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Document your vast marketing and communications managerial experience with this Marketing Communications Resume Template. Showcase your extensive marketing and public relations experience with this Sample Marketing Resume Template. Regardless of this incident, Loreal does have a consistent layout and look in all of their advertising globally. One could argue that with Loreal’s global brand presence, awareness for their products is high and adaptation is not necessary. But another reason the success or better validity of celebrity endorsements could be unpredictable is due to international marketing. Here is a very interesting commercial that features Snoop Dogg as a suave singer in a suite for a German phone carrier.
All of the examples above show celebrities not in their award winning acting or singing ability but not all celebrities stray away from their core image. Granted, sometimes those things are written to motivate people to click on a link, but all of the customary ways of communication are far from dead. Customer service used to be kept to the people in the cube farms who answered the phones all day. And media relations meant you built relationships with journalists who stayed in the same job for years and years and years. The value of integrated marketing communications and of departments working together cohesively is more important now than it ever has been in our history. Lobby your senior executives to make total integration part of the incentive program for every employee. Customer service and HR (if they’re not already) will begin to use the social networks to connect with the people PR professionals have been building relationships with for the past few years. Create a system for complete transparency so people move out of their comfort boxes and are willing to work together, instead of in their silos. In some ways, this is change management and, in others, you’re going to be asking senior leadership to do something out of the norm. Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. Show case your qualifications and education in the allotted spaces on this controller resume template. This sales manager resume has an resume objective section that lets you showcase your achievements and skills.
This plumber resume has allotted section for your to demonstrate your achievements and education.

This unique Coaching Resume sample lets you emphasize your experience and stats on your resume.
Fill in your details that include your work experience, education, skills, and testimonials of your services.
In almost any magazine you will see the faces of Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Gwen Stefani and many top models wearing their products. Even some celebrities that are used in US advertisements are used in global ads such as the UK ad for foundation with Julia Roberts below. In some instances they will use models that fit with the demographic of the country they are advertising in and adjust language appropriately. But to really communicate with other countries who see cosmetics and hair care as a vital part of their hygiene, this can really be beneficial to ensuring message delivery and accuracy.
Brands that seek to improve their brand equity and name recognition can benefit from a celebrity marketing their products if they really fit with the brand image. Many celebrities have expanded their marketability overseas, especially in Asia and Europe. The entire commercial story line doesn’t really make sense but what really is disturbing is seeing a rapper sing a ballade in German. It’s a pretty cheesy commercial for an energy drink that is made around a football concept.
Well some would argue that if for example Brad Pitt was endorsing Starbucks in the US and the Japanese coffee above, there are conflicting messages by the same celebrity.
In the late 90s and early 00s, lots of organizations were finding ways to break down internal silos and inspire departments to work together.
Because of that and our unemployment rate skyrocketing, people wanted to protect their jobs. Now a crisis can erupt online in about 20 minutes if you have one angry employee or customer. Now the PR or marketing professionals are managing customer service and experience through the social networks.
Now influencers are bloggers, customers with large Twitter followings, or employees who have highly engaged online friends. One of the things Geoff Livingston and I talk about in Marketing in the Round is how to do that efficiently and effectively.
These are the people who work with your organization: They buy from you, they support you, or they work with you. No longer can product development launch something without marketing and marketing can’t do a promotion or event without customer service.
We’re just a little more than a week away from our free webinar with email marketing genius, DJ Waldow.

She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. They have six research facilities all across the world and are constantly coming out with new products.
Celebrities can be seen to alter a brand’s credibility and enhance its brand appeal, as noted in our previous blog post “Celebrities dual messages overseas”.
The ad didn’t have to be adapted since English is the common language however this ad was pulled in the UK due to heavy use of air brushed retouching that was offensive to a British politician. However, consumers are often skeptical of this type of marketing since celebrities are of course paid and therefore credibility can sometimes be compromised. These celebrities are paid very well, sometimes even better than in the US and for less work. He mouths the Japanese voice over (which you can clearly see) but at the very end says one word in English “Fresh”. Of course not all products in Japan are offered in the US but credibility could decrease if American consumers saw the Japanese ad. Dell asked WPP to consolidate all of its agencies under one roof and you saw traditional ad agencies bringing in PR, PR agencies bringing in graphic designers, and web firms finding ways to work with PR and advertising. They went back to what they knew and, in most cases, re-created silos inside organizations.
Beside financial and consumer response, there is also a risk that marketers take specific to their celebrities. The interesting thing is that not all celebrities are endorsing global brand products; in fact most of the celebrities that do international endorsements are doing them for smaller regional brands. But just the fact that he was in the commercial makes it appealing to the Japanese audience. And it has become much easier today to learn about celebrities and their overseas advertising thanks to Youtube and the internet. It is safe to say that they are a powerhouse when it comes to cosmetics and that transcends into their marketing efforts. Even if a celebrity seems to fit all the brand guidelines now, it doesn’t mean that they will forever. Unfortunately, we have seen examples of this such as Lance Armstrong losing his endorsements due to taking performance-enhancing drugs.

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