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One of the best things an affiliate manager can do for their affiliate program is to maintain consistent and regular communication with their Publishers. Affiliate managers often say to me, “I don’t have enough to say to put out a monthly newsletter.” But you do! The goal of planning out the year is to provide an overall marketing package that managers could provide to their Publishers that will spark interest and action. Personally, I like to create a marketing plan with the following items: Theme, Marketing Tools, and Publisher Bonus. The monthly theme is going to be the overall message or item that brings together all marketing tools provided for a given month. Look for events that could tie into the product line such as movie and video game releases, sporting events, product launches, product sales seasonality, fashion shows, pop culture events, and even holidays. If ever at a loss for a theme, there is surely a holiday in any given month that could be played up as a creative way to present Publishers with fresh new marketing tools. For example, below are some events and holidays the will occur in the next two months alone.
Utilizing the theme selected for the month, create some new creative or highlight creative that coincides with the theme. Provide Publishers with an incentive that will entice them to generate more sales for the program. Personal competition – Any Publisher that increases their conversion rate by X percent earns Y promotion. Tangible rewards – Qualifying Publishers earn gift card, specific product, gift set, product every month for a year, etc. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land.
MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. Advertising Press on Your Side Creating a BIG Promotion Tutorial Unique Ideas Promotion Articles Online Tools This is our article database. Integrated marketing communications abbreviated as IMC is the synchronization and integration of all marketing communication tools, avenues, and sources within a company into a faultless program, which enhances the impact on customers and other end users at low cost. In theoretical studies, Kotler and Armstrong (2006) developed dominant theory for Integrated Marketing Communications and stated that it is a concept in which a"company carefully integrates and coordinates its many communication channels mass media advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, packaging, and others to deliver a clear, consistent, and compelling message about the organization and its products". Integrated Marketing Communications is a practical tool to interact with customers and convince them to buy products of company.
In creating strategy for organization, there are different elements which support to develop that strategy. Consumers: In this factor it is interrogated how consumers get information and how the delivery of that exchange of information affects the message's form and contents. Communication channels: This element cross-examines several channels and how much effective each channels is in IMC strategy. Results: It considers how the level of complexity in IMC strategies leads marketers to calculate result by designing new methods. Tools of integrated marketing communications are used by marketers to make it in correct place. Integrated marketing communications involve all components and stakeholders from both inside and outside of organization therefore its implementation is coordinated process between each department and segment. Barriers to the implication of IMC: Academic researches identified number of barriers to the execution of IMC. To sum up, Integrated Marketing Communications is widespread in organizational set up at global level. By having a marketing plan in place for the year, affiliate managers will be more organized and ready to put out meaningful and rich communication to their Publishers.

This could mean providing a storefront of related products, creating new ad banners, publishing consumer coupons, or uploading related text links. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the bonuses and offer promotions in addition to the common cash for sales bonus.
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Each strategy Integrated Marketing Communications has great importance which can be evaluated from the results and impact of that strategy. Integrated Marketing Communications strategy of communication is focused to accomplish specific objectives. There are eight tools of IMC which are Advertising, Personal selling, Sales promotion, Publicity, Public relations, Sponsorship, Direct marketing and E communication. If integrated marketing communications takes the direct line command control approach to treat other departments or segments, this type of organization structure may incur an intrinsic instability. IMC is related with some positive differences in comparison to traditional marketing communication. Schultz (1996) stated that Integrated Marketing Communications not only depend on incorporation of promotional mix instead it also relies on infrastructure, staffing, marketing budget and skills. A study conducted by Eagle and Kitchen (2000), revealed that clients identified two main obstructions.
IMC is the effectual process to develop and execute various forms of influential communications programs with customers and prospects over time. The data on which creatives, promotions, coupons, get the most activity  can be used to recreate similar promotions in the next year.
She is responsible for providing strategic guidance and educational resources to Merchant partners that can be used to optimize and grow their affiliate program. The phrase of Integrated Marketing Communication evolved in the late 20th century regarding application of reliable brand messaging across innumerable marketing channels. Process of producing and applying the different communication programs and the probability to have impact in future over time, general IMC process begins with the customer and work to verify and define the methods and forms to develop the powerful communications programs (Schultz, 1993). Sometimes, marketers use these tools in combinations to develop good integrating marketing communication plan for firms. While this virtual multiplayer approach increases the management level and increases the possibility of power conflict among top management. Though company has competent professionals and good infrastructure but marketing budget is most important.
Firstly, employees was not equipped and needed to develop new skills and expertise to work in this integrated manner. The target of IMC is to influence or directly affect the behaviour of the particular communications audience. The main purpose to develop this type of communication is to address the need for businesses to offer customers more than just standard advertising. In general, IMC is also considered as a strategic business process which is used to plan, develop, execute and evaluate the coordinated and assessable influential marketing communication programs relevant to external and internal audience over time. The design, and packaging of the product, its container and packaging, its price, and the retail stores that sell the product, all converse something to purchaser. IMC strategy has three main elements: the consumer, the channels and the evaluation of results. IMC considers all sources of brand or company contacts which a customer or prospect has with the product or service as potential delivery channels for future messages.
Integrated Marketing Communications suggests that marketers focus at the customer first and his or her preferences, buying patterns, media exposure, and other factors and then customer is exposed to the products that fits its need through mix of communication methods which the customer find more eye-catching and convincing.

Raman and Naik (2015) explained an IMC program as plans and execute various marketing activities with uniformity so that its total impact exceeds the sum of each activity. Consequently, although the promotion mix is an organization's primary communication, the whole marketing mix including product, place, price and promotion must be synchronized to gain the desired impact.
IMC gives positive impact with triumphant promotional integration if it is realized with appropriate process. Jones (2008) stated that it is innovative step because of a whole culture of agencies, in-house departments, and consultants had grown up around the concept of separation for advertising, direct marketing, sales sponsorship, and public relations efforts instead of the harmonious, customer-centred planning process that IMC requires. It is a policy in which diverse communication devices like advertising, public relations, sales promotion, direct marketing and personal selling work together to exploit the communication impact on target consumers. The Integrated Marketing Communications facilitates company to understand the needs of specific customers and then helps in designing a well-coordinated promotional program that focus to manage the customer relationship eventually. Integrated Marketing Communications has good effect as brand equity, brand awareness, profitability and changing attitude of consumer.
Integration is dominant concept in marketing because technological developments have transformed how business stakeholders interact. IMC is also described as a management model which is designed to make combined force of different aspects of marketing communication such as sales promotion, public relations, advertising and direct marketing. Pelsmacker et al (2006) affirmed that Integrated Marketing Communication is "the integration of specialized communications functions that previously operated with varying degrees of autonomy". Another theorist, Vargas (2015) said that nature of the product, nature of the market, stage in product-lifecycle, price, and funds available for the promotion also have major influence on these communication practices.
Theoretical studies indicated that Integrated Marketing Communications makes use of different marketing communication elements to transmit the same message.
Theoretical studies in marketing were emerged in multimodal, multi directional communication. It is said that when firms can not integrate its various communications tools, for example, the advertisements of the offering concentrate on one thing, while a price signalled transmit a different message while the labelling of the product depicts still another message, it gives confusing message to purchasers and they may change their decision for buying particular product of company. It is also significant to observe that product is suffering at which stage in product-life-cycle, at each stage strategy differs. Many researchers found that Integrated Marketing Communications increases customer's awareness about particular product.
Schultz (1993) described IMC as conception of marketing communication planning that mingle and assess strategic role of dissimilar communication discipline to get the precision, consistency and larger impact. Kotler and Armstrong (2006) have said that "IMC builds brand identity and strong customer relationships by tying together all of the company's messages and images". If stage is viewed incorrectly then strategy becomes ineffective and result may differ from the required result.
Many organizations use this communication tool to build healthy relations with customers and in turn enhance sales. An organization can use array of promotion techniques such as advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, direct marketing and public relations to attain its communication objectives. Brand messages and positioning are synchronized across all communication process and media. Reid (2015) considered characteristics of the organization including type and size, as well as position in the market as influencing factors. Since last two decades, promotions strategies used by organizations around the world have undergone through remarkable changes. Companies must develop capability to adapt in such transformation in marketing communications and, to be successful in the future.
It is recommended that the Marketing manager must utilize the new emerging communication techniques to get success in complicated marketing process.

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