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Exhibitions and fairs should be a key factor in all businesses marketing strategy.  Exhibitions and trade shows reach thousands of business visitors and buyers at the same time. They provide an ideal environment for business networks with peers from your industry in an open and informative atmosphere. Coverage by media will assist in your own PR efforts leading to brand awareness which is one of the major requirements to flourish any business.
You should always plan what you want to achieve from the exhibition before you start the process.
Many business use e-mail and tele-based sales, so by attending exhibitions, face-to-face contact with relevant business owners can often prove a refreshing change. Qdos Event Hire’s modular cabins were recognised at this year’s prestigious Hire Awards of Excellence. These marketing automation industry players are leading (in terms of capitalization) a group of smaller but no less effective MA vendors. 6 Ways to Retain B to B Customers Using Marketing Automation What Is A Marketing and Sales Service Level Agreement?
Marketing jobs in BC and Vancouver are expanding quickly and offer long term, secure, and strong income earning opportunities for employment. Starting in 2010, the following 10 years were judged as an exciting growth period for professionals interested in marketing careers throughout BC. A diploma or degree in Marketing, Communications, Public Relations or a similar discipline is expected when seeking a marketing job in BC or Vancouver (or anywhere for that matter). Marketing professionals are generally expected to demonstrate a wide variety of skills throughout their careers.
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This whitepaper is geared to help bank marketing professionals understand the scope of marketing analytics and also on how it can contribute value to the various factions of a bank’s marketing activities. The mass coverage of these events and exhibitions make them a perfect platform to launch a new product or showcase any already established brand.

You can meet new contacts, generate new business, analyse your competitors all in one place, leading to further partnerships, ancillary services or new clients. Exhibitions give a better return than advertising because you are engaging directly with your target audience. Always do, some research before committing to an event to see if it is the right event to attend and it reaches the audience you wish to target. Recent activity, including a $78 million Marketo IPO, a $100 acquisition of Pardot by ExactTarget, a $871 million acquisition of Eloqua by Oracle, and a $25 million venture funding of Silverpop, suggests the marketing automation industry is growing at a breakneck pace.
Companies in business-to-business industries from IT consulting to manufacturing have been adopting lead generation and management applications at a furious rate since 2009.
None of these big hitters is even 15 years-old: Eloqua and Silverpop were founded in 1999, Marketo and Pardot in 2007.
For example, Lead Liaison’s Lead Management Automation™ cloud-based platform is a competitive lead management solution because it allows marketers to expand their email delivery without overage charges. PPC advertising, social media marketing, and SEO have all played a part in marketing B2B solutions.
When analyzing this industry, it becomes evident that marketing jobs in BC are either staying a constant in BC’s economy or becoming a larger part of the working landscape across the province, mainly focused in the lower mainland. It is no different moving forward to 2020 where the entry level salary range is expected to hold steady at $15 – $20 per hour. Certification in this industry can take anywhere from 1 – 4 years depending on the institution and certification pursued.
A depth of analytical, project management, consumer behavior, researching, and organizational skills are strong starting points. Exhibitions coupled with a strong PR campaign and good literature can bring in more direct business than any other marketing channel. Do you have all the required materials pre-prepared – and if not, then how might you source these materials?
To ensure your business fully benefits from the event, build an action plan so that you can properly follow everything up after the event.

There are several other examples of competitive advantages that smaller players have which MA vendors like HubSpot, Pardot, and LeadLander do not provide.
However, marketing automation software appears to have one important differentiator from other B to B digital marketing components: while buying behaviors may change (such as reduced PPC click-through), capturing and managing Big Data for marketing purposes is not vulnerable to changing online behavior trends. New companies are popping up throughout Vancouver, the lower mainland, and BC, most offering marketing related job opportunities – making entry level positions available across many industries. Measuring the performance and ROI of marketing campaigns and initiatives is a critical and core focus.
Exhibitions require exhibition stands, which is possibly one of the most important parts of the process as this is what will make you stand out and attract visitors to your stand. It’s important to make a list and really consider just what you’ve learnt and how you plan to put that into action within your own organization. Managerial or executive level positions in Marketing can see professionals earning upwards of $60,000 – $70,000 per year after 5 – 7 plus years of experience and training. Marketing diploma programs are focused towards preparing graduates for entry into the workforce immediately and train students on foundational marketing techniques and best practices.
It’s also important that you allocate some time after the event where you can follow up on any leads you may have made.
Perhaps this is why companies like Marketo, Eloqua, and Lead Liaison are forging a sustainable path for this booming industry.
Contract jobs in marketing are also prominent throughout the sector, which allows graduates from business and marketing diploma programs to supplement their full time income with additional contract employment outside their standard work week. With companies focusing heavily on their online marketing presence, a strong understanding of online marketing standards, best practices, and marketing tools is now considered a primary requirement for most, if not all jobs in Marketing.

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