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One of the great things about being older is having had the opportunity to work with some very intelligent and creative people over the past thirty years.
Since the information wasn't mine to begin with, it only seems right to pass it along to you as they did with me. Note: A pharmaceutical company shelved a cold medicine because they couldn't correct the drowsiness it produced.
Note: Joe Girard, the famous car salesman, used to throw handfuls of business cards, like confetti, out of the upper deck at football games, onto the expensive seats below. A swipe file is a collection of ads and brochures that copywriters and artists collect, or swipe from other artists, for those times when they are stumped for a good idea.
Don't copy them exactly, but many good ideas can come from what the guy down the street is doing. Too many people worry so much about their competitors that they forget what they are doing. While people like to believe they react rationally to offers, etc., the truth is they react emotionally and then look for the rationale to confirm their decision. Turn the page of any catalog and the first thing you look at is the upper left hand corner of the spread. Put a pair of wild socks in the upper left for stopping power and direct your reader to the old tried and true elsewhere on the spread.
Be ready to be where your customer wants you, when your customer wants you, with what your customer wants. Just-in-time marketing is crucial as people become spoiled by 24-hour, seven-day-a-week customized products and services. Pick up any business book, by any author, and they will tell you there is no other way to sell a product that is cheaper and more successful than direct mail. These sections usually have a larger readership than the regular newspaper and your ad can generate more business. Note: Look at last years edition and check with advertisers and see if the response was worth going in these sections. Where your ad appears in the paper can have a dramatic impact on how successful it will be.
Not because they can't do it, or don't have the ability, but because newspaper designers are under a deadline to create many ads in a short amount of time.
If you doubt this pick up almost any paper and proof read the ads or look for corrections and retractions of past incorrect ads. This way the reader can see everyone's face clearly and the ad will be much more effective. When news of your business is published be sure to send a copy to any trade organizations you belong to so they can include the news in their magazine or newsletters. If you do get an article printed about your business be sure to send a thank you card or letter to the reporter. If your paper prints a story regarding your business or industry that is negative, prepare a press release that shows the positive side of the story. Just because you're in a small town doesn't mean your local town paper is the only print option. In Bozeman, MT we have the Bozeman Chronicle but many people also subscribe to the Billings Gazette. Invite them to spend the day or part of a day with you so they can write the story from actual first-hand observation.
Netsmart found the primary reason consumers go to commercial Web sites is to be informed (97%), not to be entertained. 69% report Web site info is a crucial factor in their final purchase decision, only 15% go on-line to compare prices. If there are no new products lined up, provide industry updates, gossip, trends and forecasts.
In evaluating the performance of some 30 ads over the last five months, ZD Net of Cambridge, Mass., found that animated ads generated click-through rates at least 15% higher than static ads, and in some cases as much as 40% higher.
One important point, you can't rely completely on search engines to publicize your web site. For example, you may want to notify customers about your site security if you are using credit cards. Spelling these out in advance and posting them as part of your site can head off legal problems down the road.
Update weekly, daily if possible, and be sure to note on the first page the date of the update. Before you decide to place an ad or banner on another Web site monitor the site for about a month.
If the site has nothing new to offer the traffic will slow and your ad will become ineffective.
Check their web sites for past articles on your business or industry and contact them via e-mail about your page. The nice thing about this is once you've created the decorations they can be reused year after year. Start setting aside time to surf the Web for pages about your industry and see who is linked to who and where the links go. What you're looking for is a community of sites within your industry that have linked together for the good of all. Intellectual property on the net is defined as: software, patents, books, videos, music, photographs, trademarks, fictional characters, copyrights and Web Pages. When brainstorming new small businesses marketing techniques, consider the attempts and successes of big brand strategies. Reaching your intended audience means defining demographics develop marketing strategies with clear goals and setting yourself apart from your competition.
Mashable writes that ad firm SapientNitro Chief Creative Officer Gaston Legorburu, gives the examples of American Girl and Build-a-Bear as highly successful consumer experiences. Keeping up with current trends, has never been easier, and neither has increasing brand awareness. Major brands create their marketing content, small businesses should commit to doing the same. Data analytics tools like Kissmetrics and Google Analytics will help you ensure your message is reaching your target audience and how effective your message is.
Building your foundation also includes creating a strategy that sets you apart from your marketshare competitors.
David Strand is an Authorized Representative, Business Consultant and founder of Caliber Capital Inc. SEO success Adding video to a landing page makes it 53% more likely to appear on the first page of Google results.
Mobile success  Close to 40% of consumers state that video increases the chance they will make a purchase on a mobile device. Conversion success Your landing pages are all-important and video tips the scales in your favor for conversion.
Editing software—If you want to edit your video after shooting, all you’ll need is Movie Maker (Windows) or iMovie (Mac), which are preloaded onto newer computers and devices. Facebook contests and campaigns are powerful ways for brands to engage with customers in social.
Halloween offers a unique opportunity for businesses to launch some fun and interesting marketing campaigns.
Here are some Halloween marketing ideas you can use to bring some festive Halloween fun to your business while appealing to customers at the same time.
Halloween is a time when a lot of people like to get creative by making their own costumes, decorating pumpkins, and even making spooky looking food. If any of your products could be used in Halloween themed projects, utilize that for your October content strategy. If hosting an official contest isn’t your thing, you can still encourage customers to show off their Halloween creations by re-posting them on your social media accounts. You could even create a dedicated hashtag for customers to share their creations or show off how they use your products on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Any business that sells food or drink, from bakeries to breweries, can potentially benefit from offering seasonal flavored items. Lots of communities and downtown areas host special Halloween celebrations for families and local residents. If you have a few different products that sort of lend themselves to a particular Halloween theme, offer them together at a discounted rate.
Fall is a popular time for people to visit attractions like apple orchards and cider mills.

One of the simplest ways to get your business in on the Halloween fun is to just incorporate popular Halloween symbols into your branding. Postcards will keep your mailing list clean (Address Correction Requested), First class returned and corrected free of charge by the Post Office. Include a coupon or special offer or tell them about your product that they should give themselves as a gift. You'll receive faster results, it costs less, and you'll generate greater input and feedback. Higher prices separate you from the crowd, and implies your product is better, an deserves a premium price. A quote from the person pictured conveys friendliness and builds confidence in your company. For products that increase personal security, personal safety or health, fear can be an effective business-boosting tool.
You are holding this information because of an Internet site or a local or national promotion. If you're printing an expensive color piece, ask the printer to quote the price of his house paper. For example: A florist wants red flowers around the borders of his brochure and black ink for the text. Thank anyone who refers business to you with a personalized thank you card, phone call, discounts, flowers, dinner or even a commission.
Invite clients and friends to your home based business or store, serve refreshments and plan an interesting demonstration of your product or service.
Offer a specialty item that's useful enough to save and that also serves as a reminder of your business.
Offer customers genuinely useful products or services that make you and your customers happy.
Every quarter or so, put up a dozen of these advisers (friends, family, business associates whose opinions and judgment you value) into a room and allow them to critique every aspect of your business. When explaining your product or service to customers, stop every 30 to 45 seconds and ask a question to see if your message is being received. Starting a company or introducing a new product is a monumental task if you approach it as a done deal. Look the books over for two weeks and buy the ones you want to add to your business library. If you continue to work on an ad, brochure, mailer long enough, eventually you will get it perfect.
The reality is that no communications project is ever more than 90% perfect There's always something that could be revised and improved. It is better to accept a 90% perfect project and finish it so it can begin to do its work, rather than keeping it caged while chasing the elusive 100% perfect goal. If you have a new business or product, the important thing is getting some kind of message out there.
Just because issues are important within an organization they do not automatically have relevance to your customers. When you consider any project look at it from the customers point of view, not the company. What small thing can you do for your customers that will surprise them without additional cost to the company? Talk to your suppliers and salespeople who call on you, they know more about your competition than anyone else. If you can serve some subgroup of that market effectively you may be able to capture a loyal and lucrative customer base. Talking to people in the same industry can give you a good idea of what to try and not try in business promotion.
If your competitor is offering 50% off over a four day weekend and you can't afford the extra inventory or the mark-down for that long, what can you do?
Create a form to keep track of clients requests for special services and products and whether you can meet these requests. By studying these forms periodically, you can track interest in new products or services that you should offer. Print your company name, address, and fax number on all materials including, packing slips and invoices. Customers who have to search for your number may come across your competitor's number first.
Seminars help cement relations with current customers, attract prospects, and increase your company's exposure.
Letters enhance a company's professional image, help avoid misunderstandings and often make a sale. Write letters explaining your company's services, detailing how your company helped another well-known client or thanking a customer for an order.
If they have a problem you can solve, your name and number are right there stuck to the page. You'll quickly realize that some high-volume accounts are not contributing significantly to the bottom line. Develop a plan to inform all employees who the most profitable customers are and who should receive the best efforts of the company. People respond better to illustrations or photos showing the product in use rather than those that show the product just sitting there. Should you use your limited advertising budget to create larger, more visible ads that restrict you to advertising less frequently, or smaller, less visible ads that you can then afford to run more frequently?
Negative word of mouth, especially on computer bulletin boards and systems like the Internet, can cripple your business even more than positive public relations can help it.
It's sometimes better to focus on a smaller market one nobody is serving because they're all off catering to the bigger trend. Wouldn't it be nice if we could only have our 11 page ad delivered to the Time subscribers who were interested in our product? Now we can send our eleven page ad for substantially less than the Time ad, we don't have to compete with other ads in the same magazine, and our message is reaching a target audience that has demonstrated that they have a definite need for our product and a history of buying it.
In most cases your ad won't receive the care and attention to detail it deserves because of the time constraints.
If you're using photos of your building, keep in mind the image you want to project to the reader.
If you are using a photo of your employees, the common mistake is to take the photo from too far away. A scan ad is a small classified ad that is placed once with a member paper and appears in hundreds of newspapers in that state. If the topic is controversial it may spark a positive article with your company portrayed in a positive light. If your product or service saves time or makes life easier, that may be more important to some customers than saving money. We live in ski country and three different resort areas deliver snow reports on one of the radio stations.
Users go off-line to ring up high ticket sales, but the web is where they make up their minds. Avoid the hot new technologies like VRML, Active X, Java, etc., unless you are targeting a true high-tech audience.
This will bring visitors back and motivate them to spread the word on the Internet grapevine. Business cards, brochures, postcards, flyers, ads, signs, delivery vehicles consider a tattoo? This will protect you if some one else decides to download some of your graphics and use them on their site. If you are going to sell or market products on the web, it is important that your site have certain legal positions spelled out in legal language.
Keep track of frequent customers and big spenders and ask if you can e-mail them with any special sales or promotions you have planned.
Small companies have the ability to be flexible, agile, and to take creative risks that big companies aren’t always able to procure.
While big brands have scale, small businesses can connect with consumers by providing an experience that reaches the emotions of their audience and motivates them to talk, click, and share. These experiences are often shared across social media channels increasing brand awareness for basically no cost. Getting the message of your brand into the main stream is done in real time with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Google +.

Over the past few years, businesses of all kinds have realized how important it is to use experienced, professional writers to create high quality, compelling marketing content and to harvest and curate relevant content that is beneficial to potential clients. Once you have started building that foundation it is then time to start building your community. Here we'll cover a broad range of topics including planning, marketing, networking, technology and more. Newer live-streaming platforms like Periscope (owned by Twitter) and Meerkat are finding traction, allowing users to effortlessly integrate video into social media. The storytelling element video can bring to a landing page increases the likelihood viewers take the next step. Roundup the team—Take the camera all around the office or through a department and have everyone speak briefly to a specific topic.
A day in the life—Make a montage of a day in the life of an employee, a project, a department, a whatever. Thank customers—Make a quick little vid where someone thanks a customer for being a part of the company's journey.
User generated stuff—You might get priceless video from users by conducting a contest, conducting a survey or what have you.
Interviews—Every industry has experts (the authors, speakers, bloggers, opinion leaders and innovators) and your potential customers are curious to hear their ideas. Trade show—Trade shows and conferences present all kinds of opportunities to make video even it it's as simple as a "here we are and here's what we're doing" segment. Presentation—Here's a widely flexible category that might be a webinar and any variation of it. Halloween themed promotions can help your business gain some interest and bring new customers through the door.
Encourage customers to show off their creative projects by hosting a contest for costume makers, pumpkin carvers or chefs.
For example, Savers Thrift Store [1] provides some DIY costume inspiration on its website to give customers ideas for incorporating items from the store into their costumes. If you have a store, restaurant or other business that people can physically visit, add some spooky or fall themed touches.
And Halloween offers you the opportunity to get spooky (or silly spooky) in order to grab people’s attention. Take advantage of these events by offering sales or special promotions, or even just having the best decorations and costumes on the block. For example, nail polish company China Glaze [3] offers groupings of nail polish with Halloween themed names and color stories. You can allow people to enjoy your spooky decor and themed food or drink while offering some sales or other promotions. Leading up to Halloween, you can go to other local businesses in the area and offer them some of your branded treats to hand out or offer at their reception area or checkout.
So if you can connect with one of those attractions in your area and offer a discounted ticket or other promotion when customers shop with you, it could lead to new business for both of you. Even a little jack-o-lantern or Frankenstein on your signage, website or store bags can show customers that you’re into the holiday and encourage them to visit you throughout the season.
That way you can print up large quantities (5,000 or more) of the outside only and have the printer keep them on hand. General Motors didn't start at its present size, its doors opened on the first day of business with no customers just like yours. Isn't it better to get complaint feedback right away rather than wait until you have hundreds of unhappy customers. Sometimes in the course of casual conversation they may, unknowingly, give you important information about your competition's future plans.
The Video Software Dealers have one of the largest conventions in Las Vegas every year (sorry, Video Dealers only).
But they are an effective means of communication and unlike phone calls, almost always reach the intended audience.
With Personalized Post-It notes everyone from the CEO to the receptionist will see your company name almost every day. Most people even those who are likely candidates for your products typically don't respond to ads the first time they see them.
Your customer is experiencing those best in-class processes from someone and they are measuring your delivery against those some ones.
A list of people who should buy our product based on our product position and their past buying behavior. For some strange reason people feel we must include the full body in the shot and the faces of the employees are lost.
For example, in Montana scan ads run about $100 dollars for 100-120 state and local papers.
If you know the demographics of your site you can then provide this information to other companies who may pay you to post a banner on your page or a paid link to their page.
That being said, it behooves small companies to study the marketing strategies of the big brands and adapt their tactics to fit their own markets. The following four marketing ideas are based on big brand ideas and will start you on the path of successful small business marketing. These platforms allow the consumer to garner the attention of the brand on a one-on-one-to-many basis, while at the same time affording the company an opportunity to increase brand awareness exponentially.
The words and images that you use to convey your story to consumers will become your brand. Through social media platforms, blogging, and video creations, you can reach out to your audience, engage their emotions, and motivate them to share your message. Facebook has made a clear commitment to video adding auto-play, view counts, and more mobile functionality to its native video player.
The occasional recording of these conversations could prove valuable to prospects and customers in a number of ways. I dabble a bit in Periscope, do the occasional Google Hangout, but it's Blab I find most fascinating.  My friend, Andy Crestodina, and I use Blab to record our podcast, Content Matters, which debuted in 2015.
For example, Cigar City Brewing [2] in Florida has built a loyal fan base for its Good Gourd pumpkin beer that it brews each fall. And if your city doesn’t already offer an event like this, consider teaming up with some other businesses in the area and starting one.
You will still drain off a lot of his customers on a busy sale day and you will be perceived as a better place to do business. If you only measure yourself versus your competition, you'll only be as good or a little better than they are. In California scan ads are in the $400 - $500 range but appear in papers with an estimated readership of several million people. Pet supply companies called down to research and development and asked how many formulas they could use to make clumping cat litter.
For something this important you must invest in hiring those that have the skills and experience to know how to represent your brand the best. Twitter has a native app allowing you to record, edit and tweet videos under 30 seconds long. You can have some pink flowers and some red flowers with little or no additional cost depending on how your printer handles screens. Your materials will go through several evolutionary changes over the years and you will never be totally happy with them. Armed with that knowledge you can let these customers know that you will solve the problem with no hassles or problems. They could make the best cake mix in the world and it would still be a very tough sell for most people. It’s a bonus if any of your products could be used in any of those creative projects.
This is important information because if the area can't afford or doesn't want your product then you're out of business before you even start. Use gray (a tint of black) and presto, a 4 color brochure (red, pink, gray and black) for a 2 Color price.

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