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A CMS will be used to help your developer to build your site and to give you the tools to self-manage some content (words, documents, photos, videos, etc.) on your site.
If an obscure or proprietary CMS is used to build your site then the chances of having any other web developer work on your site is low to zero. Just because a web developer doesn’t have a site like yours in their portfolio, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a go.
Aside from managing content, imagine you don’t want to add any new functionality to your site after it goes live. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the phrase you’ll hear most often, but that’s just the start of what you could spend on marketing your new site – online or offline.
Maybe the developer has a lot of work so that they can’t even start on your site for the next three months. Any day now, smartphones and tablets are set to overtake desktops as the more popular way of accessing the Internet. Do you feel like you’re being pushed into paying for extras that you don’t quite understand and maybe don’t need? The ultimate result of the discovery session is a comprehensive understanding of the expected work, functionality, and business processes. Our interactive designers who are involved in the discovery process start putting together user interaction diagrams, task lists and site maps. When your site meets your approval, it's ready to launch and we push it into production for final publishing online. After 90 days of the site being live and collecting analytics data, we will schedule a call with you and your team to review the information. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. These features is surely very handy, except if you just want the most basic of brochure-style websites. For example, Drupal is very popular with larger enterprises and government, and Magento is a specialist e-commerce system.

Highly original sites or applications might be better custom coded using Ruby on Rails, or your site might be part of a much bigger Software as a Service (SaaS) system such as Shopify. If they do, there’s an improved chance they’ll spend less trial and error time than an inexperienced competitor.
However, you must know that some web development companies don’t offer this service at all, preferring to leave it to others whose main service offering is the digital marketing.
Does your website developer know about responsive web design, or perhaps they recommend a mobile-specific (m.) version of your site? Are you being “forced” into buying a package (which may or may not be suitable), rather than a solution? A reputable, experienced, confident web developer will have no problem with this because they know it helps to get the relationship onto an open, transparent platform right from the start. This ensures that we cover the full scope of the project and helps with the development of the project timeline. From branding and messaging to functionality, we prepare the fundamental components for your entire project. Weeks 1 - 6Once the general architecture (site map) has been approved, we turn it over to our professional copywriters.
Weeks 1 - 8The design stage entails conceptualizing the layout and creating the interface of your new website. Weeks 8 - 14Here, the complete, approved website design is turned over from our design team to our programming team. Since success means different things to different companies, we may use a variety of gauges and tools.
And just like any successful business relationship, it helps to ask the right questions upfront to see if there’s a good fit between your business and theirs.
It’s critical to have a good understanding of this issue, preferably before you have a deal with a developer.
Some businesses offer entry level services to get you started, while others claim to offer a full suite of digital marketing services (keep in mind it could be outsourced).

Ultimately it’s about your website developer taking full responsibility for the work that is produced. This is a rapidly evolving area of website design and development, so this question is about checking that your web guy is in touch with the issue, rather than in denial. We review your objectives and goals and address various developmental and technological options.
This strategic process ensures that we accurately build the foundation to meet your business objectives and marketing goals.
They will reach out to schedule informal content interviews with your company’s authorized stakeholders in an effort to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information.
Interactive and art directors disseminate information to the design team who then takes the reins. Always keep in mind that it’s reasonable to expect to pay more for a website that works well on a desktop and a smartphone. Our award-winning design team creates multiple home page design comps based on all the elements in the discovery phase. Once all the components and features are ready to go, we perform a final set of rigorous QA testing. Once a home page design has been selected our team then develops the look for the inner web page template. After we’ve verified your site is functioning as intended and conforms to current web design, development and accessibility standards, we hand off to you for approval and sign off.
We also offer ongoing maintanence packages that allow you to evolve and develop the website over weeks and months. We continue with revisions through the design phase until a final, complete design (and content) concept is approved.

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