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UPDATE: A new 2015 Version of the Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic is now available.
Its purpose is to illustrate how incredibly diverse and vibrant the marketing technology ecosystem is. Many companies could make a case for being in multiple categories, but in the interest of diversity, there are few duplicate entries. Three notes: First, my own company, ion interactive, is included in the graphic in the landing pages circle (which is part of the testing and optimization sphere, which is part of the broader web site constellation). Great infographic, some estimate that Marketing in the next decade will be bigger spender on Technology that IT groups within companies. According to our knowledge we define that the marketing automation as, It is the Software solution that designed to simplify the online processes by repeatation of tasks.Can u briefly explain about technologification. Thank you for the monumental piece of work, which you thankfully just had to update this year!
A labour of love, no doubt, buddy media and radian6 are now merged to be the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. I have been following your infographic for a while now and this the IInd update I am looking at. Hi Mark – Where is Epsilon in this Landscape – I wanted to explore them as a potential player in the marketing suite for my company? Couldn’t agree more with the sentiment that strategy (and for that matter people and culture) trump tools.
You have done an amazing job in putting this together, I took on the task recently in our company to undergo a complete market analysis and I will be using this as a boost in the right direction.
I think our company fits in on this to date, we have been laying low up until now, but we are rapidly growing and find that nobody meets the demand of the market quite like us! Thank you again for the valuable insight into the market, please feel free to reach out to me I would love to chat about this topic with you!
Hi Scott, do you have an updated 2013 version of the Marketing Technology Landscape you did back in Sept 2012?
This is such a great overview of the marketing landscape, I’m wondering if anyone (or you Scott) have come across one for the IT Landscape in general? Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing.
Use our hub pages as a reference to get up-to-speed on all the main digital marketing techniques. We believe that a digital marketing strategy is essential to take advantage of the growing opportunities from digital marketing, yet many companies don't have a digital marketing strategy! An integrated digital strategy will give you a foundation for all the key online marketing activities we recommend in the Smart Insights RACE digital marketing planning framework. An effective digital strategy will help you take the right decisions to make a company successful online. A Digital Marketing Strategy should involve a review to check that all of your capabilities are in place to help your organisation manage all of the digital touchpoints. A successful Digital Strategy should be built on reviewing 7 core capabilities which are strategic approach, performance improvement process, management buy-in, resourcing and structure, data and infrastructure, integrated customer communications and customer experience. For the latest on how business create strategies and manage digital marketing, see our Managing Digital Marketing 2015 research or our listing of the top Digital Marketing statistics sources.
There are surprisingly few quality digital marketing strategy sites since most focus on the strategy. 2.A Econsultancy reports - The Econsultancy blog mainly covers tactics, but there are sound research reports on managing digital channels and ecommerceA teams. These are the related techniques which we recommend as important for managing Digital marketing strategy effectively. September 30, 2015 - MLM companies can provide the right people with a chance to make a lot of money with a very low investment.
Most franchises and other businesses require thousands of dollars to begin, but you can buy into most network marketing opportunities for a few hundred dollars and even less.
However, you probably expect to invest time in your business, and you certainly want the opportunity to succeed.
Choosing a good network company is the first step you have to take in order to give yourself a fair chance. First, let’s consider the revenue that the top American direct sales companies generate. That’s interesting news, but most people are not as interested in the total revenue of the best network marketing companies. Forbes is often critical of MLM companies, and they are quick to point out some that they find predatory. It is very interesting to note that Forbes specifically singled out Mary Kay, Avon, Advocare, and Tupperware. Sure, Tupperware costs a lot more than the cheap plastic containers that you can purchase at the store. The point is you can find plenty of people who still use Tupperware products that they bought a generation ago, and it is hard to think of many companies that can make the same claim. The other thing that the Forbes article pointed out is that people tend to perform better when they can promote products that really peak their interest and inspire them.
In order to inspire confidence in potential clients, it is vital for an Internet marketing company to be on the cutting edge of search engine optimization (SEO) and branding techniques. To set your Internet marketing company apart, you will need to design an eye catching logo. Proving that you are the best company to handle SEO in los angeles or SEO orange county can be very difficult if your site is not properly optimized. By building an online presence that takes full advantage of SEO and branding techniques you will achieve two important things.
If you want to set yourself apart design Facebook pages, Linkdin, Pininterest, Twitter and other social media platforms.
June 7, 2011 by Fleur (Nurtured Child) 62 Comments My husband and I often talk to our children about marketing. I think this is something that we need to be aware of when talking about infant feeding as well.
Formula companies spend millions on marketing, and everything on their websites is designed to subtly turn mothers off of breastfeeding.
When you first open the page, you are greeted with a beautiful mother and her (formula fed) baby who are quite literally glowing thanks to the special effects on the page.
It is actually quite rare, (less than 1%), for a woman to be unable to breastfeed until the child weans.
One very important decision that every expectant mother will need to make is whether or not to breastfeed.

And the English government does nothing to help this encouragement of formula feeding when statistically the people least likely to breast feed are young people and people on a low income who are then given vouchers alongside their income support which can be used to buy formula milk! We do need to think critically and not be led like lemmings by corporations and the FDA, but don’t swing the other way and become conspiracy theorists!
What is interesting is that the breastfeeding Mum is the same one as the one on a breastfeeding book. One more thing…I think the bonding of mother and child, during feeding and other times, is of paramount importance.
For you ladies whose milk didn’t come in- you tried to breastfeed first obviously, right? I only comment to address this because your defensiveness suggests that you may still feel guilt at not being able to breastfeed.
For those who have had a breastfeeding mom put you down for bottle feeding, I am truly sorry, and to those who attempt to nurse in public and are berated for doing so, I’m sorry as well.
Well done Nurtured Child, keep uncovering the way that the formula industry subtly works on society to help them grow their business. Formula companies should be forced to print warnings the same as alcohol and cigarette companies do, after all they carry the same advertising ban and are harmful to babies increasing cancer risks, poisoning, meningitus risk, ear infections, and of course never allowing full brain devolopment as I’m sure most of us who have researched know. There are cases where breast feeding isn’t always optimal for the health of our kids. I believe that women should try breast feeding, but I’m going to choose to support a new mom no matter which decision they make. I’m glad to see others making the points I always want to make whenever I see articles on breastfeeding vs. You have summed it up very well though that as a breastfeeding mother you know that anyone who chooses not to breastfeed didn’t really want to become a mom. I want to emphasize that this post is in no way meant to put down mothers who (for whatever reason) formula feed their babies.
It includes over 350 different companies, from small start-ups to Fortune 500 giants, across 45 different categories, from agile management to video marketing. Under constraints of time and space, there are many companies and categories that weren’t included and that no doubt deserve to be.
As a result, for instance, you could implement analytics solutions from Chartbeat, Clicktale, ClearSaleing, and Compete with almost no overlap in functionality. Second, the inspiration for this came from the wonderful LUMAscapes produced by LUMA Partners. I’m confident that in the long run the profession will get over the learning curve of mastering these many technological tools necessary for Marketing. However, I am thinking about some options to make this more systematic and database-driven in the future. Almost frightening to see all the logos and equally frightening to realize how many I know or use!
Without eZ in there you are missing the largest commercial open source web content management development platform. Much appreciated and yes this piece of work will be shared and rightly credited to you as your expertise and altruism deserves to be known on both sides of the pond!
It certainly demonstrates just how many tools and applications there are out there to choose from; a choice that can be quite overwhelming!
Nice work and don’t mean to be negative but there are tools and then there is strategy. Local business can’t get straight another piece to the puzzle, which is why we are building this automated system to manage everything in one place, with one entry.
They will help you quickly understand how to make the most of the technique through definitions and recommendations on our member resources and blog articles covering strategy, best practices and the latest statistics.
If you're new to Smart Insights we recommend another free download, our Digital marketing strategy template. A A strategy process model provides a framework that gives a logical sequence to follow toA ensure inclusion of all key activities of strategy development and implementation. Unusual since it's an offline magazine, but these editorial articles often cover digital strategy and are accessible by industry.
Quality commentary on the intersection of marketing and technology strategy, but unfortunately, not a well tagged blog. You might consider the length of time that the company has been in business, the number of active representatives, the earnings of successful representatives, or the general morale of other marketers. By the way, there are direct sales companies based in other countries, and some of them would have made this list. As some gain experience and confidence, they spend more time at their direct marketing business and may quit their day jobs. They all tend to generate large revenues, have good brand recognition, and product products that are usually considered very high qualify for the price. You could draw similar comparisons for Avon and the other best network marketing companies.
That was one strength of some companies they mentioned in a positive light: representatives really like the products that they sell. He is also a top affiliate marketer, search engine optimization specialist, teacher, speaker and best-selling author. After all, if a business is looking to hire someone to handle all of their website’s SEO and branding, then they are going to want to see evidence that the company providing these services knows exactly what they are doing. This logo needs to be unique so that it will be instantly recognizable to those who have seen it before. Take the time to reassess your keywords at least once a month, and pay close attention to your site’s analytics. You will easily reach a large audience of potential clients and you will impress them with your demonstrated knowledge of your industry.
The website for the new BabyNes machine from Nestle is a perfect example of their marketing tactics at work. In using the image of the breastfeeding mother however, the implication is that breastfeeding is complicated and likely requires the help of a health professional. Throughout the last several decades, the practice of breastfeeding has gone in and out of style. Normal no way implies that you are a terrible or unfit mother if you tried and werent able.
I only seem to see their insecurities trying to point out BREAST IS BEST or how much better they are as mothers. And I am betting that the ready made bottles of formula that are given to mums in hospital who choose not to breast feed are donated by the formula companies!!
I got some of the text translated from the BabyNes website and even allowing for things getting translated wrongly, its still stupid advice about breastfeeding.

Since formula feeding was never an option to me, I never paid that close attention to their ads, but your article was very interesting. All anyone is saying is a mother should have a reason (such as milk not coming in, antidepressant medications, trying and not being able to, etc) for using formula. There are antidepressants that are safe to use whilst breastfeeding, and if a mother can (and wants to) breastfeed whilst taking antidepressents, it is a better option than switching to formula. I strongly believe that mothers do not fail at breastfeeding, society does (that blog post is coming!). The labels in our industry are in flux, as are many of the companies themselves, which are constantly adding new features, acquiring new products, and pivoting to new positions. Where I go broad, they go deep, with several amazing and thorough diagrams of subindustries within marketing. Possibly a solution to make it more comprehensive (and easy to update when I realize I left someone important out!). But I find it fascinating to get a glimpse of the breadth and depth of marketing software out there. Keep in mind that many people get into direct sales as a part time business opportunity, and they do not intend to purse it as a full time career. The tend to like party plans because they believe these companies do offer a business opportunity, business training, and empowerment for their recruits. Maybe actually providing a solid business opportunity, good products, and some useful training actually do pay off after all! If you like to stay healthy, you might try one of the many companies that promote nutritional supplements. Just as you would advise your customers to do, make sure that you utilize the logo in all of your online advertising efforts. If you want to set yourself apart as a company that can design attractive Facebook pages, then you need to do your best work on your company’s Facebook page. If you have a local business, it is even more important to practice local search seo to display where your customers are searching for you. Formula companies also use pictures of breastfeeding moms to convey the message that their formula is the next best thing to breastmilk. Normal implies that its a natural thing and that literally every other mammal out there does it without question.
One paragraph recommends having everything close to hand when you breastfeed – nappies, blanket, soft music on and even suggests unplugging the phone!
Yes, there are cases where moms truly cannot breastfeed, and in an ideal world, donor milk would be readily available for those babies.
Please, take a look to Equifax value proposition, it could fit in some categories (analytics for sure).
In fact, many of the home businesses that Forbes features are actually network marketing companies. You are much more likely to succeed when your products inspire you to find new ways to market them. While this used to push websites to the top of the list, Google is now punishing sites that have too many incoming and outgoing junk links.
It is all too common for web businesses to skimp on their own presentation in order to save time and money, but you must look at your Facebook page and website as a resume for potential clients. Well, if we look closer at it, the breastfeeding mom is sitting on the floor, is barefoot, is half undressed and her dark roots are showing through her blond hair colouring (compare that to the beautifully highlighted hair of the formula feeding mom).  All of this is subtle, but it creates an emotional reaction (which is exactly what it was designed to do).
The breastfeeding mother in the pictures on the Nestle site is wearing white (which implies purity), and so is the formula feeding mom. There is often talk of cracked and bleeding nipples, embarrassing leaks, the need to maintain a special diet etc. Yes, without formula, many infant would starve to death, but they dont because we have option to supplement them with.
Which is a silly thing to feel since I look at my now teenage daughter who is perfectly proportioned, perfect bmi (according to last week’s doctor checkup) the same as she has been every year of her life, has never had any major illnesses and rarely sees a doctor more than once a year (for her annual checkup), is at the top 5 percent of every class (same as every other year) while maintaining a student leadership position. Formula is done by 12 months even sooner in most cases… how can it be blamed for being obese the next 80 years of ones life? Some people express that love by trying to help other parents be aware of the scientific facts. The answer to that is a resounding No!  What it does mean is that their marketing division with their millions of dollars has determined that putting that message on their product won’t hurt sales.
It allows the companies to give the appearance of caring about breastfeeding while they go about undermining it. It also plays into the fear of having a baby who ties you down and nurses so often that you can’t even get your hair coloured. In today’s day and age and with all this sneaky advertising I do understand why moms choose formula. And any sentiment saying not breastfeeding is not normal IS the same as calling it abnormal, no matter what pretty words may be used, so I do resent those sort of remarks, too. Even the graph behind the mom with the downward slope to it produces a negative feeling about breastfeeding. I’d rather speak openly and positively about breastfeeding with my friends who are expecting. In 2004, they did just that when they opposed the new breastfeeding ads that the US government was planning to unveil. The ads were eventually replaced with a watered down version due to pressure from the formula companies.
It was a classic example of how the language the formula companies use is designed to make moms feel uncomfortable about breastfeeding, feel like it’s too much work or too restricting etc. One got mastitus so bad she had to wean immediately after 1 month, one never had her milk come in, and I was never able to pump more than 3-4oz as result of what was later discovered to be a problem with hormone levels. I agree that formula companies have to market to sell WHO is more than counteracting it with their own one sided campaign. They are under the perception that breastfeeding ties you down, limits your diet and is hard. We need to stress the positives, not just the ones for the baby, but the ones for the moms, and maybe we can get enough young women to give it a try!

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