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If you need help, directions, a roadmap for your company's future overseas: Then ask New Thoughts.
New Thoughts' Western consultants of the Strategy and Planning department are usually hired on an hourly basis for a specific project. In China the number of years a company exists and size of a company is important for it's credibility. So, if you want to communicate the Western way: Then contact New Thoughts now and ask for your quotation for this service. Witin one week, New Thoughts' Western consultants help your company define the outlines of your new international marketing strategy. Research Markets: The Western consultants will do some preliminary Overseas Market Research. Present Plan of Action: The Western consultants will present to you a Plan of Action in PPT format that shows you the further steps to take when you really want to start conquering your overseas target market(s).

Make sure that your company really touches the essentials of the first two steps of the marketing process.
Do make sure you understand the marketplace and the customer's needs and wants yourself: If necessary, let professional marketers that know your target market(s) research consumers and the marketplace first and develop structures to manage marketing information beforehand. Do get professional advise when your company is making the transition from the "production concept" to the "marketing concept"; It's a totally different game! Do realize that promotion as part of "integrated marketing" is something else than "advertising"; Professional marketers help you develop campaigns that are in line with your strategy and "make money" for you by helping you create "sustainable brand-equity". Do realize that when your product competes on more than (low) price in general and relies on  your brand-name specifically your international sales - and customer service organization requires a high level of skills. Do check-out the possibilities of different pricing strategies for different target markets: It will help you optimize your profits. Do develop your branding - and marketing strategy consistently: Bring focus into your strategies by identifying market segmentation and making clear choices in market targeting and product differentiation and - positioning.

Do develop any brand - and marketing strategy with respect for - and in mind the local culture, - history and stage of development: Do not think light of prejudices. De Jong specializes in Brand Strategy and developing strong international Marketing Channels. A broken or torn piece of card has the letters im on one section and the letters possible on the other. He is confident that Chinese brands will conquer the world the next decade and is proud to be one of the "marketing mercenaries" that will facilitate this development.

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