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In 2008 the business card is not yet obsolete – but alone this marketing piece is not enough to spark a long-term business relationship.
While you are introducing yourself to a new sales lead know that in the wee hours of the night or first thing the next business day your name will be typed into Google for a little covert net spying and prying.
Here are three tips to online marketing beyond the business card; plus three pitfalls to avoid. Sign up for Google and Yahoo email alerts using your first and last names as the desired keywords. Too often people use a quote of the day or some personal motto for their email signature.  You are wasting precious marketing space by not reminding each contact of your expertise, service offerings or products. You have a website listed on your business card, but you have the Go Daddy parking page as the opening advertisement.
In the past networking and marketing consisted of new contacts filing your business card into their rolodex alphabetically and possibly calling you the next day to follow-up.  Today, even the most enthusiastic contact is secretly performing a covert search engine operation to determine whether you are who you say you are. Career Vanity is here to bring knowledge and amusement to your hectic and challenging life.
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The combination of the #1 and #2 spots on page one of local Google search listings gives our clients 60% of the click throughs from local search to their website.  In addition to the 60% click through rate many shoppers just call our clients directly from the their Google listing without even going to their website.
The reason for this client exclusivity is that we want to give each one of our clients the full value of our efforts and expertise.
Call us at 707-928-0400 or us the contact form below to find out how your business can dominate the local organic Google search results with over 60% of the leads from those searches. Serving Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sonoma County, Napa Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, California and the U.S.
And of course, the largest search engine on the planet now holds a permanent position in the modern internet marketing agenda.
Adwords, PPC and SEM – these buzzwords represent Google’s paid, non-organic features and functions. Strike a chord with readers through a great piece of content and they’ll spread the word about across social networks from Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to Pinterest, Reddit and everything in between. Every like, tweet, comment and “plus 1” builds SEO-friendly back links to your website, boosting your page ranking in Google and other search engines.
The key to successful content marketing is creating and publishing highly engaging, relevant and fresh content.
Linx is a strategic marketing organization which helps you meet your business objectives and challenges by linking your marketing strategies to your business strategies. August 12, 2014 By Scott Brinker 5 Comments Could Google be the ultimate marketing cloud company?
I noted that Google now offers their own tag management software, for free, which presents a competitive challenge to the rest of the field. Social media marketing with Wildfire — which may be being disbanded as its own application, but the team and technology are being integrated into the DoubleClick platform. Team collaboration with Google Apps for Business — especially with documents, spreadsheets, and slides.
Content creation, albeit at a very basic level, with Blogger and Google Sites — and the 800-pound gorilla of video content, YouTube. Webinars and videoconferencing with Google+ Hangouts — in fact, with Hangouts On Air, you can essentially broadcast events to the world for free. But what makes Google so powerful, of course, is that they absolutely dominate the next two stages of this pipeline.

Marketing software has to go through such web services and client software to reach its audience. Both companies are remarkable for their channel-wide coverage — although I think Google has the upper-hand, particularly with search and Android.
Even if they don’t vertically integrate, they could dramatically alter the balance of power in vertical competition between the different stages.
Giving software like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager away for free — while charging for advertising at the next stage of the pipeline — devalues marketing software and increases the value capture available to web services. At the core of these strategies is a simple truth: whoever owns the audience owns the marketing. Take a peek through some of the research and flat-out content marketing that Google is targeting to marketers on their Think with Google site.
You gave me a brand new way to think at the marketing technology practice as I never used to include the client software and who owns the customer into the overall equation.
I think there will be pressure to share a reasonable amount of data, even for Google and LinkedIn, by their marketer customers.
Of course, this is all pretty hypothetical, but it may not necessarily be a bad thing for marketers. One thought running through my head as I mulled over the implications–Google in particular (but probably Microsoft, too) runs the risk of becoming the Comcast of the marketing cloud. I can see how easy it would be for Google to join the dots and provide an ultimate marketing tool. I think from the customer side we accept that companies such as Google through our click-streams have deep understanding of us, our preferences our routines with the understanding that it is anonymous and aggregated. I really don’t think there is a technical barrier for companies such as Google, but I do believe there is a moral one.
Given the scale and value of their business I guess it’s whether the benefits outweigh the risks. Invest in social media opportunites that feature blogging opportunities and keyword-rich articles to help you build social authority and rise in the search engines. When women collaborate and help each other, we can enrich the feminine circle and get to the top of the wealth and abundance mountain together. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Everyone wants prime real estate in the Google SERPs – and great content can get your foot in the door. There is a synergy to content marketing that, when done correctly, creates a powerful solution.
It’s simply content consumers find sufficiently interesting, different or insightful (that was easy).
Viral social content is an unprecedented leader in the modern marketing mix – but it’s only the beginning. Increased rankings bring new readers, who in turn bring more likes, tweets, comments and plus 1s. Great content is educational, humorous, controversial – anything to grab and hold on to people’s attention. Tag management systems sit at the crossroads of a lot of other marketing software and have the potential to strategically leverage an immense amount of data that passes within their view.
The DoubleClick platform is a giant of a demand-side platform (DSP) — one that combines search and display campaign management. Google Cloud Platform is a strong platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering for marketing apps and mobile back-ends.

While we could debate the ranking of Google+ in social media — it depends on the metrics you use — it’s clearly one of the top five social networks in the world.
And there are only two companies in the world who have well-established positions in all three stages of the marketing technology channel: Google and Microsoft. Even if you just consider passive data sharing, the real-time, high-fidelity, first-party insights this could give them into the dynamics between marketing activities and customer behaviors is staggering in scope and value.
I don’t know enough about the laws involved to have an assessment of when or how those constraints may come into play.
Would a “marketing” section in this Google Enterprise microsite seem terribly out of place? Consider LinkedIn’s evolution — such as their recent acquisition of Bizo — and how this can apply equally, if not more so, in B2B. You have to go through these companies to reach your audience in an increasing number of the contexts of modern life.
It’s not that hard to imagine their ambitions for remaking marketing for the 21st century — and dominating it. As the field of marketing technology consolidates and solidifies it may not be surprise anymore to see companies like Google and Microsoft be the biggest players. Will this create more and more silos for customer, inefficiencies for marketers & eventually a disaster for web?
However, I think it could be highly disruptive to marketing software companies that have no leverage in the web services or client software stages of the pipeline.
I just got off the phone with one of the most innovative CPG marketers and asked what they are doing with the marketing cloud.
Today, the old-time prince known as paid search has relinquished the throne to the new king of our modern search engine land: content marketing.
The result is an opportunity for growth – all driven from one unique, well-researched and passionately written piece of content.
Plug this formula into your content marketing strategy and expect huge gains in search engine traffic, social media exposure and loyal readership.
Content marketing might require more work, more talent, more resources and more skill – but it’s the latest and greatest way to build a spectacular online profile.
According to the latest trend data from BuiltWith, 67.8% of the top 100,000 sites on the Internet use Google Analytics.
So a piece of their business is squarely in the realm of providing marketing software, the first stage of the marketing technology channel — the software-mediated pipeline between marketers and customers in the digital domain, as illustrated in the diagram at the top of this post. But pragmatically, by the time anti-trust and consumer protection become front-page issues, these companies will have already leveraged vertical advantage.
In terms of social media and Google rankings, great content is the vehicle that drives traffic, engagement, trust, conversions – you name it.
The modern social and search landscape simply promotes endless possibilities for successful content marketing. They also offer Google Analytics Premium, a more enterprise scale solution, for $150,000 per year. And Excel and PowerPoint are still probably the most widely used software tools in marketing.

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