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Let IstiZada manage your Affiliate campaigns in the Middle East.  IstaZada is one of a hand full of companies in the Middle East that provide professional Affiliate Marketing services in Arabic.
With a population predicted to hit 53 million by 2020, the GCC is becoming more a more lucrative economy to do business in year over year.  Saudi Arabia sends nearly 140,000 students to Western countries every year to get educations and degrees abroad.
The Gulf countries of the GCC are ripe for affiliate marketing in their native language, Arabic.  With many younger Arabs using smart phones and growing up with computers in their homes many Arabs are not afraid to make online purchases and spend a great deal of time engaging in social media and online video games. Affiliate marketing in the Levant is a great market entry strategy for companies seeking to test whether their products or services are desirable in this region.  With low risk and lower entry costs than other forms of marketing,  Arabic affiliate marketing allows companies to test this market without taking on unnecessary risks. Affiliate marketing in North Africa is one strategy for testing out this regions readiness for a given product or service.  With a whole workforce of prepared  Arabic speaking affiliate advertisers seeking to reach this region to capitalize on relatively low commission payouts it is ideal for your affiliate marketing campaign. IstiZada was founded by experienced Internet marketers who have managed online marketing campaigns in some of the most competitive markets in the world. Considering Affiliate marketing management in the Middle East?  We always recommend that your online marketing efforts consist of more than one marketing channel.  Here is a list of some other services you might consider in addition to Affiliate Marketing.

White Paper Marketing, More Sales Leads, Less Effort explains how to use white papers to generate lists of highly qualified sales prospects while providing valuable and well received content to readers. Even if a company has its own marketing department, a reliance on marketing outsourcing frees up in-house personnel for certain responsibilities, so they can play to their strengths. With marketing outsourcing, every strategy, every media, ev­ery discipline is on the table.
By engaging a marketing outsourcing firm, businesses can avoid or reduce the cost of additional office space, computers, vendor relationships and access to credit required when marketing projects are handled in-house.
In-house marketing staff may not always have the skills needed, especially on larger, more complex projects requiring extensive coordination among various components of the plan. Readers will learn how to develop, promote, and track the effectiveness of white paper marketing.
If a firm does not maintain its own marketing staff, outsourcing can provide a full-fledged marketing strategy, support and deliverables, while allowing the business to focus on its core competencies.

That is significant, because no matter how hard a traditional agency tries to serve its customers, the fact is that it basically exists to sell advertising or public relations or production of marketing collateral. Outsourcing to an experienced marketing team that can integrate smoothly into the organization not only brings in innovative ideas and added energy, but also the high-level talent needed to execute the goals of the marketing campaign.
An outsourced team has a different objective: Identify and deploy the resources needed, based not on what its in-house talent can produce, but on a strategic analysis of a company’s goals, market position and budget.

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