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2 Marketing Objectives Speed You Thru the Self-Sustainability StageBefore you can successfully marketing in the success growth stage, you must decide what you are trying to accomplish next with your business.  Read my previous post titled Is Indecision Keeping You and Your Business from Success? Once you’ve decided what you plan to do with your business your marketing objectives become very clear.  So does your marketing. If these two things are on autopilot and do not require much of your attention you can get through the self-sustainability stage you quickly if you choose rapid growth.  Or, if you choose just to sustain your current success you can begin to disengage from your business.
This is a given.  You won’t have success if you don’t have a solid marketing plan.  Consistent profit comes from a consistent flow of business and that starts with marketing! The key here is do others participate and manage that marketing plan or not?  If it’s all you, then you are still stuck in the survival stage.  You need to begin to delegate more of this at this point or you never get into the self-sustainability stage. Many small businesses will outsource their marketing by hiring a marketing firm.  This is a good approach, but make sure that you hire a firm that can help you execute an integrate marketing strategy. So, there you have it.  Two things you need to have completed with your marketing if you want to achieve the self-sustainability stage of the growth cycle.  What do you have left to accomplish to get there?  For those that have successfully navigated the stage, what did you do that worked and what did you try that did not?  This can be helpful to those that find themselves on the doorway of the self-sustainability stage!
Dino Eliadis has over 25 years experience in creating and leading high performance teams and organizations. Recent CommentsJack Oliver on 9 Benefits of Factoring ReceivablesLeading a Small Business vs.
For example, if you want to get people on your email list, you need to post your free offers at least a couple of times a week (every week). If you are trying to connect with key influencers or sales prospects, set up some lists in your accounts so you can be sure to see their postings. We are setting up a local Denver business directory website and have some pages that we want to share frequently. We recommend having at least two posts a day to most social media websites like LinkedIn, Facebook pages and Google+ Pages.

Second, we get email newsletters from trusted sources and pop some of that content into the mix to keep things fresh.
In amongst all this sharing should be targeted posts about your offers, sales messages and calls to action. We will be spending the next month crafting graphics, writing posts and generally making sure that all our efforts are focused towards those two ends. One thing that makes us sad is when people come to us and want to have social media success in a month.
This is not a quick fix to your sales efforts, it is impossible to make enough content or pictures BEFORE you get going. Large Organizations - on 3 Ways Personal Reflection Can Help You Grow Your BusinessLeading a Small Business vs. But if you are doing social media marketing for your business, it stops being fun and starts to be work.
We see too many business owners posting their free offer one time and thinking that it is going to hang around and generate leads. This means that we cannot have just one picture on that page to post to Pinterest or share to social sites, we need to have multiple images that we can rotate through, mixing up the graphics so people don’t lose interest. This will show anyone coming to your social properties that you are active PLUS it will allow you to post your marketing content more because it will be less spammy when woven into all those other posts. We also keep our eyes open when we are surfing around and sometimes find bits that would make sense for our feeds. You should have an editorial calendar of what you are writing and posting so that you can accurately gauge if your results are working. For less than $10 a month we can have everything in one place for ourselves and our clients.

How can you get all that content done, all those pictures made and all those posts scheduled? You have to build these things over time, with focused energy and a social media marketing system in place. We can help you get a plan and implement it for you so you can do actual work instead of spending all your time on social media. Large Organizations - on Nowhere Land – Stuck Between Small Business Survival and SuccessLeading a Small Business vs.
For goodness sakes, how much time are you really supposed to be spending each week on this? That you would be master of your time and that no one (not even you) was going to be looking over your shoulder to see if you getting everything done?
Unfortunately, you have to post every piece of content multiple time to have a chance of reaching even a fraction of your followers.
Engage with them by having two or three times a week on your to-do list that you deliberately seek them out.
Additionally, someone might respond to the picture of the young businessman and someone else might be attracted by the fun older woman. You have to get started and build up your efforts over time, growing your followings and interacting with people and brands.
There is just not enough there to provide a range of different posting opportunities for social.

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