. WIth the inspiration that I shared in the Inspiration section above, my trip to the arboretum, taking photos and video of the baby, I realized that I have a new life, and my life involves a new little person that really needs me.
As I’ve shared in podcasts and videos before on what you should do for your business in social media, I grabbed my new business name accounts for my latest project (which I cannot reveal just yet, but it will be clear shortly). I hope this post inspired you in some way to follow your dream, and if in some way it takes a turn, just keep on pushing.
Listen to the Smarter Online Marketing Podcast hosted by Vickie Siculiano with topics such as Social Media, SEO, Visual Marketing, Content Development, Technology, eMail Marketing, Website Optimization and Photography. To learn more about  my new book Visual Marketing Secrets™: How to Use Smartphone Photography to Engage Online and Get More Customers,  click here. Everyone with a smartphone is familiar with the term “selfie,” but most people never thought of using their smartphone as a powerful visual marketing tool.  With this simple step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to captivate your audiences with smartphone photography and never miss an opportunity to market your business online again. Email marketing comes naturally when you use Spryka ePostMailer, a free mass email program and bulk emailer. Import and Export your contact list to and from several popular file formats and databases. Send multiple emails in parallel and control delivery by setting the number of emails that can be sent in an hour. Spryka ePostMailer is not just another free bulk email marketing software; but an express email server which supports multi-threaded delivery and instant delivery status information while offering incoming email processing. Online marketing can help many types of small businesses - whether they sell accounting services in a limited region or produce industrial machine parts throughout the world. Call Mike Murray today at 216-533-0933 for a free consultation or learn more about our Navigator Online Marketing Plan. Do it wrong, and you risk losing tons of potential business and alienating your best customers.

Every email marketing client will receive a free 30 minute review of their current email marketing campaign.
We will help you utilize all the features of AWeber for an effective and easy-to-administer marketing campaign!
Constant Contact is one of the nation’s largest email marketing services and is a powerful communication tool for church email marketing campaigns. Using a quality email delivery system like AWeber or Constant Contact makes it easy to continue providing them with relevant information and targeting advertising directly to their email box. If you have a non-profit organization that uses, or wants to begin using, Constant Contact or Aweber, for your email marketing efforts, give us a call at (888) 580-4460 or contact us here. But there are some ways I’ve found it possible, and you can, too, if you just break it all down to the basic elements of what it is that you are producing.
The landscape for online marketing continues to shift focus as consumers are finding new and easier ways to stay connected, and search for things that they need on the internet. I was able to take the baby, with my mom, and go to the local arboretum, Laurelwood,  It’s really beautiful there and all the Fall colors are in full bloom. It is intended for easy and convenient sending of email newsletters to large mailing lists,without incurring any recurring fees or monthly charges. Bulk email marketing is increasingly used by companies from small to enterprise scale for attracting potential customers. Given their concerns about the economy and weak sales, you would think more small business owners would do whatever they could to survive. will be your personal email marketing consultant as you launch your campaign and begin growing your email list. Just register for one of our plans (free for Churches and Non-Profits) and we’ll contact you to set up your free strategy review with one of our email marketing experts.
We will help you utilize all the features of Constant Contact for an effective and easy-to-administer marketing campaign! There are so many topics that interest me and I’ve had quite a few different hats in my lifelong journey.
You can use 360 video in your social media, but there are a few things you need to know first.

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